Pritzker Bans Journalist Reporting on His Family’s Lockdown Violations

Pritzker Bans Journalist Reporting on His Family’s Lockdown Violations

Stories like these make us wonder who gets to decide on the legitimacy of a reporter. This question is heavy on our minds now that a lawsuit has been filed by the Salem Media Group. For those who are unaware, they are the parent company of the Townhall Media Group. The lawsuit has been filed against the Democratic governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzer.

Amy Jacobson has worked with the Salem Chicago affiliate in the past. As a reporter and radio host, she would regularly attend the governor’s COVID-19 briefings. She was one of the few who was willing to question the governor’s commerce and movement stances during the lockdown period. It did not take long before she was blocked from attending the briefings.

Salem Media Group is not about to accept this without a fight. They want Amy’s access restored immediately. The Liberty Justice Center is also on the case. The attorneys who are fighting on her behalf have demanded immediate restoration of her credentials. Pritzker’s argument against Amy Jacobson is definitely not a strong one.

Veteran Chicago journalist Amy Jacobson and the news station she reports for, Salem Media, have filed a federal lawsuit against Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker after he announced Jacobson is no longer allowed at his media briefings.

The lawsuit, Salem Media of Illinois, LLC v. Pritzker, was filed today in the Northern District of Illinois. Attorneys also are asking the court to take immediate action to allow Jacobson back into the press briefings. The lawsuit was filed by attorneys from the Liberty Justice Center, a public interest law firm that won the 2018 Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME.

He claims that she has attended rallies that are anti shutdown. She can no longer attend the briefings because this ‘fact’ is supposed to diminish her credibility. We suspect that this would not be an issue if she had not decided to challenge the governor in the past. Now, Pritzker wants any excuse that he can find to keep her away from his precious briefings.

It’s very telling how these incidents tend to be handled. If someone on the right is willing to exclude a leftist in this manner, they are told that they are racists who are silencing the truth. When the left bans the right? It turns into an entirely different issue. According to Pritzker, Jacobson is now considered to be an extremist.

What is he actually basing this on, though? All she did was attend a rally. She did not carry any signage that indicated an extreme position. Instead, she is being punished for the behaviors of others at this rally. In the wake of the violent Black Lives Matter protests that have caused the left to use the same excuse about non affiliated protesters using the rallies to promote their own agendas, this is especially interesting.

The peaceful protesters at these rallies want everyone to view their actions in a nuanced manner, right? That is what we have been led to believe. So where is the same nuance when it comes to this whole brouhaha? Jacobson should not have her credentials taken away from her for attending one rally and it does not matter how you slice it.

The real reason for Pritzker’s rage is a simple one. She was willing to report on his unwillingness to follow to stay at home orders that had been put into place. He and his family were traveling to all sorts of estates and jet setting in between Illinois and Florida. The stay at home orders that he wanted everyone else to follow did not apply to him.

Since his hypocrisy has been exposed, he is doing everything that he can to make sure that no one else learns about his misdeeds. You can only silence the truth for so long, though. Eventually, everything that you do in the dark will come to light. This is a lesson that the governor should have learned a very long time ago. Now, he is poised to learn it the hard way.

The governor’s attempt at paying back Jacobson for her audacity is as transparent as it gets. If elected officials like him were left to their own devices, they would never let anyone else speak. The leftists may act as if the Republicans are the ones who are trying to enact a dictatorship but they do not ever allow anyone to express an opinion that goes against their own. It’s quite the double standard and quite frankly, we are tired of it.


41 thoughts on “Pritzker Bans Journalist Reporting on His Family’s Lockdown Violations

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  2. It dosent matter that his family violated the lockdown only that they are imposing it on its citizens . There should be riots over that.

  3. Those healthy young people who believe that the Trump plague is no match for their immune system need to remember several things.
    1. You are infecting people when you have no symptoms at all. This includes your family and people who actually matter to other people even if they don’t to you.
    2. When you overestimate your immune system, or underestimate the plague, you wind up competing for a respirator and other materials needed by those who developed the disease because they were essential workers.
    3. You are endangering the medical workers who have to care for you and the people that you infect. They are already risking their lives. What right have you to add to their jeopardy because you need a haircut?
    4. Many viruses remain within the cells of your body. We don’t know that this is one of them, but it’s not unlikely. They wait there until your body’s immune system is no longer strong enough to keep them in check. That could happen when you are older, or in the car wreck you have next week. Then, with their new assistance, they come back in full force.
    My son is an RN. He treats Trump plague patients, and has watched them suffer greatly, then often die. He has assured me that there is no possibility of taking this thing too seriously. If you think a mask is a problem, you are not thinking this thing through clearly.

    1. Old Dianne: Just how often do you hear the “bump in the night”? I’m 72, had the dreaded China Plague in January, and GOT OVER IT with rest and relaxation. Of ALL the cases of “death according to COVID19”, 53% were people in assisted-living centers. That’s about 1.7% of our entire U.S. population! About 5.5M people! The remaining 47% was spread out among the rest of the population, around 330M people. Most of THOSE were persons who were immune compromised, and seriously. Next time. ask your son for the RED PILL. You’ll feel better about your life. M.A.G.A!

    2. Since when are patients of the Corona Virus “Trump’s plague”? President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with this virus invading this country or other parts of the world. How dare you lay this on him or his Administration. Yes, it is a bad virus, but so are a lot of other “plagues” we have had for which there was no shutdown of the economy. Let every person be responsible for him or herself, wear a mask or not, eat at a restaurant or not, attend a movie or not,. We don’t need the Government telling us what we can or can’t do, where we can or cannot go. Some Leftist Democrat Governors set themselves up as Gods and threatened anyone who didn’t follow their directives. Surely some of them will lose their next election.

  4. Here we go again, the Dems feigning their role as the righteous good guys…. Just proves how bogus they really are. Pritzker… Never would vote for him…. He’s turned Illinois up-side down to his own advantage… Hey Pritzker, how’s that multi-million dollar estate fix up your doing in Wisconsin turning out? Sure you have padded your pockets pretty well since entering office. And oh yeah…. How about that place in Florida? Don’t you live the elitist life… sure you feel entitled to it… all the B.S. you spewed over the media was disgusting to say the least… just a bunch of political lies. Your job was bought and paid for by lobbyists….. You’re just a criminal at heart ain’t ya! LOL!!!

  5. What’s good for me, is not good for thee, this is what people who voted for him get, is this what you idiots want for your families and future generations to be treated like subjects by an Egotistical, Egomaniacal ,Narcissistic, Communist, Fascist, tyrannical dictator jackass, if so then keep voting dummierats into office and that is what you will get!!! If you believe in LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, then let’s have a RED WAVE TSUNAMI and destroy the demoncRat party and take back our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as FREE CITIZENS, remember AN ARMED PERSON IS A CITIZEN, AN UNARMED PERSON IS A SUBJECT!! GO TRUMP GO TO THE RESCUE!!!

  6. Out this GIANT HIPPOPOTAMUS in JAIL until he come up for his TRIAL ! BETWEEN Pritzker (D) of ILLINOIS and DOG FACE HORSE SOLDIER (D) of MI are required by LAW that they do the samething
    that is set out for the STATE of Michigan residents to do . The DERANGED LOWLIFE GOVERNOR of Michigan goes out on a Weekend Boat Outing and HIPPOPOTAMUS GOVERNOR from Illinois goes out on a Weekend Picnic with his Family. So both HYPOCRITES .com ILLINOIS and MICHIGAN needs to RESIGN and BANISHED from their GOVERNORSHIPS and pay the PRICE.

  7. I’m so afraid if PRESIDENT TRUMP don’t hurry up and do something he’s gonna mess around and lose. Go back to your old way’s of doing thing’s. That is why people were backing you.

    1. All Pritzker is is a little rich boy. Never had to work for anything & always had mommy or daddy take care of things. Which is why he blames everyone else when he’s confronted with problems or issues. He just expects someone to take care of stuff so he can take credit. People he appoints are also useless
      Kelly of the State Police has totally screwed up the State Police. He’s always in Springfield playing politics & lying about what’s actually going on. Whomever was brought on to fix the unemployment fiasco didn’t change anything for the better. The progressive income tax we vote on in Nov. will destroy Illinois. There are many provisions in there that will let dictator Pritzker raise taxes at his discretion. We all saw how he went power happy with the covid. He’s the worst thing to happen for Illinois since Mike Madigan.
      Thank you for your “leadership” Pritzker, NOT!!

  8. That phony no neck fat ass better have another $100M to throw away to get even close in the next election because Madigan will be in jail by then.

  9. Mr. Piggly we have to see how CORRUPT YOU ARE! Stay out of other peoples business. Now I know what you do the most—feed that FAT FACE OF YOURS. Must have special furniture since you are so FAT & have a hard time getting thru the doors. Heaven forbid the cars you have must almost sit to the ground when you get in.

  10. Nobody better vote for that fat ass including the mayor again. This Saga better end. We have nothing but GANGSTERS in Illinois/Chicago.

  11. Maybe I will be lucky to read in the paper that Pritzker CAUGHT the coronavirus with a terminal result. Just like the marchers and other troublemakers wrecking American cities, and their corrupt supporters in Congress like Nancy Pelosi.

    Heil Pritzker, arbeit macht frei……

  12. this is one fat fake useless piece of crap! He’s madigans boy from the word go! He tried to buy his way into obamas job when he left but must not have offered bagobitch enough cause he didn’t get it! He passed out one hell of a lot of money and 2 hundred tons of pure democrat Mouth music and B/S to dupe chicago into voting him in. Because no one south of cook county voted for him. Stupid a holes got rid of a governor that actually tried but couldn’t do much because of the “Nancy Pelosi” clone in the democratic house blocked every thing he tried! And the first thing this bloated fat hog does is spend money the coffers don’t have so he begins to screw the citizens of the state by jacking prices on every thing he can think of and still is going to BORROW over a BILLION dollars to pay for some of the crap he has started and now has backed himself into a corner because he doesn’t have the money that was never there to start with! This one is really an INTELLECT! Do hope chicago is really proud of their choice!

    1. Finding other places to gouge us. Lastt license plate renewal = $101
      This year = $151. Haven’t even seen a word from the media about it.
      Seems to be flying under the radar. We need new radar. Check what
      you are spending for anything from the state. Bet it is more han i used
      to be – by a LARGE amount.

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