Senator Scott Expresses His Frustration Over Dem’s Obstruction of Police Reform

Senator Scott Expresses His Frustration Over Dem’s Obstruction of Police Reform

Republican Senator Tim Scott has had enough of the Democrats and he’s not going to be silent any longer. Scott is looking to push a police reform bill through. Unfortunately, the Republicans have been blocking it every step of the way. They do not want to allow it to be pushed through and Scott is tired of the antics.

The Democrats are too busy donning kente cloth to actually care about real reform. The liberals tend to be more into the virtue signaling aspect of things. As long as they can wear an article of clothing that shows how much they care without actually having to care, they are all for it. That’s why they blocked the vote with a 55-45 vote.

The procedural vote took place without any sort of debate. Anti lynching legislation was included in Scott’s proposed bill, in addition to a notification act. This act is supposed to put a stop to the same sort of no-knock police warrants that have cost so many citizens their lives. It wasn’t important enough to the Democrats, though.

They would rather drag this process out for as long as possible. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed for the vote on Monday, which would have needed at least 60 votes to continue moving forward. Scott blasted the Democrats for their actions, claiming that they do not care about the poor communities of America in the manner that they say they do.

He pointed out something very important. These communities have all been led by Democrats for some time now. The necessary changes are not actually being made. That’s why Scott is willing to roll up his sleeves and compete for votes, if need be. This is the last thing that the Democrats want to hear about.

This is a political party that believes they are the true progressives, by sheer virtue of not being Republican. What are they going to do when the Republicans are no longer willing to play into this narrative? The Democrats want everyone to think that police reform is the most important thing to them but in reality?

They are more worried about using these sorts of bills as a way of squeezing in whatever additional provisions mean most. We’ve known about Nancy Pelosi and her cronies for too long now. Pelosi never misses a chance to grandstand and delay a bill, if it aligns with whatever narrative she is trying to push that week.

Scott has provided us with a must-watch moment here. It’s time for the Democrats to start living up to the outlandish promises that they are constantly making to the poor communities they love pandering to. People are not going to remain complicit any longer. The lying needs to stop now. At least there is one Republican out there who is still ready to tell the truth at a moment’s notice.

It is hard to believe that the Democrats are actually searching for a solution right now. From where we are sitting, it looks an awful lot like they simply want a problem with the Republicans. Even if the two parties are in agreement on something, they will still find a way to make things difficult. It’s what they do best.

Plus, we are in an election year, so you know the Democrats are looking to create a maximum level of chaos. The orange man is still bad and they will continue to try to use that as their primary platform. It will be tough for Biden and company to act like they have the best interests of the rest of the country at heart when the Democrats are blocking timely legislation.

Maybe Pelosi is holding up the bill to see if she can get some provisions that will allow her to look like the hero. We do not put anything past her at this point. At this point, we might be better off doing nothing at all. Any bill approved by the Democrats is sure to be a lost cause.


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