Is This Really America? People Thrown in Jail for Medical Debts?

Is This Really America? People Thrown in Jail for Medical Debts?

The nightmare from Obamacare left millions of Americans worse off with their health insurance. President Trump is calling for a bipartisan bill from Congress to make healthcare more affordable for the millions of Americans who cannot afford health coverage.

President Trump reversed Obamacare, which was killing the nation on mandatory health insurance many Americans could not afford. The penalty was applied during the income tax season when fines were issued. There was a recent survey where 90 percent of Americans want this problem fixed.

There are still unresolved issues that Congress can’t seem to get on the right page when it comes to fixing the problem with affordable healthcare. Why? Because Democrats run the house and oversee the health care insurance. That is why nothing can get done. They were too busy trying to get rid of a president who did nothing wrong.

Now another legal issue has come up where reporters from CBS News brought to light, people are now going to jail in a county in Kansas for not having the money to pay on their medical expenses. Almost every American either has or knows someone that has medical bills they are trying to pay. Imagine going to jail because the system fixed it to where people have to show up in court and go to jail if they don’t.

This leaves a chain reaction of poverty because of Attornies like Michael Hassenplug, who built their business representing hospitals and doctors collect their debts. Hassenplug put in the recommendation with the local judge who approved it and made it a local law.

The law states every three months, those who owe on medical bills must appear in court to pass what they call a “debtors exam” to prove they cannot pay their bills. If the party does not show up for two hearings, a warrant for their arrest is put in place for contempt of court.

Once the warrant is served, the person gets arrested, booked, and thrown in jail. The bond is set at $500. Guess who gets the money? Attorney Michael Hassenplug receives a portion of the bail money and any other money collected to pay the debt.

The way bail money works in most cases when the defendant shows up for their court date, the bail money is refunded. In Coffeyville, Kansas, it goes to the Attorney and toward the medical debt owed.

Nusrat Choudhury, the deputy director of the ACLU, stated, “This raises serious constitutional concerns. What’s happening here is a jailhouse shake-down for cash that is the criminalization of private debt.”

So here we have a family who does the best they can to pay their debt on medical bills by going to work. They have to miss work and show up for court, losing money to pay on their bills to tell the judge they are poor and cannot pay their medical bills. It is a never-ending cycle.

The Biggs family was interviewed and was a victim of this law in the Kansas county. Tres and Heather Briggs’ child Lane had leukemia when he was five. Heather had a case of Lyme disease during the same time frame and suffered from seizures.

Heather told reporters, “We had so many multiple health issues in our family at the same time, it put us in a bracket that made insurance unattainable. It would have made no sense. We would have had to have not eaten, not had a home.”

Her husband, Tres, worked two jobs to pay their bills when they fell behind. Biggs stated, “You wouldn’t think you’d go to jail over medical bills.”

Tres continued to describe the incident as he was arrested and thrown in jail, “I was scared to death. I’m a country kid. I had to strip down, get hosed, and put a jumpsuit on.” He added the bail was $500, and all he had was $50 to $100.

By missing work, they would not have paid the bills. By paying the bail, they go deeper into debt. So Tress Biggs went to work and got arrested. It is a no-win situation for almost all of the people in Coffeyville, where poverty is twice the national average.

Attorney Hassenplug stated, “I’m just doing my job. They want the money collected, and I’m trying to do my job as best I can by following the law.” He added, “We’re sending them to jail for contempt of court for failure to appear.” Yeah, his law.


15 thoughts on “Is This Really America? People Thrown in Jail for Medical Debts?

  1. Well, one thing could change, but, won’t is the health care system, hospitals and doctors to reduce the astronomical prices the want to treat you. It is way over board on pricing and the hospitals are sneaky and charge extra for things not given or done for you. That is a fact.

  2. Remember the 2020 Elections . . . And DON’T vote these Democratic BUMS back in! We’ll get NOTHING of any value DONE. Get RID of the Left Wing Liberals! They’re DESTROYING this country, and ALL you have to do is look at California (ALREADY ruined) and Virginia. These Democrats have ALREADY proven themselves to be TREASONISTIC TRAITORS who should be in FEDERAL Prison. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. So calls Pre-existence conditions patient under the Obama care plans which’s sponsors by State Health care systems and also by private insurance carrier backing is totally disaster there was never worked as supposedly do for helping people have insured eventually dropping them off in the darkness wildly without resolved because listed as a Government burdens that private insurance co. will never recognize such words so calls Pre-existence conditions overhauled even you’ve pay for has been denied of service is really happening in America from 2009 till 2015 ! ( No Profit No Benefits for Government run FDA and Private’s Insurances Company that’s we’re supposed easy to fixed )

  4. They can all work on banning the law, but that takes time. The next best thing is bankruptcy. Get a lawyer who will work with you. You just might shut the collectors down, when they are told you will have a specific amount to be paid each month until it’s paid off. If the layer is good, he might be able to get your debt eliminated.

  5. time to stop the hospitals from making money any profit they make must go back into the hospital also get rid of all illegals time to support the american people we all know hospital bills are jacked up

  6. There has been debtors prison in the US for a long time. I was behind in my child support payments after losing a job. I was actively searching for a job and was working part time just to pay the rent and put food on the table and still see my kids. Long story short, the ex took me to jail and the judge found me in contempt of court. The judge just asked me if I was prepared to pay at that time. I explained the whole situation and said he did not care. Next thing I know I had handcuffs on and spent the next 60 days in jail and labeled a “deadbeat” dad. I was not a deadbeat dad, just broke and out of a job. The 60 days just made things worse and the debt just piled up more.

    So there is debtors prison.

    1. It is really insanity Basically being a citizen today is worthless? Politicians take our hard earned money and fall over each other to protect the illegals. Go Democrat’s! Then wonder why they lost? Blind and Deaf

      1. They didn’t lose in good ole Virginia. I’m living in Virginia right now, but not for long. I’m, fortunately, in a position to “vote with my feet” which is exactly what I’m going to do. These intolerable libs are about as stupid as it gets. Their gun laws will do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence; they’ve just passed a provision that all votes will go to the person who gets the most popular vote, trying to do away with the Electoral College, and a bunch of other stupid laws that won’t improve our lives one bit. In fact, they’ll do more harm than good to the nation.

  7. Declare yourself to be an illegal resident (I mean an “undocumented” resident)!!

    You’ll get away with EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Big science requires Big money & that means Big liars, Big cheaters & gold standard corruotion.
    This is the priceless ancient bubonic plague (yersinia pestis) preventive & remedy. It was called “The 4 Thieves.” Works even on the worst & most deadly superbugs when all drugs & other methods fail, as they always do. You will need this if you are going to SanFrancisco, LA or DC, DOA, ETC.
    Health is a do-it-yourself LIFETIME PROJECT not a government crony medical monopoly scam. 
    Is it coronavirus or 5G or both? Who cares! 
    Biowarfare virus containing HIV OUT OF CHINA? So What!
    The antidote, as always, is your own God given immune system. It is centered in your gut. Beginning with your upper stomach. No drug or vaccine can do what your own healthy gut can do! Works against superbugs when the most powerful drugs have failed.
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    Think IODINE (black walnut hull tincture, seafoods).
    Think Overeating (gluttony) as deadly here as always. Think moderation, sometimes very high moderation, as in one small meal/day for starters. Overeating destroys digestion & that destroys all other systems. 
    Drug care is not health care. Vaccines do not bring health. Medical monopoly is no better than any monopoly. US emergency medicine is important, but is not about health. Big Science requires Big Money & that means Big Corruption.
    Weston A. Price Foundation (.org). 
    Our emergency care system is excellent. But emergency care is not health care. Drug care is not healthcare. Vaccines don’t bring health.
    Calling drug care health care is simply doubletalk. Like calling a pig’s ear a silk purse. It is a crony capitalist monopoly leftist ploy.

  9. Dems taut the Constitution while they do everything possible to shred it to pieces. Doublespeak and they don’t care an iota about the citizens.
    Why do we keep Voting in horrible, democrats who hate us to represent us!!!!??? Stop voting them to office!

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