Old Men’s Race: DNC to Provide Chairs for Geriatric Candidates During Debate

Old Men’s Race: DNC to Provide Chairs for Geriatric Candidates During Debate

The DNC won’t stop changing the rules to benefit whatever candidate they are trying to help. In fact, the upcoming debate on March 15 in Arizona is going to have a major rule change that is designed to benefit all of their geriatrics. As it turns out, good old Uncle Joe just needs a comfy chair to sit down in.

Now, they are altering their debate formats to accommodate their doddering old candidate. The candidates are going to be seated at this debate and that is going to take some of the fun out of it. Biden is probably less likely to have one of his hilarious gaffes if he has the ability to sit down.

The Democrats never think of the rest of us when it comes time to make these types of decisions. All jokes aside, it is pretty ridiculous that they need to bend the rules to help the old heads that they are insistent on propping up. The party badly needs an infusion of youth but that is certainly not going to happen this time around.

Of course, Bernie is already shaking his fist to the heavens and crying foul. He says that the Democratic establishment is making backdoor deals with Biden. Sanders does not think that Joe would be able to go toe to toe with him. That’s why the Democrats are looking to protect him. They know what would happen if he had to stand on his own two feet.

This is what the party has allowed themselves to descend to. Instead of allowing nature to run its course, they are re-jiggering everything to keep the clearly senile candidate protected. We all knew that this was coming, though. Biden cannot defend his record and it is hard for him to articulate any of his thoughts anymore.

How would he tell the world about his future plans when he can barely get his own name right? We are already laughing when we think about the future debates that Biden is going to be involved in. Sanders and his team are balking but it remains to be seen as to whether any of the push back will actually lead anywhere productive.

At the Arizona debate, the candidates are going to remain seated and the audience will have the chance to ask them various questions. The previous debates were different. Candidates stood up at lecterns and the questions were asked by moderators. Biden was probably intimidated by this format. He would have been stuttering and losing track of his thoughts within 15 minutes, tops.

For their part, the Biden campaign claims that the CNN and the Democratic party were responsible for choosing the format. When CNN was asked for comment on the matter, they decided to defer to the Democratic party instead. Biden’s mental capacity has declined to the point where they are clearly trying to fix the game in his favor.

These types of changes are designed to draw attention away from the cognitive decline that Biden is experiencing. Instead, these sneaky maneuvers are only making things worse for them. People are asking more questions than ever before. The worst part of all? The Democrats do not have any real answers. Sanders and his team are right to call them out for this.

This is where we are now. The Democrats’ naked desperation to have Biden win the nomination has been laid bare. It does not matter what Bernie says or does. He is going to have the nomination stolen from him once again and there is very little that can be done about it. One thing is for sure, though. The Democrats have definitely earned the butt kicking that they are about to receive.

How can they look their voters in the eye and act as if they have their best interests at heart? There is no way that anyone is going to believe them at this point. To make matters even funnier, Bernie is the one who has recently suffered a major heart attack. He has yet to ask for any form of preferential treatment and seems perfectly okay with the current debate formats.

Meanwhile, Biden is behind the scenes campaigning for a comfortable chair to sit in because he is too afraid of his own brain farts. It’s only March and the rules are already being bent in his favor. We are not sure how much more the left is going to tolerate from him when it comes to his obvious senility. We do know that it is going to be a lot of fun to watch it all unfold over the next few months.


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