Russian Sanctions

Russian Sanctions

Russia is working behind the scenes to strengthen its hold on Europe and Asian countries. They have placed missile interceptor technology in Turkey and somehow persuaded them to give up western alliances. And now they are working on building a natural gas pipeline that would stretch from Russia to Germany.

Russia is seeking to flood Europe with its natural gas exports and make them all dependent on the Russian supply. In a way, if the countries of Europe did not comply with Russian demands they would shut off the supply of natural gas.

The United States Senate has rushed to create a bill that would punish companies that are dealing with Russia and building their pipeline for them. The pipeline is a huge project that runs underwater. It will bring natural gas to Germany.

The sanctions that would be placed on the companies working on the project would feel the effect of the sanctions. The sanctions are meant to encourage the companies to stop contracting with Russia to build their pipeline.

Ted Cruz is the man that is leading the way for the new United States defense policy bill. He and another Senator are in favor of placing the sanctions. The Russian attempt to build the pipeline has a major cost of $11 billion. It is being called Nord Stream 2 project. A billion-dollar effort to link two continents together. Russia only has control in mind as they push for the project to be completed.

The natural gas that would be piped into Germany would most certainly derail energy production in Europe. Senator Jim Risch has stated that “the sanctions will prevent the project’s completion and are an ‘important tool to counter Russia’s malign influence and to protect the integrity of Europe’s energy sector.’” The pipeline bypasses several countries which will help keep the cost of delivery down. The path of the pipeline takes it under the Baltic Sea. This path leads directly to Germany. This path is not the best route to take because it will cause other nations to lose a lot of money in transportation income.

The power that Russia would have over Europe is alarming to President Trump. Russia would be very influential in the region for years to come. During the Cold, War Russia tried to control Europe through communism. The United States is the only thing that stood in their way. Russia is seeking to expand its power like they tried to do years ago. Except in a different fashion. Total domination is no longer an option, but it certainly can have a dominant influence in the area.

Germany has stood against the United States and the sanctions saying the sanctions are nothing more than outside interference. They simply do not want to see America influencing the west parts of Europe any longer. The state of the economy in Europe could end up slowing the project down to a crawl. The sanctions would be a sure way to put the brakes on the project assuming the economy dives into the near future.

The bill that the Senate almost unanimously approved would target companies working near Denmark. The bill is fairly specific as to which companies would be targeted. Great effort has been made to locate and target the companies defying all reason and helping the Russians.

The U.S. secretary of state would have to start the process by providing a report on all the vessels that are helping build the pipeline. All the companies on the list would be placed on a blacklist which means no one from the United States could transact business with them. The only way to come off the list would be to stop working on the pipeline.

Construction on the pipeline is set to start in 2020. This gives the United States plenty of time to organize a response to the efforts to take over the energy market by the Russians. There is no reason for the construction of the pipeline except that Russia is expanding its influence to the rest of the region.


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