San Fran Official Is Arrested for Corruption

San Fran Official Is Arrested for Corruption

Keeping the streets clean is obviously a harder job than most would expect, especially in San Francisco. The one the city tasked with the job was recently arrested for corruption by the FBI.

Mohammed Nuru was the Public Works Director for San Francisco. He’s currently being held on $2 million bail for the FBI’s charges.

Nuru is apparently not a man of his word. With a moniker of “Mr. Clean SF” on Twitter, one would expect him to have the clean act down. However, he had agreed to cooperate with the investigation back in January, violated the agreement, and found himself re-arrested.

In order to get the job done around Nuru, he felt the need to get his hands dirty. He’s been accused of accepting lavish gifts from a developer, offering a bribe, and supplying a friend with inside information.

The FBI has quite a collection of evidence against the Public Works Director, including what was obtained from FBI wiretaps and undercover agents.

Nuru was overseeing the “poop patrol” to get fecal matter cleaned up off the streets of the city. It had become an epidemic while also causing the city to be the laughing stock of the rest of the country.

Nuru had been in charge of the department since 2012, overseeing a budget of $312 million. Once the charges were revealed to the public, he was placed on administrative leave.

It seems everything about California is filthy these days, and much of this is attributed to the number of Democrats in charge within the state. After all, Nancy Pelosi is the Representative of the 12th District in California, which means that she represents about 80 percent of the city of San Francisco. Yes, that means that the Speaker of the House can’t seem to keep her own city from swimming in poop yet she continues to target Trump for crimes that he hasn’t committed.

Perhaps if Pelosi spent more time in her district than trying to accuse Trump of things he hasn’t done, there wouldn’t be as much corruption happening. Then again, it’s entirely possible that Nuru learned about how to be corrupt from his fellow politicians. Pelosi is, after all, part of the swamp that Trump has been trying to drain out of DC.

With Nuru sitting in jail on bail of $2 million, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be bailed out any time soon. With the Public Works Director out of commission for a little while, the pile-up of fecal matter is likely going to continue once again. As for why there is so much fecal matter that needs to be cleaned up, that’s attributed to the growing homeless problem.

Since Pelosi is too busy in Capitol Hill with the impeachment to watch over officials like Nuru, it could be up to the governor to do something about it. Gavin Newsom is one of the far-left problem Dems that the state has to deal with, however. Rather than deal with things like poop flooding the streets of San Fran, he’d rather deal with more pressing legislation, such as legalizing roadkill to be consumed by residents. After all, there must be millions within the state who have been lobbying for that one.

The level of corruption Mohammed Nuru was involved in had to be extensive enough for the FBI to get involved. They don’t set up wiretaps and undercover agents because of a fast, under-the-table bribe or accepting the occasional fruit basket from a developer. No, it’s suspected that Nuru was into some serious levels of corruption in order to get the FBI involved. Plus, a $2 million bail is sure to keep him in place while he awaits his trial.

Nuru probably isn’t the only one that’s guilty of corruption, either. The FBI has not commented about whether they are investigating anyone else, though an entrepreneur and friend to Nuru was also arrested by the FBI at the same time. As such, they were likely working together in order to work the system.

California is in need of a serious cleanse since everyone hired to get the city cleaned up, quite literally, keeps failing the system. From the US Representative who would rather spend her days figuring out how to hold onto impeachment articles than to clean up her city to the guy who identifies himself as Mr. Clean becoming guilty of corruption, the city is a mess. What they really need is a Republican who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty to go in and give the people of the state a fighting chance at living in a place that isn’t overrun by poop, both figuratively and literally.



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