Rand Paul’s Wife Shames the Liberals

Rand Paul has been on the receiving end of way too many threats to his life – and the life of his family. Yet, no one seems to be doing anything about it.

Well, Rand Paul’s wife has something to say about it. And she’s shaming all of the liberals in the process.

There have been countless liberals who have actually supported violence against the Paul family. Enough is enough.

It was only last week that the Senator received a suspicious package of white powder along with a violent threat. It’s being investigated by the FBI.

The Republican politician from Kentucky has had the wind knocked out of him. Actually, that’s quite literally. In 2019, he was violently attacked by a neighbor who was a Democrat. The attack was so severe that it required surgery on some of his lung.

Now, it seems that everyone wants to celebrate this attack. Kelley Paul decided that it was time to call out some of the specific offenders – Bette Midler and Richard Marx to name a few. Though it seems that a Democratic PAC is to blame, too.

Even a former Teacher of the Year decided to call the neighbor who attacked Paul a hero.

Kelley Paul took to Twitter to say that “I am sick of the hatred and vitriol from people who boast their ‘empathy and compassion’ in their bios.” She believes that her husband stands up for constitutionally protected liberties.

Paul also has a message for anyone who is planning an attack: “We won’t be intimidated. And yes, we have guns.”

She finds it disgusting that people like Bette Midler could actually cheer on the horrific attack. Others have called for Mitch McConnell’s neighbors to ‘step up’ so that he, too, can be violently attacked.

What is wrong with our society?

Richard Marx has gone beyond simply cheering. He’s inciting more violence. He’s even said, “My wish for 2021 is that Rand Paul’s neighbor moves next door to Ted Cruz.”

Are any of the liberals in Congress coming forward to do anything about this? Absolutely not.

At the very least, members of the Democratic Party should be condemning such tweets from Midler and Marx. Instead, they’re letting it all slide. They find it amusing. And if the tweets can encourage a few vocal members of the GOP to get clubbed on their way into Congress, all the better, right?

It also proves that Biden’s call for unity throughout his presidential campaign and during his inauguration was all talk.

There’s no way to achieve unity when there are tweets being spread to call for neighbors of GOP politicians to be violently beaten. Unity only exists when there’s tolerance on both sides.

And since no one is coming to the aid of the Paul Family, Kelley Paul is taking care of the problem on her own. She’s highlighting the issues. She’s letting everyone know just what happened to Rand and what has been going on. And, she’s not afraid of calling the liberals out on all of their nonsense.

This has to stop.

And, yet, it won’t.

The only way it would stop is if such a thing were happening to a member of the Democratic Party. Imagine what would have happened if Pelosi’s neighbor beat the crap out of her. Imagine what the liberals would be saying if celebrities were calling for more attacks on Pelosi.

The liberals are in it only for themselves.

And if innocent people are beaten senseless in the process, so be it.

This is our reality. This is the Biden administration’s America. And if you’re not absolutely terrified of what might come next, you should be.


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