O’Rourke Shows Classless Move By Using El Paso Shooting As A Political Platform

O’Rourke Shows Classless Move By Using El Paso Shooting As A Political Platform

While there isn’t much sacred in political campaigns, most know that current events that have caused the loss of lives are off-limits. Beto O’Rourke shows his lack of class by using the El Paso shooting to increase his political platform. In the midst of people grieving for the loss of loved ones, he’s turning it into a political issue when it doesn’t have to be.

No one wants to hear what O’Rourke has to say right now. He should have the decency to allow people to experience the loss for at least 72 hours before adding it to his platform. However, the El Paso native is proving that he doesn’t have that level of decency.

O’Rourke Blames Trump

News of the shooting had barely begun to spread around the United States before overworked decided to start blaming Pres. Trump. The Democratic candidate, who has recently been failing in the polls, told CNN throughout Saturday and Sunday that Trump is “racist” and “stokes racism” throughout the country. O’Rourke says that Trump is to blame because he is encouraging racism throughout the country, which is dangerous.

The Real Problem

O’Rourke is using the El Paso shooting as a way to get ahead in the polls. As someone who grew up in El Paso, he feels that he is uniquely able to speak about the city. The problem is that the first comments about the shooting weren’t to sympathize with the families or offer his sympathies. Instead, it was to point the finger at Trump.

There are a number of reasons why the shooting happened. However, Trump isn’t to blame. He is one man, and a man who is constantly hindered by the extremist leanings of the Democratic-held House. For O’Rourke to point the finger so quickly at Trump following the massacre that took place in his hometown shows just how much he lacks in empathy.

He is trying to score points for being from the same city as where 20 people have died. CNN is all over him, and this presidential candidate can’t seem to get enough.

Playing the Blame Game

It’s easy for O’Rourke to play the blame game because that’s what he does best. He likes to blame everything on other people instead of creating an actual plan. Even his immigration plan has significant flaws when it comes to dealing with the people who are already in the country illegally.

The blame game works on both sides, however. Leftists are the ones responsible for the division of the nation, and they have been for quite some time. They have identified the fastest ideology of Islamism. They have constantly made crises into political agendas. Now, they tried to make Trump the poster boy for white supremacy, even though they are responsible for dividing the country into the racist lines it has become.

O’Rourke wants everyone to “connect the dots” between what Pres. Donald Trump has said and how the shooter allegedly targeted immigrants. During a vigil for the victims, O’Rourke even talked about Trump, even though it was neither the time nor the place.

The White Supremacist Shooter

Patrick Crusius, 21, the elected shooter, was a self-proclaimed white supremacist. According to police, he authored an anti-immigrant manifesto laying out a dark vision of America and how it’s been overrun by Hispanics. However, it is impossible to “connect the dots” to Pres. Trump. There is a big difference between Trump wanting to follow the laws of immigration, as they were created long before he ever went into presidency to someone who is following white supremacy, a concept that has been part of the country for hundreds of years, dating back to the Ku Klux Klan founded in 1865 and even before then.

Poor Taste, O’Rourke

In the end, O’Rourke showed poor taste by pointing the finger to Trump. When people have lost family and friends, they don’t want to hear about who was responsible. They don’t want to hear about someone pointing the finger, and they certainly don’t want the loss of a loved one turned into political agenda.

Beto O’Rourke has been flailing in the polls for quite some time, following his disaster of the first debate on CNN. The El Paso shooting is his way of getting some extra face time in the news because reporters want to hear about someone from El Paso. Him turning it into a political agenda and using it as a way to get ahead in the polls is more shameful than anything that Trump could possibly say.


13 thoughts on “O’Rourke Shows Classless Move By Using El Paso Shooting As A Political Platform

  1. This beto freak simply needs to go away. He’s nothing more than a distraction to the real issues happening throughout our country right now and quite frankly, he’s become part of those issues… in a negative, absurd, self-serving way. He’s not going to win any nomination for POTUS candidacy nor is he going to ever make it to the POTUS level. Nah, he’ll wallow around on taxpayer’s funds in the liberal cesspool of politics as long as his brain dead voters allow him to and he’ll continue to amount to next to nothing, calling himself the golden boy of politics. It must be difficult for him to face reality. He’s certainly not in our national political future… in any positive sense of the word that is.

    Grow up and go away beto…

  2. Democracy exists only when all parties accept the results of an election. Democrats/Liberals/Socialists & their propaganda machine (the mainstream media) killed democracy the moment they refused to acknowledge the winner of the 2016 election & orchestrated a coup to overthrow the duly elected president & the will of the people. This is exactly what is happening in Venezuela right now.

    As they continue their “search for a crime”, with no evidence of one, they only push democracy further & further into the abyss. Every disgusting deed they commit is intended to distract from the person (party) who is guilty of the crime of conspiring with a foreign identity to affect the results of the 2016 election. A person has to be a real loser when they are defeated in an election that was rigged for them to win. However, their efforts will have been in vain once the results of the IG & AG are produced. Those finding will expose the interference & manipulation of the electoral process by a certain candidate, certain FBI, CIA, DOJ, FISA individuals, their biased press & social media minions. It will rock the Socialist Democratic Party & expose them for the whole world to see.

  3. What an a-hole. Banging the all-too-familiar leftist blame-Trump-for-everything drum. Trump is against people entering our country illegally–not a particular race. If these so-called immigrants happened to be white they would still be ILLEGAL. What part of ILLEGAL don’t they get?

  4. O’Rourke continues to prove why he should and never will be president. He has taken a tragedy which never should’ve happened and he is using it as a political weapon against President Trump and his supporters. He is literally walking on the graves of those poor people that were slaughtered and not only totally disrespecting them, he is also disrespecting their families and the people who are in hospitals trying to survive. He’s playing politics for all it’s worth with no sense of any humanity, concern, decency and sympathy for the Victims of that slaughter and their families and those that are still trying to survive who are in the hospital. Beto is the stuff this one scrapes off the bottom of their shoe after a dog has gone to the bathroom. He is a lowlife scum ball that doesn’t care about anybody but himself. This will be his legacy that he once again put politics ahead of American people’s lives and tried to use this tragedy for his own benefit. He has once again failed miserably and is a total waste of human breath.

  5. This man is nothing but an empty suit. He knows nothing and all he does is blame the President. President Reagan gave amnesty in 1986 and they fail to secure the border. The illegals that are coming has no particular skills, education, etc. We must start deporting this people they are using our social programs and having babies .

  6. This guy is classless and clueless. He must have money to burn because he has no chance against OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP none of the dems do !!!!!!!!!!

  7. I dont know what everyone expects from Beto or the democrats. If they cant buy an election, get illegals to vote for them or tell lies, they resort to blaming and using the racist terms
    Frankly , The GOP needs to stop arguing with the democrats and work with them. I’ve had enough of this nonsense from both sides. The congress should be working for the people and pass laws that protect citizens and our country.
    I think congress needs to earn their pay, have term limits, no retirement that is outrageous, no trips outside the country on the tax payers dime and no more 3 to 5 weeks of vacation 3 or 4 times a year, normal people dont get that much time. Personally, I think they should be paid for the amount of work they do and fined for causing problems.
    We the people must act and get to the polls and VOTE.

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