School Seeks to Give Kids All Passing Grades for Doing Nothing in the Classroom

The college classroom is more than a place of learning. It is where students interact and challenge each other to think above and beyond what they would otherwise do. It is a place where they can grow.

Students are demanding to be able to return in person so they can get on with their lives. But the school is telling them that they cannot come, and they must continue to learn online. But that method of learning has led to many students falling behind and unable to turn work in on time because the lack of accountability is missing that they would have had in the classroom.

The school sees itself as some educational god that will pass students who have failed to turn in their work. They will be allowed to turn in their work, or the teacher will give them a grade known as a “fallback” grade.

Instead of holding the students to a higher standard, they are lowing the bar to pass them through. The reason behind their grace is because of the virus.

The school wants the tuition money, so they are willing to pass students and give them a sheet of paper that tells them they have an education when they have not even completed the work.

IIia Murtaxashvili is a professor at the school. He stated that “You need to recognize that what constitutes ‘A’ work in the pandemic is different from what constitutes ‘A’ work in normal times.”

His assessment of the problem is off by a lot because the material has not changed, and neither has the requirements—the way of learning changed, which was still enough to let any disciplined student finish the coursework.

He thinks that people cannot have theirs lives in order after a viral attack on the planet. The truth is that life does not stop, and most people continued on the best way they could.

Another teacher named Chris Bonneau stated that “As an instructor, I can say, ‘Well look, you’ve done 80% of the work in the class, so if for whatever reason you can’t complete it, then your ‘G’ grade will revert to a ‘C’ as opposed to a ‘no grade.” As if being a teacher makes him an expert on human laziness and behaviorisms.

The liberals teach that people should get things for nothing. Passing a student during a challenging time does nothing to help them to learn how to work through trying times. There were plenty of students that finished everything on time. It is unfair to have others slacked off passed and given a diploma for doing only half of the work.

And there are even more people at the University that believes the students should have to turn nothing in at all. Tyler Vilijaste is one of those Student Government Board President members that stress. “This seems like an already inadequate solution and it’s not addressing the needs of students, it’s not really promoting this (remote/in-person hybrid) [email protected] model that a lot of us were anticipating and hoping for. It puts a lot more burden on the students during an already stressful time.”

Two issues are not being addressed. Some students are lazy and believe they should be given things that they did not earn. And the school is still hiding behind the virus and keeping the students from learning in person.

The teachers think they know all the answers. But they are missing that the point that many other students have finished their work and do not deserve to be punished by the lower of the academic bar because a few other students were lazy and missed turning in their work.


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