Proof Pelosi and Schumer Walk Out was Staged

Proof Pelosi and Schumer Walk Out was Staged

Mark Levin began his show LevinTV talking about the temper tantrum Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer had as they walked out on President Trump in a meeting.  The temper tantrum is that of a two-year-old who doesn’t get their way in life.  So far, Democrats have only burned themselves in the process of trying to remove President Donald Trump, and they are staging acts that would only come out of a Hollywood movie.  Mark Levin goes where many are afraid to speak up because he understands and knows all about the skits these idiots pull.  Levin goes into detail on how the walkout was staged.

Levin stated, “I’ve had several discussions with the president over the course of a few years, and he’s a kibitzer, and he jokes and he needles, and as I wasn’t there, but Kevin McCarthy and a number of Republicans were there, and they say it was Schumer and Pelosi, particularly Pelosi, who was rude to the president.”  He also stated, “Schumer and Pelosi are each a serial pathological liar.  So even some of the Democrats stayed behind. And yet Pelosi and Schumer walked out. That’s how I know it’s staged, or all the Democrats would have walked out. But the media love it.” Leave it to the media…

No one knows exactly what happened behind closed doors, but the media always acts as they do.  The only ones who do know what happened are those in the room.  Since it was the Democrats who walked out, the ball was in their court when the media took hold of the story, true or not.  And guess who was outside waiting with their cameras and recorders, the press.  Most people who follow the Democrats blindly will take the hook, line, and sinker into the depths of lies.

We have learned a lot about President Trump over these short years.  If he is attacked, he will defend himself.  He has every right to.  Yes, President Trump is blunt and to the point.  He says many things sarcastically in which Liberal crybabies take to heart.  But we can bank on if he said anything harshly, it was because Pelosi and Schumer started the ruckus.  McCarthy stated it is that way every day.  Levin has criticized McCarthy heavily in the past. Still, he has come around to respecting McCarthy as he defends President Trump in these situations.  McCarthy described Pelosi’s actions as “unacceptable” in the meeting.

Pelosi came out saying how President Trump had a “meltdown.”  Every day there is something new they come up with.  There is so much corruption in their stories, they can’t even get their stories straight.  Schumer said Trump called them a “communist,” and Pelosi said the “president did not say that.”  They were standing side by side while the media was interviewing them after they walked out like a bunch of morons.  Tomorrow and the next day it will be something else.  It always is.

Since the day President Trump took office, it was always Pelosi and Schumer who plotted against the president.  Everything was staged from the elections, collusion with Russia, the FBI, the Mueller reports, the so-called Ukraine scandal, impeachment inquiries, and now the so-called “meltdown of the president.”  When will it all end?  As long as those two numbskulls are in power, it will never end.  There is a petition going around to have Pelosi impeached.  Many would say just clean house and start all over again.  Sometimes we feel that would be the best way.  Rest assured, President Trump will have his day of victory over Pelosi and Schumer just as he did over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections.

Don’t think for one minute Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a say in all of this.  She is still working behind the scenes, along with former President Obama.  It even has a nice ring to it.  “FORMER” President Obama, and “NO SHOW” Hillary Clinton who could not win their own rigged election!  Too bad they are still running the show behind the scenes along with George Soros and all the evil Democrats who are plotting to take down this country.  That is why they hate President Trump so bad and continue to perform these evil skits with the media as their puppets.  We all know they cannot control this president, and they never will.  With every step they take to try and remove President Trump, they will be the ones removed before too long!


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