Only in America…Bribe Americans with Booze

President Biden has set a goal for Americans. He wants to have 70% of Americans receive at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. By July 4, that would mean 160 million Americans would be fully vaccinated.

It’s a great goal. However, it would be easier to convince many Americans to get vaccinated if COVID restrictions would be lifted. Even as people are vaccinated, many cities and states are still requiring masks, social distancing, and more.

Biden thinks that if he says something, people will automatically comply.

What he fails to realize is that people need some kind of incentive. Can he at least promise that masks will go away by July 4, too?

Nope. That’s just not his style.

So, in the most American way possible, the beer industry has stepped in to offer an incentive on behalf of the Biden administration.

Anheuser-Busch has said that if the U.S. reaches the vaccination goal by July 4, they will buy “America’s next round of beer.”

Ahh, free beer. It’s the American way.

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch, Michel Doukeris, has said, “This commitment includes encouraging Americans to get vaccinated, and we are excited to buy Americans 21+ a round of beer when we reach the White House goal.”

The beer company has always prided itself on stepping up in times of need. They want to do what they can to work with the White House and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. They believe it’s one of the best ways to “make a meaningful impact for our country, our communities and our consumers.”

According to the CDC, vaccines have been dropping. Now that most Americans who were eager to be vaccinated have done so, the lines of people have dropped. It’s critical to reach the rest of America – those who are too far from a vaccination site as well as those who have too many doubts about the vaccines.

Plenty of states have been offering incentives for people to get vaccinated. Some have offered free hunting licenses while others have offered tickets to sporting events. It’s working…slowly.

The best incentive would be to guarantee that various liberal cities and states will lift the restrictions for those who have been vaccinated. After all, most people simply want to enjoy a deep, fresh breath of air while they’re out and about.

However, what Anheuser-Busch is offering is an exciting prospect. It shows that there’s a company willing to lose some money in order to help the country.

Now, imagine if other companies would step up, too. We could certainly have an incredible July 4 celebration by getting not only free beer but plenty of other free things, too. We could celebrate an end to COVID and the beginning of a better economy.

All we need is for people to get vaccinated.

Only, that’s not all…

What the Biden administration still wants to ignore is that many people have natural immunity because they’ve already had COVID. So, for those who don’t want the vaccine, why can’t they get free beer, too? After all, they’re unlikely to get COVID or to spread it. And if John Hopkins says it’s true…then it’s probably true.

We’ll see what Americans go for. Will they jump on board with Biden’s goal and hope for a cold Bud Light on July 4? Time will tell.

Meanwbile, many people will be getting ready for July 4 celebrations. Of course, that won’t include fireworks at Mount Rushmore. The Biden administration said ‘no’ because they are a bunch of party poopers.

And, July 4 will be the next real celebration since the CDC reversed its recommendations. So, if we can make it past July 4 without a spike in COVID numbers, it may be well and truly behind us. After all, we know everyone will be avoiding a mask on July 4 so that they can drink a cold beer – whether it’s been provided by Anheuser-Busch for free or not.


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