Sick Teen, Greta Thunberg Being Abused by Climate Activists

Sick Teen, Greta Thunberg Being Abused by Climate Activists

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who has become famous for “raising awareness” about the dangers of climate change. After touring Europe, conducting her children’s crusade, she has taken her act to America, having crossed the Atlantic in a solar-powered, carbon-free boat on a voyage that took over two weeks. Ironically, the people who organized the crossing is flying a crew over from Europe to take the boat back, which would seem to obviate the carbon neutrality of the voyage.

While climate change activists are hailing the arrival of their prophetess with the same zeal that some people regarded that advent of Daenerys Targaryen to the magical, war-torn land of Westeros, the Washington Examiner notes the dark side of her story.

“The case of Greta Thunberg is even more egregious. Thunberg began suffering from depression as a child, by her own admission, in part because she learned about climate change at age eight. She was later diagnosed with autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder and gradually became despondent as she obsessed over her fear of climate change. She developed mutism and an eating disorder so severe that she once went two months without food, and she stopped going to school. Her only sibling, a sister named Beata, also suffers from Asperger’s and OCD, as well as ADHD.

“Now tell me, does it seem healthy to place a child with this many mental illnesses under the spotlight of public scrutiny, with a sole focus on the very phenomenon and associated alarmism that triggered her in the first place?”

The Washington Examiner piece concludes that Greta’s parents and the climate warriors who are enabling them are engaged in child abuse. The moral thing to do, according to outside observers, would be to place the 16-year-old girl under the care of mental health professionals, not to risk destroying her, even for the cause of saving the planet from climate change.

Greta’s admirers are undeterred by the spectacle. According to a story in Gizmodo, she was greeted upon her arrival in New York with the same enthusiasm as the Beatles were fifty-five or so years ago. The crowd, many of whom were young people like Greta, cheered her.

“As the boat drew closer, the gather took on more of a raucous playoff game. Many onlookers broke out into song and waved their hellos as the Malizia II neared the dock like a scene out of Victorian times. And during a brief press conference with Thunberg in full racing yacht gear, when she lost her thread while addressing the gathering, someone in the audience screamed, ‘We love you, Greta,’ as the crowd broke out into cheers.

“Even with a microphone, Thunberg’s voice still had to battle against the cacophony of fossil fuel-powered boats prowling New York Harbor. In some ways, it was the perfect metaphor for what a growing cadre of youth activists is up against. The inescapable grind of capitalism, founded on fossil fuel-based growth, has pushed us to the brink. Now, youth activists are pushing back.”

Some have compared Greta-mania to the 15 minutes of fame enjoyed, and inflicted on the rest of the world, by David Hogg, a student, and survivor of the Parkland school shooting. Hogg took to Twitter and rose a wave of fame and adulation, demanding gun control, even speaking at a rally that took place in Washington D.C. After over a year of pestering adults, Hogg’s ability to create headlines and social media activity began to fade. Recently, he was compelled to demand his supporters to deliver his body to the steps of the National Rifle Association headquarters in the event he is shot to death.

Hogg has been driven by ego and teenage insolence. Greta Thunberg has more serious problems. The Climate Change skeptic blog Watts Up With That notes that the girl’s mental health problems are very severe. She claims to be able to see carbon dioxide in the air, billowing out of chimneys and hovering over landfills. Since the climate change community insists we should listen to the scientists, it should be noted that CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas. It is physically impossible for any human being to see the gas.

The notion that Greta thinks she can see carbon dioxide suggests she suffers from a kind of psychosis that needs treatment, not encouragement. But, as the Washington Examiner notes, she deserves pity, not mockery. Her story is the slow-motion destruction of a child in service of the political ambitions of adults, as bad in its own way as anything Jefferey Epstein did.


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