NY Times Finally Admits New York’s Response to COVID-19 Was Shameful

NY Times Finally Admits New York’s Response to COVID-19 Was Shameful

As we expected, the national press has been using its platform to criticize President Trump on a regular basis. They are not even pretending to be bipartisan anymore. Their unrelenting criticisms are only designed to soothe their own egos and we wish that they would put a stop to the constant complaining.

President Trump has been blamed for a variety of issues. He’s said to have downplayed the severity of the virus and some even accused him of being racist because he referred to it as a Chinese flu. The supply shortages in California and New York are also being blamed on his administration.

Ever since Trump spoke out about the potential of the hydroxychloroquine drug, journalists have been lining up to take shots at him. They even tried to claim that he was responsible for the death of an Arizona resident who took fish tank cleaner as a means of protecting themselves from the spread of the virus.

With all that being said, the national press finally seems to be coming to their senses. After all, there is only so much that can be blamed on Donald Trump before the whole conversation starts to look silly. Mainstream media reporters are taking a more nuanced approach and examining the impact of the pandemic on various communities.

The news outlets that are typically hyper-critical of Trump are now singing a different tune. The Los Angeles Times is chief among them. They are taking the state of California to task for their own actions, as opposed to pointing the finger at the bad orange man. What a novel concept!

Former Governor Jerry Brown is to blame for what the state is experiencing. The state once had the necessary stockpiles and programs in place but they were dismantled over financial concerns. The citizens of California are now feeling the wrath of these decisions and their state legislature has left them high and dry.

The New York Times has also decided to do an about face. At first, they were issuing false accusations against the president and claiming that he had a financial drug in the aforementioned drug. Now that they have realized the error of their ways, they are now turning their attentions to the real culprits: New York City mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

These two men have had a number of leadership failures since the crisis began. You can read the entire article if you are so inclined but the tweets are going to tell the whole story. When the first positive test took place in New York, Cuomo and De Blasio should have been getting out in front of things.

The health commissioner of New York City warned the mayor about the level of contamination that was taking place back in March. De Blasio was told that the city had reached a 70 percent contamination rate. Instead of implementing social distancing guidelines immediately, he hemmed and hawed for a few days before making the right choice.

He even took time to visit his gym one last time before following the rules himself. Cuomo and De Blasio were more concerned with squelching the panic that the virus was causing than dealing with the virus itself. These are not things that can be blamed on Trump and we are glad that even The New York Times is able to see that.

The Times was even sure to note the political rivalries that caused the delayed response times. The mayor and governor were both relying on Democratic aides to assist them during the process. The two leaders were able to present a unified front initially but by the time the end of March rolled around? It was clear to see that these political rivalries were rearing their ugly heads once again.

The mainstream media is welcome to keep dunking on Trump and his administration for any perceived failures that have been taking place. That is their right as Americans. Free speech still exists, after all. The New York Times, for their part, has finally decided to start telling the truth about the true failures that have been taking place on a state level.

The people of New York should have been provided with this information weeks ago but the truth is finally coming to light. Their home state newspaper needed to be honest with them from the get go. At least the New York Times is making the right decisions now. They are pressing the pause button on their Trump bashing and setting their sights on the true villains.


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