Of Course, Arizonans Are Paying for Katie Hobbs Case

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It seems trouble follows Katie Hobbs wherever she goes these days. Maybe it’s not her intention to ruin everything she touches, but that is certainly what she does at every turn, isn’t it?

Aren’t sure exactly what I’m talking about?

Well, that’s because the Democratic-backed media have done a fairly good job of covering up all of her mistakes, just like the White House attempts to do with Joe Biden. But, as they say, nothing stays hidden forever.

So what’s happened this time?

Well, it seems her racially charged case in Arizona, which she lost, is forcing innocent Arizona taxpayers to pay for her crimes.

You might remember that way back in 2015 when Hobbs was serving as an Arizona Senator, and that body’s minority leader, Hobbs, as well as the state’s Senate, was accused of racial discrimination.

Talonya Adams worked for Hobbs at the time as a policy adviser. During that year, she discovered that both her white and male co-workers were being paid more than she was. Naturally, and well within her rights, Adams asked why and that her pay be risen to match that of her colleagues. After all, she was doing the same work as them.

Unfortunately for her, the timing of this discovery and request took place shortly before she was to take an already approved family leave. Not thinking about backlash, she went ahead and took the family leave. But as Breitbart News reported, she was never to return to her Arizona Senate position. While on her family leave, she was informed that the state Senate had fired her.

As you can imagine, this only added insult to injury and made Adams even more sure that racial discrimination was afoot. And so a lawsuit was brought against Hobbs and the Arizona Senate.

Now, Hobbs lost the case, as well as she should. In fact, two separate federal juries decided against her, determining that her actions in both paying Adams less and then firing her for noticing were discriminatory and illegal. As a result, Adams was awarded $2.75 million in damages.

However, don’t you think for a second that Hobbs had to pay even a cent of that. Instead, the good people of Arizona have. Secondly, Adams hasn’t been given near the amount she was awarded.

As a recently released public record request from the Arizona Department of Administration says, Adams has only received $300,000. And she won’t be receiving any more. This is because while she was awarded much more in court, state law caps such awards at $300,000. And since the case went against not only Hobbs but the Arizona Senate, that legislative house is paying for it all, which, of course, is funded by taxpayer dollars.

According to Breitbart, the Senate has had to pay another $458,806 in legal fees. This is up almost $40,000 from what the Arizona Republic reported case fees to be in March of this year.

This means that Arizona taxpayers have paid a whopping $758,806 just to cover for Hobbs’ mistakes and discriminatory practices.

Meanwhile, the now-Arizona Secretary of State is traveling around trying to convince people that she should be named as the state’s next occupant of the governor’s mansion. Yes, that’s right. Somehow, she convinced someone to let her into another state leadership position and is now vying for yet another, where she could do even more damage.

Of course, all of this is after her shortened stint at the US House of Representatives, where she was forced to resign after carrying on sexual relationships with both male and female staffers. But she doesn’t want you to remember any of that, nor her apparent racism.

According to Adams, Hobbs has “always been very uncomfortable with minorities.” The discrimination victim said this caused her to be quite “disconnected from people of color.”

As you can only imagine, these aren’t exactly qualities that should be praised in any kind of leader, let alone a state governor. But like most Democrats, Hobbs apparently thinks she can do what she wants when she wants. You’d think by now she would have learned differently after all the trouble she’s gotten into.
But that seems not to be the case. In fact, Hobbs is even now still trying to bribe Adams into silence for the sake of her gubernatorial campaign.

No one ever said Democrats were smart…