Store Security Guard Killed Over Trying to Enforce Face Mask Order

Store Security Guard Killed Over Trying to Enforce Face Mask Order

Michigan has had their share of issues with the stay at home orders and mask orders that are being levied. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is an out of control tyrant who cannot stop taking draconian measures like these. Now that face coverings are being mandated in public spaces, a number of problems have occurred.

Calvin James Munerlyn is a 43-year-old security guard who lost his life in an attempt to uphold her orders. He works security at the Dollar General and his story should serve as a cautionary tale. Munerlyn leaves behind nine children and a community that is trying their best to make sense of it all.

Community members are praising him as a hero, rightfully so. This man gave his life to try and protect others in the midst of a global crisis. There are not many people out there who would be willing to make a similar sacrifice. Stories like this one make us sad beyond belief.

Whitmer’s foolishness has led to a loss of life and the blood is on her hands. The Madison Academy had honored Calvin as their Parent of the Year a few days before the shooting occurred. During his shift at a Flint, Michigan Family Dollar earlier this week, he had asked a female customer if she would be willing to wear a face mask before coming inside.

While Whitmer has seemed willing to back away from some of the more draconian measures that she has taken, she did not back down when it comes to facial coverings in public. We understand where she is coming from here but these orders are not actually going to do much to protect the general public.

For the most part, Americans are happy to help each other. They are ready to wear facial coverings for as long as necessary. All these orders do is provoke violence and create unneeded confrontations. Now, the Michigan State Police fugitive team is left to search for the parties responsible for the shooting.

One of the men who was involved, Sharmel L. Teague, has already been apprehended and arraigned. Two other suspects remain at large. Teague remains at the Genesee County Jail and she will not be provided with bond. If convicted, she faces a life sentence for her crime. As for Madison Academy, they consider the Munerlyns to be family and are understandably distraught. Calvin, also known as “Duper”, was a tireless parent who volunteered at the school at every opportunity.

He had only been working at this particular Family Dollar for a little over a year but has at least three decades of experience in this line of work. Whitmer spoke out about the tragedy during recent press conferences but it will take more than some flowery words to make people forget what she has done. An innocent father has lost his life because she wanted to bite off more than she could chew.

Authority figures cannot seem to help themselves lately. Many governors and mayors are using this pandemic as an opportunity to flex their own muscles, with predictably terrible results. Whitmer is just the latest governor to cause a tragedy because of her own hubris. The mainstream media has yet to jump on this story because it does not fit their agenda.

We all need to stay home and wear masks because a life could be saved. All of that is well and good but what about the lives that are being lost? Are any of these people going to be helping to raise Duper’s children? Of course not. It is easy to sit at home and say all of the right things. The left lives to talk the talk and they rarely walk the walk.

Whitmer should think long and hard before making any more executive orders like this one. We believe that this man would be alive if he had not been forced to uphold Whitmer’s nonsensical new laws. She should be the one who has to stand outside of these stores and argue with people over their refusal to wear a mask. Gretchen would probably change her mind about the whole thing pretty quickly.

In the meantime, we would like to take this time to send our condolences to Calvin’s children and loved ones. No family deserves to go through this sort of trauma because their state governor is on a power trip for the ages. We hope that she gets her vice presidential bid out of this because that is all that she is after. There’s just one question left to ask….was it worth it, Gretchen?


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