Pete Buttigieg Slanders Vice President Pence

Pete Buttigieg Slanders Vice President Pence

ayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana has already performed a service to Democratic politics in that he has knocked Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke out of the top tier of the presidential race.

Mayor Pete, as his supporters like to call him, like Beto, is young, white, and attractive looking.

Unlike Beto, he has served in the military, did not crash his car while drunk and then try to run away, did not get beat by Ted Cruz for the senate and is gay.

The last part is important.

Unlike Beto, Mayor Pete is proud of who he is and is not pretending to be something else. Thus, he satisfies the desire of many Democrats to run someone else than a white, straight man for president.

To be sure Mayor Pete is neither a woman not a minority but being gay and having a husband will do.

However, while Buttigieg has won the love of the media and a place in many polls just behind Biden and Bernie, he hasn’t closed the case that a 37-year-old mayor of a medium sized town should be made president.

Indeed, as CNBC has noted, rumblings have started that suggest that Mayor Pete has not been very effective running South Bend, especially from the point of view of its poor and minority residents.

The town has seen its share of typical problems of urban blight and crime that Buttigieg, despite his electoral success, seems to have been powerless to address.

Perhaps to proactively change the subject, Mayor Pete decided to go after Vice President Mike Pence, who had been governor of Indiana before getting on the Republican ticket with Donald Trump.

Pence is a religious conservative of such propriety that he will not take a meeting with a woman without someone else present.

Some have tittered at the idea until it has been pointed out that Pence’s custom is a sure-fire way to prevent him from being embroiled in a #MeToo scandal.

Other politicians would do well to profit from the Vice President’s example.

Pence is also opposed to same sex marriage, a stance largely informed by his Christian faith.

He is not unusual in that belief. Both former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed similar reservations, at least until they learned that gay political donors have deep pockets.

The story that Pence once favored gay conversion therapy is fake news.

According to Snopes, the calumny seems to have stemmed from a statement in 2000 when Pence was running for Congress urging that the Ryan White Care Act include a provision that the act should include funding that would help people “change their sexual behavior.”

Some interpreted the statement as a support for gay conversion therapy. It was a call to educate people to practice safe sex to prevent the spread of AIDS/HIV, a mainstream position supported by most of the LGBT community.

Nevertheless, Mayor Pete decided to pounce anyway. According to Time, Buttigieg spoke at a meeting of the LGBTQ Victory Fund and declared, “If me being gay was a choice, it was a choice that was made far, far above my pay grade, And that’s the thing I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand — that if you’ve got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me.”

“Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

Mayor Pete’s playing of both the religious card and the gay card seemed to be a deft political move. Unfortunately, no one can find any instance when Pence expressed any problem with who Buttigieg is.

The only instance anyone could find was Pence praising Mayor Pete and stating “I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard, and we have a great working relationship. And I see him as a as a dedicated public servant and a patriot.”

The affair, according to Fox News, caused Tucker Carlson to snark that he trying to win the “victim Olympics.” Pence himself, in the Christian style of turning the other cheek, stated, “I’ve known Mayor Pete for many years. We worked very closely together when I was governor, and I considered him a friend, and he knows I don’t have a problem with him.”

Pence’s meek reaction was hardly the stuff of a Westboro Baptist Church screamer. One must conclude, that like Beto, besides good looks and identity politics, with Mayor Pete there is no there, there. Thus, he will find out that all glory is fleeting.


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