“Peaceful Protesters” Murder Chicago Man, Shoot Several Others and Nobody Cares

“Peaceful Protesters” Murder Chicago Man, Shoot Several Others and Nobody Cares

It’s amazing to watch all of the things that the mainstream media is willing to ignore. They are seizing on any story that makes their issues seem more viable and discarding any story that doesn’t. During the looting and rioting that was taking place in Chicago over the weekend, several innocent citizens were shot. One man was also killed.

Do you think that anyone actually cared about these people, though? If there are peaceful protests taking place, they are highlighted. When the protests go wrong, they are not. The liberals are going to sidestep these stories because they do not align with the narrative that they have chosen for the rest of America.

The rest of the country has to fall in line with these narratives or they are ignored. That’s just the way that things work now and we wish that this were not the case. The gunshot victim in Chicago was not found to have had any contact with the police. The angry mob is now claiming lives of their own but no one wants to step forward and take responsibility.

It’s one of the more unfortunate aspects of the protests. Americans have the constitutional right to assemble in this manner and no one is begrudging them at all. What frustrates those who are not participating in the protests is all of the violence. The murder is said to have taken place outside of Water Tower Place. This location has been linked to violence throughout the protests.

Newly revealed in police crime data is a fatal shooting in the 800 block of North Michigan on Saturday, May 30. Asked about the murder, a Chicago Police Department spokesperson this week said a 23-year-old man arrived at Northwestern Memorial Hospital around 9:34 p.m. with gunshot wounds to his chest, abdomen, shoulder, and arms. He was later pronounced dead.

“This incident happened during the protest, however further details of the incident are currently unknown and under investigation by Area 3 detectives,” the spokesperson said.

A CPD source said the victim did not have any previous contact with Chicago police.

GPS data attached to the murder record correspond to a location directly outside Water Tower Place. CWBChicago reported on May 31 that Chicago police located a man with gunshot wounds on the side of Water Tower Place at 9:39 p.m. May 30, but no further information was available about the case at the time.

Within 15 minutes of the Michigan Avenue killing, three other people were shot within two blocks of Water Tower: two on the 100 block of East Oak Street and another on the 800 block of North Wabash, according to CPD records.

Police previously announced that a 26-year-old man was fatally shot on the 100 block of West Hubbard at 11:04 p.m. May 30.

Three other shootings occurred in the same area over the weekend but it is believed that none of them were fatal. The man who was fatally shot was all of 26 years old. We hope that these people are sufficiently proud of their behavior. An innocent man has died and the blood is on their hands. We would be willing to bet that he was out there for the same reasons that they were.

To be fair, you also have to account for the idea that disputes are taking place among the protesters. It’s entirely possible that slayings like this one could be tied to differences of opinion that go deeper than the protests. We can all remember when Popeye’s chicken sandwich hysteria was blamed for a killing in the Washington, DC region. Come to find out, the two parties involved had already had a problem with one another before they ran into one another on that fateful day.

Either way, the news is disconcerting. These protests are not going to be tolerated if they keep escalating like this. It won’t be long before President Trump is looking to put a stop to them altogether. We are sure that he is going to have some harsh words for the violent protesters when he has his upcoming rally in Tulsa this weekend. Hopefully, he takes a more tactful route, so that more violence does not take place.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the president all this time knows that he does not do tact. He is a forceful speaker who always says exactly what he is thinking. That’s one of the reasons why he has so many supporters. People got tired of politicians who only offer up canned quotes and platitudes at moments like these. Thanks to Twitter, we get access to his unvarnished thoughts every single day.

The mainstream media has also drawn their own line in the sand. As long as the trigger is being pulled by a police officer, they are happy to report on it. If violence is taking place for any reason, they could not be less interested. We could rage against this blatant contradiction but what would we actually solve?

There’s nothing that we can do about it at this point. All we can do is tell the truth and hope that readers are willing to divorce themselves from the usual media spin. The headlines that are not being made are just as important as the ones that are shoved in your face each and every day.


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