One in Four Democrats Want Biden Removed Over Sex Abuse Allegations

If 26 percent of the Democratic party wants to remove Biden from the presidential race over his sexual abuse allegations, they are in for a long, tough road. This is not nearly enough support. The Democrats are not about to yank the trapdoor when the number is still this low. It sounds rude but it’s the truth.

When it comes to situations like these, the Democrats do not care about doing what is right. They only care about doing what is popular. As for Joe Biden, we are sure that these numbers are giving him reason to sweat. Is he going to have the necessary turnout when he heads to the important battleground states?

It’s a question without an answer at the moment. The “vote blue, no matter who” crowd is getting behind Biden out of a misguided sense obligation. Meanwhile, there are Democrats who are not willing to toe the party line. They have principles and they are going to adhere to them. Sexual assault needs to be taken with the utmost level of seriousness.

The Bernie Bros have to be considered here, too. No one believes that they are going to cross the aisle to vote for a different candidate who also has sexual assault allegations. The bigger issue is whether they even bother to show up. All the progressive types are not going to pull the lever for a candidate that has any sort of allegation like this.

Joe Biden needs to figure out how to rally the troops, so to speak. By taking a traditional partisan approach to the problem, he might be able to galvanize his voting bloc. The data regarding the Democrats’ unwillingness to get behind him in full was sourced by Morning Consult. There is no moment in American politics that is more partisan than this.

If a prominent politician has a credible sexual assault allegation, the party’s principles are placed on full display for the rest of the country to see. Unfortunately, these principles are also informed by the interests of the party. This whole situation has laid that painfully bare.

We also know that the 26% figure would jump sharply if Biden happened to be on the right side of the aisle. There are others who might be wondering if the younger members of the Democratic party are willing to take these allegations a bit more seriously. Even if they are, it does not really matter. They have been against the idea of Biden winning the nomination from the very beginning.

The poll might be indicative of the way that young liberals are leaning or it might show that Bernie Bros view this as their last chance to replace Biden. No one is exactly sure but Biden is definitely going to be sweating this one out for a bit. Since the younger Democrats are all about socialism now, they are more than willing to behave as if Tara Reade’s allegations are credible.

Jonathan Chait is not a Bernie Bro but he is a Democratic liberal with some interesting insight to offer here. He believes that the Sanders fanboys are out of their minds for wanting to replace Biden at this stage of the election cycle. The leftists would love but what about the remainder of the party?

From the looks of it, all of the people who are seizing on this “opportunity” to replace Joe Biden were also against him during the primaries. It is hard to take them seriously and it looks like many of them want to use the allegations against him as a cudgel. The Morning Consult numbers also shed light on some important differences.

Democratic men are more likely to view the Biden denial of the allegations as being truly credible. Democrats over the age of 45 are also far more likely to view his denials in a similar light. As you would have expected, the younger Democrats do not feel the same way. It is safe to say that people’s personal perspectives on Joe Biden are coloring their responses, for better and for worse.

#MeToo is a clear priority for the Democrats, regardless of candidate and the Republicans tend to be more skeptical on the whole. This may have something to do with the fact that Donald Trump has far more allegations against him than Biden does. Power politics shapes these views in a number of instances and it will continue to do so. The Democratic old guard is going to view Biden as credible, right up until the day that they are forced not to.


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