NY Times Blames NYPD for Violence, Riots and Murders

NY Times Blames NYPD for Violence, Riots and Murders

The protests in New York City have been marred by violence and there is no end in sight. Police officers are being subjected to the very worst that humanity has to offer. Citizens are brawling with them, running over, and even firebombing them. The worst part of all? The New York Times does not seem to have any sort of problem with that. In fact, they are treating the officers like they are to blame.

While they are willing to acknowledge the looting and violence that is happening in their streets, that is about as far as they are ready to go. The Times does not want to lose their leftist street cred and that’s why they are steadfastly refusing to tell the truth. Some protesters have lost sight of the true objective of these demonstrations and they are causing all sorts of issues for the people who truly have something to say.

Protesting police slayings is one thing and attacking officers who had nothing to do with the original crime is another. People are taking advantage of the current situation to fatten their own pockets. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Times does not seem to agree. This mainstream media rag views violence against police as something that can be glossed over.

The pervasive violence is marring the protests and you would think that the leftist media types would want this behavior to cease. If they actually care about the causes that are being fought for, they would get the cowards in line. The country is currently in the midst of a massive breakdown and outlets like these need to call it what it actually is.

In many places, the country is experiencing a communal breakdown so complete that mayors have thrown up their hands and ordered curfews or called in the National Guard. Unable to maintain urban life, they have tried to suspend it, just as they had done in response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Urban life can no longer be maintained and people are looking to eliminate it entirely. This should be terrifying to everyone. The left is acting like they are in the midst of a big party. They cannot grasp the severity of what is taking place. It’s the type of societal shift that we are not going to be able to recover from anytime soon. It will take years to dig out from under these damages.

We cannot help but notice the shift in mentalities about social distancing, either. Who remembers the days when no one could go outside without being accused of hating the elderly? Now, cities are putting curfews in place as a means of stopping the violence. The same folks that were all for social distancing before are changing their tune entirely.

The Times was able to set one entire paragraph to express their sympathy to the police. That was all, though. The rest of the write up reads exactly as you would have expected. The folks who protested the lack of reopening planning were misrepresented entirely. No one wants to mention that their protests were actually peaceful. They were not smashing up buildings because that is not the way to get a point across.

The police response is being treated like it occurred in a vacuum when the exact opposite is true. There is only so much that the police can do when it comes to ignoring violent protests. They can try their best to meet people halfway and help you where they can. Once their cars are being broken into and people are fighting police officers in the streets with zero fear of reprisal?

That’s when it is time to put a stop to things. Lawyers are in the streets handing out Molotov cocktails. A woman even decided to hurl one at a car full of police officers. None of this has anything to do with the original objectives of the protests. The leftists need to get their people in line now before things get much worse. When President Trump finally decides to exert extreme levels of force to put a stop to these protests, we do not want to hear any complaining. This is what all of you are asking for.


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