Reverend Al Sharpton For President?

Reverend Al Sharpton For President?

With the Democratic presidential field being so crowded, it’s hard to believe that anyone else would consider adding their name to the roster. However, several are, including the infamous Reverend Al Sharpton.

Yes, the world’s most hated member of the church has made comments about the possibility of joining the 2020 presidential race. According to a recent interview with Buzzfeed on the topic, Sharpton said, “I never rule anything out.”

A Democratic aide close to the situation told the press that the possibility is quite real. He said that the reverend “thinks some of the candidates are low-key racist, and he’s thinking about calling it out on the stage.” Not that he has any room to talk.

The aide continued, saying, “He (Sharpton) told me they’ve got a white woman who pretended to be Indian, they got a white dude who changed his name to Beto to seem Hispanic, and some prosecutor who pretends to be black.”

Who knows if he will actually run or not, though? Politicians and those who want to try their hand at it are well known for giving vague statements and answers all the time. Some say he will; others aren’t so certain. And with this particular politician, you just never know what he might have up his sleeve.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time the reverend has put his hat in the ring for the presidency. Back in 2004, he ran for the Democratic nomination. But he only won 26 delegates during his campaign and so eventually dropped out.

To further muddy the waters of a possible presidential run is the fact that the last time he tried this, he was charged with misusing federal funds and had to pay the government back around $100,000. Apparently, he didn’t see anything wrong with taking his donors money and using it for personal expenses during his campaign. I wonder if those supporters felt the same way.

Whatever the case, it is unlikely he will get very far down the road toward the White House. For starters, there are far too many controversies over his past and current views.

And secondly, it’s a little late to be entering the ring. Both the first and second democratic primary debates have come and gone, as has a vast majority of the time needed to build a good rapport with communities of the nation. The election itself takes place in just over a year from now, leaving very little time to get his ducks in a row both in the polls and donations.

However, winning the presidency, or even the Democratic nomination, may not really be his primary goal anyway. As I mentioned before, his game may just be to call out his opponents. And in the past, he has admitted to this exact reason when asked about other political campaigns he was to run. According to him, sometimes raising new and vital questions, as well as upsetting the debates and other candidates a bit is reason enough. If he can do that, he would probably still call it a successful campaign.

And who are we to say that his running wouldn’t be a good thing? If he really has it mind to upset his opponents and call out individual Democratic candidates, why say no to that?

After all, it’s not like Sharpton is going to win, so we might as well let him take out some of the competition for us. Let him do his worst to knock the others out of the ring. Let him show the world just what kind of phonies these people are. Prove to all of us that they are not what our nation wants or needs right now or ever.

After the dust settles, the field will be littered with the remnants of campaigns too damaged to continue. The only ones left will be those who Sharpton didn’t think even worth his time to attack, and they will be in no shape to best President Trump either.

So, with all things considered, go ahead and run, Reverend!


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