Schiff Back Peddles on Whistleblower Being Interviewed By Congress

Schiff Back Peddles on Whistleblower Being Interviewed By Congress

From the very beginning, Adam Schiff (D-Calif) was excited about the whistleblower because he thought it would be the surefire way to impeach Trump. With so much information coming out about the whistleblower only having secondhand information and having political bias, the Democratic Representative has been coming under a lot of fire.

Now, Schiff is back peddling. He made the comment on “Face the Nation” that it might not be necessary to have the whistleblower appear before the House Intelligence Committee. This is a complete 180-degree turn from just a few days ago when Schiff was ready to have him testify against Trump regarding the call made with President Zelensky of Ukraine.

Schiff is, of course, trying to save face. However, no one is buying it. He’s touting the reasons that we already knew. He’s said that it might not be necessary since there is already a call record. Further, the whistleblower wasn’t on the call.

There’s one big problem, though. If the whistleblower doesn’t testify before Congress, we won’t get to meet who this CIA analyst is. Since there’s a lot of speculation as to whether Schiff created this whistleblower himself, and didn’t provide contact details to his office, it would be a shame if America can’t get to meet the whistleblower.

Schiff identifying that it might not be necessary to have the whistleblower testify does beg a few other questions. The biggest is: what are the Democrats going to do about the impeachment inquiry? Supposedly, the whistleblower complaint was one of the biggest components of their inquiry. With that being eliminated, do they still have a case against the President? One would typically say no, but there have been no signs that the Dems are backing down at this time.

Schiff has said that the primary focus is to protect the whistleblower – and any other whistleblowers who may decide to come forward. He also talks about wanting to gather up as much evidence as possible. What evidence that is, however, is anyone’s guess. Since he identifies that they have the call record, there is no record of any wrongdoing on Trump’s part. The transcript has been released – and Trump does not withhold any military support to Ukraine in exchange for opening up an investigation into the Bidens. What kind of evidence is Schiff looking to find?

Margaret Brennan didn’t ask Schiff too many questions when he was on “Face the Nation.” Instead of asking about interactions with the whistleblower, she simply asked if he regretted saying that he hadn’t spoken directly to the whistleblower in an interview last month. Schiff responded with “we would love to talk directly” with that person. He has also said that he should have been clearer with the contacts his office has had with the whistleblower.

Schiff is blaming his story change on the notion that Trump is threatening the whistleblower. This is because Trump has questioned whether the whistleblower is a spy and traitor – which he has every right to question since the whistleblower is essentially the accuser that Trump would ultimately face during the impeachment proceedings.

At one point, House Dems were even thinking about disguising the whistleblower to ensure that Republicans wouldn’t leak the identity to the press. One Republican said that Schiff is simply “laying the groundwork” to identify that the whistleblower isn’t going to testify and to blame that on the Republicans.

As many Republicans have pointed out, the way that Schiff has changed his mind about everything is extremely questionable. Many wonder if Schiff not wanting the whistleblower to testify any longer is because he will have to reveal a variety of details – including how he has been cooperating with Representative Adam Schiff.

The House Dems are still working hard toward impeachment. Now that Congress is almost back from a two-week recess, their goal is to push forward in order to have an impeachment in place by Thanksgiving. However, if they’re not going to have the whistleblower testimony, they may not have as much information as they want in order to form a strong case. They also have to take into consideration that Zelensky himself has come forward to identify that he didn’t feel pressured in any way.

This whole “quid pro quo” aspect that the Dems are using in order to push Trump into an impeachment inquiry is ridiculous. With Schiff now changing his attitude on the testimony of the whistleblower, it brings up more questions than answers – and there are many Republicans who are demanding answers to figure out exactly what’s happening.


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