“Peaceful Protesters” Target Police With Well Planned and Executed Ambushes

“Peaceful Protesters” Target Police With Well Planned and Executed Ambushes

According to the reports that we have been seeing today, the violence and looting that was causing so much unrest around the country has started to slow down a bit. The protests and demonstrations are still taking place but all of the violence is abating. The improvements in the leftists’ demeanor are being attributed to the news about the arrests of the other three officers who had been involved in the murder of George Floyd.

While this is making us feel a bit better about what is taking place, we still have a long way to go. A New York City police officer was attacked by protesters yesterday, just before midnight. Meanwhile, a Brooklyn officer was stabbed in the neck. More officers arrived on the scene and it did not take long for the violence to escalate.

A confrontation in Brooklyn late Wednesday left one police officer stabbed in the neck, two officers with gunshot wounds to their hands and another man shot by police, the New York Police Department said.

The officers were taken to a hospital with wounds that were not expected to be life-threatening, the department said. The condition of the man shot by police was not immediately released.

The bloodshed happened just before midnight in the hours after an 8 p.m. curfew that was intended to quell unrest over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Details on how it unfolded weren’t immediately available.

Two additional officers were injured before their comrades were able to shoot down the attacker. The officers who were taken to the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. As for the man who was shot down by the police during this standoff, there is no information being provided about his condition.

There is no reason to be out here engaging in violent attacks on police officers and all those who are responsible are risking their own lives. Why would someone put their own life in jeopardy, just to make a point? No one even knows if the incident was related to the death of George Floyd. These folks may have been attacking police for the mere sake of doing so.

This is the most disconcerting part of the violence. A resident in Brooklyn even claimed that there was no protest action going on at the time. It makes you wonder if people are using the current situation as a reason to attack the police. No one seems to know exactly what is happening, which only serves to make things scarier.

At the moment, we do not have enough information to formulate a narrative. That is what separates us from the hysterical leftists. They will run with any story that sounds good to them, whether it makes any sense or not. Unprovoked attacks on our nation’s police force are only going to keep ramping up until something is done about it.

In recent years, these attacks seem to be more and more commonplace. Officers are being put in the hospital by psychopaths on a more regular basis than ever before. There are too many examples to name. It would take a whole new column to go through all of the incidents that have been causing officers to seek medical attention. People are getting more and more bold these days.

We can remember a time when attacking the police was unheard of. Now, it feels like we hear stories about it on a daily basis. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but anyone who has been paying attention for the past few years knows exactly what we mean. The days of small groups engaging in this type of activity are over. Attacking the police has become a mainstream activity these days.

Rioters are currently taking advantage of the current situation and they are overwhelming the thin blue line. Once the public is no longer willing to stand behind the police, it is much easier for attackers to manipulate situations for their own gain. These are the conditions that have been created over the past few nights. We are tired of seeing it, in all honesty.

No one is claiming that the police are perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination. There is no sector of America that should ever be above criticism. All we can do now is hope that the protesters are willing to start standing down. The violence has started to slow down and as long as things are moving in the right direction, we can start to breathe a major sigh of relief.


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