Smollett’s Frivolous Lawsuit Against City of Chicago Dismissed

Smollett’s Frivolous Lawsuit Against City of Chicago Dismissed

While Jussie Smollett may have a number of powerful friends in the world of Hollywood, they have been unable to help him out of the current jam he’s in. After being exposed for lying about a hate crime and getting the charges dropped, you would think that he would be laying low. Instead, he decided that it was time to sue the city of Chicago.

He believed that members of their police department had engaged in malicious prosecution. Smollett also asked for his legal fees to be returned to him and was even requesting additional damages. This case was not exactly moving quickly and now it has run its course. A federal judge that was asked to take a look at the case has thrown it out for the moment.

Judge Virginia Kendall is not going to be closing the door on the case entirely but this a major blow for Smollett. She ruled that he would not be able to prove that there was any form of malicious prosecution until the resolution of all the charges against him. It may seem like there is a glimmer of hope but in reality, this means that the case he was trying to build is essentially over.

We highly doubt that anyone is going to be crying any tears for him anytime soon. No one likes to be lied too and his story never made much sense. When a special prosecutor was assigned to his case, an array of charges were brought against him for filing fake false police reports. If he is found guilty on these charges, the entire basis for his case is erased.

No one is surprised that he decided to file a lawsuit. Celebrities like him think that the legal system is set up to work in their favor. In his mind, it’s not like he was ever going to be in any real danger. Why not take a chance and sue the city of Chicago? He is now learning that things are not as easy as they may have initially seemed.

At first, it looked like he was going to get his wish. Once the national media started to pay more attention to the case, that is when things started to go south. The city of Chicago knew that they would have to move against him before it was too late. Otherwise, they were risking their own long term exposure.

All of the evidence that the Chicago Police Department was able to obtain is now going to be used against him. Smollett probably should have considered this possibility before he decided to take this step. From the looks of it, every aspect of this entire mess is ill considered. Smollett did not take a lot of things into account.

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed actor Jussie Smollett’s malicious prosecution lawsuit against the city of Chicago and several police officers…

In April 2019, the city sued Smollett seeking reimbursement of more than $130,000 paid in overtime to police officers who were involved in investigating the alleged racist and homophobic attack on Smollett, who is black and gay.

Smollett countersued in November, saying the city couldn’t recover costs because it accepted $10,000 from Smollett “as payment in full in connection with the dismissal of the charges against him.” The lawsuit said Smollett had been the victim of a malicious prosecution that caused him humiliation and extreme distress.

For starters, the brothers who were hired by the television actor to go along with the hoax have already turned against him. They’ve cut the necessary deal to stay out of jail and we are sure that they are offering up any piece of evidence that they have. Smollett may have returned $10,000 to the city for what he has done but he should be paying far more.

We shudder to think of all the time that was wasted by police officers and investigators. They could have used the same resources that they used to investigate this hoax on a case that actually needed their time. The Chicago police department is said to have spent at least $100,000 investigating this case. In our humble opinion, Smollett should be on the hook for that bill.

No one seems to know how long this case is going to drag on for but one thing is obvious: he is clearly guilty. It’s time to stop using qualifiers like “alleged” when we discuss this case. At least the city of Chicago can rest easy now. This ruling has gone in their favor and no one is questioning the legitimacy of their case against Smollett anymore.

It’s rare to see Americans sympathizing with the police these days but all it takes is a massive hoax to change that. We cannot begin to imagine how infuriating it would have been for the residents of Chicago if the courts had ruled in his favor. Fake hate crimes need to be treated with the utmost seriousness.

All of the people who were chided for siding with the police department on this one are taking their victory lap as well. We just hope that those who actually experience hate crimes are able to have their stories heard in the future. Liars like Smollett tend to ruin things for everyone.


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