Outrageous? Google Employee Uses Google Resources to Organize Anti-Trump Events

Outrageous? Google Employee Uses Google Resources to Organize Anti-Trump Events

Google employees probably had some of the strongest opinions about Trump’s presidential victory back in 2016. They were determined to make sure that nothing like this ever happened again. Silicon Valley views Trump as an existential threat and this certainly includes the folks at Google.

Instead of going about things the right way, Google wanted to take matters into their own hands. They want to prevent the American people from making their own decisions. This is not the way things should be done, though. The findings that have taken place as a result of Google’s actions are stunning and outrageous.

Google employees decided to use the resources that are made available to them by their employer to work against Trump. Company office space, company times and company channels were all used to organize against him. One employee even went so far as to write an e-mail to all of their coworkers about it.

Trump makes their “stomach turn” and they urged people not to let the moment pass them by. This seems a bit dramatic to us but what do we know? When an anti-Trump protest took place in San Francisco within days of the election, the Google employees were looking to mobilize. They were not even going to give the newest president a chance to prove himself.

Instead, they wanted to utilize company resources for their own selfish gains. In March 2017, the protests got even more heated. Google office space was used for a gathering that was designed to flood the White House with anti-Trump materials. The movement was named #TheIdesofTrump and the idea was to send the materials on March 15.

This is how they decided that they would let the man himself know where they stood. We are not sure what a bunch of anti-Trump postcards is supposed to do but we digress. Google’s San Francisco headquarters were used for this gathering, specifically. The postcards were written there and the employees even took the time to generate a mission statement.

If only they had been ready and willing to work this hard to support their chosen candidate, eh? The employee who put the protest together did not ask anyone else to bring their materials necessary. The postcards would be provided already. “You just bring your woke selves,” said the e-mail. We cannot believe that this sort of brazen activism was taking place on company time, in company space.

Things did not stop there, either. Jordan Peterson made some comments about gender pronouns that made the rounds. Canada passed state-mandated laws about gender pronouns and he was critical of them. When one Google employee said that they supported Peterson on this topic, they were reported to human resources as a result.

According to the employee, these objections had made them feel unsafe on the job. We cannot believe that this sort of unchecked liberalism is allowed to run amok. All companies like Google are doing is proving that Trump is correct to be concerned about the effect that they are having on modern society.

No one is allowed to express an opinion that is contrary to the left anymore. You are reported to the authorities and the left is more than happy to see you suffer. Is this the sort of discourse that is going to help us to advance as a nation? Probably not but discourse is not what the left desires. They are simply looking to silence anyone who does not agree with their agendas.

Rather than campaigning to remove Trump from office fair and square, it’s like they have spent the last four years crying for a do over. That is not how the world works and it is sad to see grown adults carrying on in such a childish way. If you were found to be using your company resources in such a manner, you would be fired immediately.

At Google, the leftist seems to be encouraged to behave in this way. How can this type of behavior be tolerated in a normal society, though? Why are people who should be working allowed to act like spoiled children as soon as they do not get their way? These are not rhetorical questions by the way. They deserve a real answer.

Stories like this one are equal parts exhausting and exasperating. No one wants to believe the facts anymore and people just invent their own narratives as they see fit. Google employees are simply another example of the leftist entitlement that is causing the United States to rot from the inside out.


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