Obama Defense Sec. Warns Biden Wrong on Nearly Every Major Foreign Policy Issue

Obama Defense Sec. Warns Biden Wrong on Nearly Every Major Foreign Policy Issue

Defense Secretary Robert Gates used to work with the Obama administration. When he recently granted an interview to Face The Nation, he had some very interesting things to say about Joe Biden. Margaret Brennan is the host of the show and when she asked him to expand on something that he said in his memoir, the interview got very revealing.

Gates wrote that he values Biden as a human being but went on to say that he is usually wrong when it comes to matters that are related to foreign policy. Brennan even asked Gates if he believed that Biden would be a good president. He did not mince words. “I don’t know,” said Gates.

The heavy sigh that he let out before he said he did not know says it all, doesn’t it? It’s pretty telling when the people who know Biden best are not willing to offer up an unequivocal endorsement of his skill set. On the bright side, Gates did say that Biden is a man of integrity who always speaks his mind.

He also said that he knows he could lean on Joe if he was experiencing a personal crisis. While it’s great that Biden would leave his house in the middle of the night to help you fix a flat tire, that’s not a quality that we are looking for in the leader of the free world.

Being president is about more than being a really nice guy. Despite all of Biden’s kindness, Gates believes that he has been wrong about foreign policy for several decades now. This does not inspire confidence that he would make the right decisions if he was able to somehow win the presidency.

Biden and Gates did agree on some key issues during the Obama presidency. However, they were not able to come to an agreement on Afghanistan or any issues that are related to the military. If this interview was supposed to give people major pause when it comes time to vote for Biden, mission accomplished.

In Gates’ mind, Biden’s success would depend on his ability to get along with members of the senior military. If the right personalities are on hand, Biden might be able to come to some sort of consensus with them. From where we are sitting, that is a pretty big if.

These are not the words of encouragement that Biden was probably hoping for. No one is looking for a president that they would like to have a beer with at the moment. The stakes are too high for that type of talk. The nation needs a leader who can work with everyone and make the right decisions about foreign policy. They do not need someone whose best quality is their kindness.

Bear in mind, these words are coming from someone who has close ties to the Obama administration. What motivation would he have to make Biden look bad? If anything, he was probably downplaying the severity of Biden’s poor decision making. It’s not like his cognitive skills are going to improve as he ages, either. What hope do the Democrats have if this is their best possible candidate?

Biden does not help matters when he is unable to articulate his own stances in an intelligent and coherent manner. He leaves himself open to all sorts of mockery. From the looks of it, he changes his mind on various issues on a daily basis. He waits to find out more about what his handlers have to say about the issues at hand and then he makes his choices. It’s not exactly the most efficient system, is it?

He has been able to achieve political longevity by remaining malleable at all times. He does not have any real accomplishments to speak of. Biden simply goes along with whatever wave looks the best at the time. If history does not absolve him of his poor decision making, he flip flops to the other side. He’s been doing it for decades now and we are glad that someone is finally willing to call him out for it on national television.

The idea of this man leading the country should be terrifying to anyone with a pulse. He can barely count the number of grandchildren that he has, let alone make the important policy decisions that are going to guide America through this difficult time. The best case scenario for any Biden supporter is that his handlers will give him some busy work to do while they sit down to make all of the real choices.


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