Super Tuesday: Is This the End of Bernie?

Super Tuesday: Is This the End of Bernie?

The Democratic primaries are here and voters have been left with some tough decisions to make. As more and more candidates drop out, the race has essentially been whittled down to two candidates. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the last two men standing and while Elizabeth Warren remains in the race, she is not meeting the viability thresholds that would make her a more serious candidate.

It’s a grim time for Democratic loyalists. They are forced to choose between the socialist and the senile. The Democrats are going to have to cast their lot with the guy who will plunge the nation into communism or the guy who can barely tell what time it is. The Biden gaffes have been piling up and it is hard to remain confident in his ability to string sentences together.

This race’s narrative won’t stop changing and shifting. At first, it looked like Biden was dead in the water. No one wanted to believe that he had a real chance. It was easy to see why. The man couldn’t even walk and chew gum at the same time. Plus, Biden seems to think that he can just invoke Obama’s name any time that he is questioned about his actual qualifications.

Before Super Tuesday, it was looking like Bernie was going to win the majority of the states that were still up for grabs. The Bernie Bros were preparing accordingly. They thought that they were going to take home a decisive victory. Not so fast, though. Bernie choked right before he hit the finish line and now the Bernie Bros are reeling.

That’s what happens when you count your chickens before they have even had a chance to hatch. Biden might be losing his marbles as we speak but the man has a certain amount of name recognition. He is also the moderate candidate that the party prides itself on. They were never going to allow Bernie to win without a major fight anyway.

The Democratic establishment is surely celebrating today. The Bernie threat might not be as severe as they had originally believed. The endorsements that Biden is receiving also helped. As candidates start to drop out, they are all pledging support to Biden and hurting Bernie’s chances in the process. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before Elizabeth Warren decides to follow suit.

The socialist insurgency that Bernie has built is now in serious danger. Even when it appeared that he had the lead, the party was still working behind the scenes to put a stop to him. As for Bernie, he has enough self-awareness to realize what he is up against. He’s not merely fighting the establishment that allows corporations to thrive, he is going up against the political establishment of his own party.

Sanders did not lose in a blowout but he is still going to have numerous questions to answer going forward. He had a massive lead in Texas and allowed Biden to rally for a key victory. Sanders was not able to take as many states as Biden and the margins of victory were larger than he would have originally hoped.

At least Sanders can cling to California as a bright spot. Meanwhile, he was also able to take Colorado but the win was not a very decisive one. The wins in Vermont and Utah are helpful but these are not states that send a sizable number of delegates to the convention. He cannot hang his hat on these wins in the same way that Biden can for his victories.

When it comes to the states that have the largest number of delegates to offer, Biden cleaned up. The race is sure to take on more twists and turns in the weeks and months to come but today’s numbers have to be very disconcerting to anyone who was hoping that Bernie could continue to build on the momentum that he had seemingly created.

It’s not time for Sanders to drop out and there is still a wide range of states that need to vote. It is time to head back to the drawing board, though. Biden is not a bulletproof candidate by any stretch. We would not be surprised if he had some more major gaffes that opened the door for a Bernie comeback.

At the moment, the revolution has been stalled. What happened to all of the younger voters that Bernie was supposed to inspire? They seem to have stayed home and let the older citizens make the decisions for them. If Sanders is unable to turn the tide going forward, they are going to have no one to blame but themselves.


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