NY Times Blames NYPD for Violence, Riots and Murders

NY Times Blames NYPD for Violence, Riots and Murders

The protests in New York City have been marred by violence and there is no end in sight. Police officers are being subjected to the very worst that humanity has to offer. Citizens are brawling with them, running over, and even firebombing them. The worst part of all? The New York Times does not seem to have any sort of problem with that. In fact, they are treating the officers like they are to blame.

While they are willing to acknowledge the looting and violence that is happening in their streets, that is about as far as they are ready to go. The Times does not want to lose their leftist street cred and that’s why they are steadfastly refusing to tell the truth. Some protesters have lost sight of the true objective of these demonstrations and they are causing all sorts of issues for the people who truly have something to say.

Protesting police slayings is one thing and attacking officers who had nothing to do with the original crime is another. People are taking advantage of the current situation to fatten their own pockets. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Times does not seem to agree. This mainstream media rag views violence against police as something that can be glossed over.

The pervasive violence is marring the protests and you would think that the leftist media types would want this behavior to cease. If they actually care about the causes that are being fought for, they would get the cowards in line. The country is currently in the midst of a massive breakdown and outlets like these need to call it what it actually is.

In many places, the country is experiencing a communal breakdown so complete that mayors have thrown up their hands and ordered curfews or called in the National Guard. Unable to maintain urban life, they have tried to suspend it, just as they had done in response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Urban life can no longer be maintained and people are looking to eliminate it entirely. This should be terrifying to everyone. The left is acting like they are in the midst of a big party. They cannot grasp the severity of what is taking place. It’s the type of societal shift that we are not going to be able to recover from anytime soon. It will take years to dig out from under these damages.

We cannot help but notice the shift in mentalities about social distancing, either. Who remembers the days when no one could go outside without being accused of hating the elderly? Now, cities are putting curfews in place as a means of stopping the violence. The same folks that were all for social distancing before are changing their tune entirely.

The Times was able to set one entire paragraph to express their sympathy to the police. That was all, though. The rest of the write up reads exactly as you would have expected. The folks who protested the lack of reopening planning were misrepresented entirely. No one wants to mention that their protests were actually peaceful. They were not smashing up buildings because that is not the way to get a point across.

The police response is being treated like it occurred in a vacuum when the exact opposite is true. There is only so much that the police can do when it comes to ignoring violent protests. They can try their best to meet people halfway and help you where they can. Once their cars are being broken into and people are fighting police officers in the streets with zero fear of reprisal?

That’s when it is time to put a stop to things. Lawyers are in the streets handing out Molotov cocktails. A woman even decided to hurl one at a car full of police officers. None of this has anything to do with the original objectives of the protests. The leftists need to get their people in line now before things get much worse. When President Trump finally decides to exert extreme levels of force to put a stop to these protests, we do not want to hear any complaining. This is what all of you are asking for.


58 thoughts on “NY Times Blames NYPD for Violence, Riots and Murders

  1. FUCK The NY Times…the only good thing this FUCKEN RAG is good for, is to use in lieu of toilet paper………when you can’t find any, out there……..New York Times, fake media, publishing fake news…….FUCK ALL of you…….

    1. You’re so right Dave. I guess everybody who works at The New York Times, once a great newspaper, is now a left wing liberal acitivist who cares nothing for objectively reporting the news or engaging in civil discourse. To them, anybody who expresses a conservative opinion is to be insulted or ignored.

    2. I wouldn’t dirty my butt by touching a New York Times, or Washington Post, and other like rags. But, I do line my cats’ litter box which such stuff, since that’s all they’re good for. That, and wrapping fish.

  2. Maybe they would change their tune, if the Rioters came to their Building and set it on Fire. If they would just let these Stories/ Lies end, the Riots will STOP.
    This is not a Race Issue, it just Some People think they are above the Law and they think that the World OWES them Something. If you want something, get out and Work for it. There are a lot of Black People that has Worked hard to get Something. It is too many Lazy People, that will not get out and Work. I have to admit that is 99% of the Democrats.

    1. Well, Rioters trashed Macy’s in Herald Square, New York City, then headed down to Sak’s Fifth Avenue, to do the same. Rioters also trashed, looted, and burned many high end Stores in Beverly Hills, and in Melrose, in California. But, these are the Stores of the well-off, and wealthy people, who generally like to give us their sanctimonious speeches about Civil Rights, and “Equal Opportunity”, and “Immigrant Rights”, referring, of course, to the 30 + million Illegal Aliens in this Country, all from their Fortress-style homes, in Gated Communities, behind high stone walls. It’s great to be a bleeding-heart Liberal from those vantage points, but I wonder, if these same Do-gooders get cought up in a riot, themselves, if they will have a sudden Political Revelation about how things are in the real world, that we have to live in?

    2. Yes, I agree this is not a “race issue”…it is a class issue. There are those people who want what you have and will do anything to get it…

      …except to earn it; to respect it; to admire those who have achieved and try to emulate their progress. It is one of the major problems with our school systems. Many no longer pledge the flag. Many no longer sing the national anthym. And there are those who faithfully teach racism as the basis for all of the evils that befall lawbreakers, non-achievers and revolutionaries. Unfortunately, the system was hijacked by the Clinton administrations when they so dramatically made the Secretary of Education a Cabinet position. Now, the only way is their way. ..a downward spiral into blame everybody and everyone but yourself.

  3. Stop playing politic.bring in the military in. these low lives are not going to stop on their own.they need to be shown there is still laws in this country.

  4. They always were warning everybody to beware of a communist take over! No body ever warned anybody about the socialist DEMOCRATS! The “take over” is coming from the inside! That is if we allow it! Its time to stand up and take this great country back from the RADICAL leftists! Either that or your going to be living in a 3rd world nation if they have their way! And your rights will be stripped from you one by one. And you WILL be good little SUBJECTS or else!

    1. Larry, I always wanted to have the enforcement of “Exile” in the books for individuals who are not happy in America; leave under the law of “Exile” to another communist/socialist country or the American patriots will throw you out! America will NEVER be a socialist country. Those that preach socialism should be exiled from America!

      USAF (RET)

  5. Fuck the NYT and The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, they maintain their present course and they will be working from home, this time there will not be any prisoners of war.

  6. Well people. Time to boycott. The times. Their advisors. CNN and theirs. Do not support anyone or any organization that endorses this left wing uprising. This is not about race this is about controll. Money talks to. The politicians graciously accept money from shady characters and foreign hostile. We need term limits and campaign finance reform. Any march on Washington should address all of these issues.

  7. I am afraid of these criminal mind…why NYTime, the Democrat-communist-Islamic-Nazi Terorrist Organization, CNN and those belong to …have freedom to tell lie..fake new…our president opposed them…now I love Trump more and hope he will win 2020… Trump 2020 …no more criminal mind…

  8. N Y Times, thinks it can gain back its old reputation by subzero reporting and change minds, as to its glamorous reporting. This can only continue to its demise, like the city by brick, mortor and the digital age. Good bye New York

  9. This is NOT a good time to be NYPD officer during times like this when Democrats are running things. I APPLAUD your dedication to the LAW Enforcement under these difficult situation. DEMAND ANSWERS, especially in the 2020 voting booth. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I have stated for all American patriots to remove and vote ALL Democrats out of Office, particularly, those Democrats who infested our nation’s judicial system.

      USAF (RET)

  10. Give all Police in NY, California, Minnesota and the rest of the States that want to close down Police, a 2 week paid vacation, and see what happens?

    The only reason NY City, and LA aren’t burned to the ground right Now, is because of Police.
    Demon-Rats are the most vile excuse for human beings, that ever lived!

    Thank God here in Texas, we have Republicans that stand with our Police, and not against!

  11. Of course the NYT has to blame the NYPD! Given that most of the rioting and disgusting behaviour was committed by the NYT favourites, the Dems, they have to find a scapegoat!! While the NYT has become a less than usesless newspaper, however, they’ve chosen the wrong track to attack! By blaming the NYPD, they can appease the Dems, who are their avid readers! Kind of sickening to know that the NYT, once a renowned newspaper, is now catering to the scum of the earth — which is what those rioters are! The police aren’t to blame for the rioting. But given the number of rioters, maybe the police should actually taken charge sooner and arrested all those who were well out of order! The damage that was done is unforgivable and many people will continuing suffering for a long time to come!

  12. THANK YOU New York (and ALL) Police Departments for doing a GREAT JOB!! George Floyd was a small time career criminal who refused to follow police instructions, deserving what he got. Thanks to those police officers who helped get him off the streets AND helped to drain the filthy swamp and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  13. What I’ve seen unfolding before my eyes it’s sickening it’s breaking my heart I think of all the struggle in America for freedom and the things that we’ve taken for granted in our lives and here we are now starting to tear ourselves apart from within everybody is going to be in for a rude awakening something called martial law may be declared if and when that happens it’ll be very interesting to see with these leftists do then!!!

    1. Abraham Lincoln gave us a warning that holds true today…. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Actually, it is the Democrats that are destroying us from within.

      USAF (RET)

  14. It is never the NYPD that causes riots but the rioters themselves and the communist controlled news medias as the instigators that promote riots, destruction, looting, and murder. Never blame our nation’s law enforcement officers for the mistakes of the few. Many pretentious Americans with small mental capabilities known as parasites are quick to make demands without any justifications, and the belief they are entitled to monetary gains without the effort of labor.

    USAF (RET)

  15. That’s right .blame everybody else for ur racist remarks that u push everyday.its the fake news being paid by the left and backed by china.divide americans .knowing racism is a sensitive issue and the left is happy about the mob in the streets.anything that will help take down trump and can get back to selling america to china.

  16. A liberal is immune to criticism. That is their playbook tactic to shame and falsely accuse and ignore the truth right in front of their eyes. This nation will wake up to socialism if we continue to bow down to tyranny! If the Democrats were to seize power in November this nation will be toast. Somehow the Republican leadership in America has lost its spine and are seen as in agreement with the far left. Remember what the soviet leader (N. K. ) once promised; “we will destroy America without firing a shot”). Well that is coming to pass, however, the take down of America is now in a violent phase. A through brainwashing has taken place primarily through the educational process and no one is protesting this “crime” against freedom. This is a sad day indeed.

  17. msm and dems have been blaming and attacking the Police for far too long and now we are seeing the result criminals/rioters feel embolden by those actions. And now we have hollywood scum bailing out rioters. Now that Police must fear criminals and the lack of support from politicians and msm. Right now, the dem battel cry is defund the police. What exactly do you want from the police who have next to no support?

  18. Did the NYT ever think they are to blame for the riots??? Hope I see the day they, CNN and MSNBC are SHUT DOWN

  19. I thought New Papers were all my life the ones who shared all news, good, bad, ugly and Fake, for which they have to take no xlax for, as just comes naturally. What do you really gain when you are politically attached, Fame?. I don’t think so. More to me as someone, no one really trust anymore. Being from the Bronx, guess glad I don’t get your paper. What I see on line tells your story. Here I guess you don’t depend on the ones you blast or blame for other for creating, when you do your own above the call of your duty. But one day, when you burn to the ground, and no one shows to help you, how fake will that be, or just another John Doe did it! Oh, by the way, I wrote this, blame me.

    1. If only from your lips to G-d’s ears! I live in CA…and am by virtue of how electoral votes are awarded, I’ll never get anywhere beyond disinfranchised! There is no way I’ll ever be represented in my country. – In CA .. as in many other Democratic controlled governments, whoever gets the majority of votes, gets all of the electoral votes. — What does that mean? It means that if my party gets 49% of the popular vote, and the opposing party gets 51% of the vote, there are no representatives elected for almost 1/2 of the population. And, that my friends, is how the dems constructed the law. Purposely to disenfranchise a minority of the state’s population.

  20. NYPD and america’s police departments just remember it is a travesty what you have to endure
    to protect us. Your enemy is the socialist communist media and run by Traitors who think that there making money proffeting hatere’d on both sides. that is how the deep state made money supporting the nazis and
    our country at the same time thrue the Hollywood trash and their beloved Idol they killed the Tsar of russia and his family Just remember their are millions upon millions that love you guys and will stand allways on your side the low live politicians will be voted out and should be brought to trail along with the filthy lying media

  21. The NYT is an ignorant rag. The people who are demanding the defunding of police are ignorant. Probably not one of them knows that every Socialist or Communist state in the world has police departments all of which are extremely oppressive.

  22. Not to worry folks. They are almost done using the demonstrators, rioters,BLM, and Antifa. They got the help they needed and now the UN will be coming to take over.

  23. The NYT has made some DUMB statements before BUT, this was the Dumbest, I was warned and told by my Grandparents how the Communists used Propaganda, and this is an example!! They are out to bring us Down!

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