(POLL) Biden’s Mental Decline? Most Voters Believe He Is in Early Stages of Dementia

(POLL) Biden’s Mental Decline? Most Voters Believe He Is in Early Stages of Dementia

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the issues that are taking place with the Joe Biden campaign. For starters, anyone with eyes can see that he is clearly in a state of decline. He’s not running on all cylinders. The stuttering and stammering has gotten terrible. Yes, he’s always struggled with a stuttering problem but it’s hard to deny that it is getting worse and worse.

Completing a full sentence has become a problem for him. His focus drifts away from him during the most inopportune times. The gaffes are piling up and it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why. Biden is pushing 80 and he’s no longer a spring chicken. The younger version of him could have handled the campaign trail with ease.

This version of Biden, though? He cannot handle something as simple as a live stream from his own basement. The average voter cannot be led astray any longer. They all know what is going on and they are not scared to talk about it. If you take a closer look at the latest poll from Zogby, the vast majority of voters are under the belief that Biden is in the earliest stages of dementia.

The Zogby Poll®: A majority of voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia; 60% of younger voters think so; Swing voters less likely to think Biden has dementia

A majority (55%) of likely voters surveyed thought it was more likely (much more and somewhat more likely combined) that Vice President Biden is in the early stages of dementia, while 45% thought it was less likely (much less and somewhat less likely combined). Overall, subgroups who normally approve of Trump’s job as president, were the most likely to believe Biden could be suffering from dementia.

Thus, majorities of Republicans (77% more likely/23% less likely) and Independents (56% more likely/44% less likely) thought Joe Biden had early-onset dementia; while nearly a third of Democrats (32% more likely/68% less likely) thought this was the case

At the same time, some important subgroups did not believe the vice president was exhibiting a declining mental capacity. While a majority of men (60% more likely/40% less likely) thought it this was likely, women (50% more likely/50% less likely) were less likely to think that the vice president was in the early stages of dementia.

There was also an inverse relationship in the data between age and the likelihood of voters believing Biden had early-onset dementia, for example; as the age of voters increased the likelihood of voters believing Biden was exhibiting early-onset dementia decreased.

Younger voters aged 18-24 (60% more likely/40% less likely) and 18-29 (59% more likely/41% less likely) were more likely to believe Biden had dementia than older voters aged 65+ (50% more likely/50% less likely).

60 percent of younger voters have spoken but the swing voters are trying their best to keep the faith. It makes sense in a bizarre way. If you are not all the way sure about Trump, you would probably like to believe that the other candidate is not in the process of losing his marbles. Those who approve of the job that the current president is doing are not as likely to believe in Biden.

Democrats who were polled are not going along with the narrative. This is to be expected but they are nowhere near as likely to go along with the idea that Biden is losing his mind. He is the one who all of their hopes hinge on. Biden was the candidate who was worth kneecapping all of the other Democrats over. Sanders’ chance was taken away from him and so was Mayor Pete’s.

While Biden was supposed to be considered as the candidate who needed to be elevated because he was the most likely to be elected, the stats are not bearing that out. Trump is not sweating in the slightest. Sleepy Joe can try his best but we highly doubt that he has anything more than a puncher’s chance in the general election.

Men were also more likely than women to believe that his mental state is declining. The age of the voters also matters. The older voter is not as quick to believe that Biden’s mental capacity is diminished. Meanwhile, the younger voters have taken a more ruthless approach. Their future is at stake and it is easy to see why they would want to avoid the blithering octogenarian.

When there have been months of evidence to suggest that Biden is not all there, how can people possibly ignore what they are seeing? Biden cannot even manage to read through his own notes without losing his train of thought. The clip of him wearing the mask over his ear and not having any idea what is going on was another instant classic.

While there are plenty of people who are worried that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, we wonder how many people have skipped this stage and moved on to believe that he’s in the LATE stages. It’s the only reason that we can think of for his continued persistence. Either he doesn’t know better or he is pushed by people who are not thinking of his best interests.

Meanwhile, we are reminded of the times when the mainstream media wanted to make a huge deal out of Donald Trump’s mental health. He has never had these sorts of gaffes and lapses, though. Something is definitely not adding up here and we are tired of it.


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