Rep. Rashida Tlaib Proclaims “I’m More Palestinian in Congress Than Anywhere”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Proclaims “I’m More Palestinian in Congress Than Anywhere”

Along with fellow new U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat – Minnesota, Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat – Michigan, has created controversy at every turn since becoming a Congresswoman.

The latest disturbing development involving Tlaib involves a video from a recent speech she made to the extreme-left Michigan Coalition for Human Rights.

In it, the Congresswoman proclaims she feels more Palestinian in the U.S. Congress than she does anywhere else in the world.

At the event, according to TheBlaze, Tlaib said, “Honestly, I’ve never felt more Palestinian than I ever felt in Congress. Even in Palestine when I’m visiting my grandmother, I’m more Amrikiin, American, to the Palestinians.

But I’m more Palestinian in the halls of Congress than I am anywhere in the country, in the world. And that just tells you just the fact that they weren’t ready for us. They really weren’t.”

The Congresswoman proudly celebrates her Palestinian heritage. However, TheBlaze reports that she frequently rejects Jewish colleagues and supporters of Israel’s rights to do the same thing.

In fact, the “Palestinian-American” Congresswoman has accosted her colleagues in Congress who support America’s strong ally Israel for having dual loyalties.

This far too common anti-Semitic accusation claims Jews aren’t loyal enough to America.

Throughout her short tenure in Congress, much of Tlaib’s focus has been on two key issues.

She’s been a stalwart advocate of Palestinian causes. The Michigan Congresswoman has also mounted repeated, and failed, attempts to create a coalition willing to start the impeachment process against President Donald J. Trump.

On her first day on Capital Hill, Tlaib showed her true colors by ripping a picture of a map of Israel off of her wall.

According to the Conservative Review, the freshman Representative “placed a so-called correction on the map in her office, replacing the sovereign state of Israel with a post-it note that says ‘Palestine’ on it.”

Reportedly, Tlaib has also showed support for the BDS movement. This initiative seeks the destruction of Israel.

While striving to further Palestinian causes in Congress, Tlaib has been seen with some rather interesting allies. Her picture is often taken with the heads of Islamic groups and activists of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Like BDS, these groups also desire Israel’s downfall. A mere few days ago, Tlaib allegedly welcomed yet another terrorist-linked advocate to Capital Hill.

In March of 2019, Tlaib claimed she was a victim of bullying when someone left her a Post-It note imploring her to “stop the Jew hatred.”

In a tweet about the incident, the Michigan Congresswoman remarked, “This is the hateful rhetoric & bullying on my door today.

Stop the fear mongering & blatant lies. Come here w/the value that all beings deserve human rights, including Palestinians. @IlhanMN & I fight for equality & justice for all.

There’s nothing antisemitic about that!”

The freshman Congresswoman, like her colleague Omar, is a stalwart supporter of the Hamas-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR. She reportedly frequently criss-crosses the country on CAIR’s national fundraising circuit when she’s not on Capital Hill.

According to TheBlaze, “It appears to be something of a quid pro quo, as the Michigan congresswoman received massive donations from individuals associated with CAIR and other Islamist organizations.”

While speaking to a crowd of supporters just hours after being sworn into Congress, Tlaib promised to go in and impeach Trump.

In her remarks, the freshman Congresswoman called the President a hateful expletive. Not backing down from her use of foul language to describe Trump, Tlaib said she would “always speak truth to power” according to Fox News.

In late March of this year, the freshman Congresswoman introduced a congressional resolution “inquiring whether the House of Representatives should impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America.”

Unfortunately for Tlaib, “The timing could not be worse, as the resolution was introduced just after Special Counsel Robert Mueller exonerated President Trump of unproven conspiracies — which were spawned by the Hillary Clinton campaign — that he conspired with the Kremlin to win the 2016 election” according to TheBlaze.


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