Political Fight in Iowa Gets Ugly

Political Fight in Iowa Gets Ugly

If the exchange of words would be a fight, then this would be the greatest fight of all time. Many call this the clash of the Titans as President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have crossed paths in Iowa.

The exchange of words became harsh as they focused on the 2020 presidential elections. Both have ignored the other candidates in their speeches to the crowds and focused on each other.

Biden attacked and questioned the morals and intelligence of the president, and many of his supporters admitted he normally rambles on, but this time he kept to the point. He will be attending several events in Iowa spending Tuesday and Wednesday in the state.

His main topic of choice was how he feels, “The president is literally an existential threat to America.”

Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary, stated, “It is laughable Biden said the president was a ‘threat to America.'” She told reporters he is the one who knew about the Russian interference and he was part of the Obama administration where all the problems came from.

Sanders added he should be the one they should be questioning and should be doing the explaining, not the president.

President Trump did not follow the advice from his aides as they warned him not to attack Biden.

Some of the shots the president took referred to the 2008 presidential campaign when Barrack Obama “took him off the trash heap” by naming him the Vice President. He also claimed Biden “has lost a step.”

As the President left for Iowa, he told the reporters, “He’s a different guy. He looks different than he used to. He acts differently than he used to. He’s even slower than he used to be. Joe Biden is a dummy”

With both of them in the same state, Tuesday, they both got what they wanted. Each person was able to focus their tactics on the other and forget about the other primary candidates on both sides, Republican and Democrat.

Biden used the opportunity as though he was already chosen for the Democratic nomination and as if he was the one going head to head in the 2020 election with the president. President Trump put all his insults with fire and brimstone in one candidate instead of the other 22 primary candidates.

Polls in Iowa show Biden as the leading candidate.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are closing in and gaining momentum with supporters. Many of the other candidates are now throwing jabs at Biden because it shows in the polls across America his now in the lead in the primaries for the Democratic seat.

Both sides, President Trump and the former Vice President both have risk in the battle of insults. Democrats won the midterm elections because they focused on the issues instead of the insults.

Trump is very good at taking his opponents and having them argue on his terms, and it can go either way for him. If it goes south, then it can destroy him in this race.

Some of the words the president used were to describe Biden was, “a loser, dumb, and mentally weak” as he stated Tuesday, “I’d rather run against, I think, Biden than anybody. I think he’s the weakest mentally. The others have much more energy.”

Biden told the crowd on Tuesday he did not want to get in “a mud-wrestling match” with the president.

He made remarks during his speech, which led his supporters to believe he was not afraid to get his hands dirty. Biden took his shots with the changing climate and Trump’s skepticism by talking about the flooding in the Midwest, (“It’d be funny if it wasn’t so damaging”).

He also spoke on the Affordable Care Act stating the repeal has hurt Americans who were covered. He also threw in, “Trump is not only destroying American alliances but also he is petty and unfocused while doing so. He found time to go after Bette Midler, for God sakes in the middle of the D-Day ceremonies.”

Patti Durflinger, 61, was in the Biden crowd and she stated, “Biden needs to bring energy to the race, and he can only do so by campaigning more and bringing the fight to Trump. He’s got to get people riled up, too — he’s got to get people riled up as Trump did. We need the Democrats to come out. And I think he can be the man to do that. He just has to be here, show up.”


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