Supreme Court Confirms Public Charge Immigration Limits

Supreme Court Confirms Public Charge Immigration Limits

The Supreme Court decided to pave the way for a very important rule change that has been put into place by the current presidential campaign. United States immigration officials have been given a greater level of latitude when it comes time to consider public assistance programs.

Green card applicants may be considered self-sufficient in these instances. This could keep them from receiving Section 8 housing and food stamps in a number of occasions. Blue state attorneys were against the rule change, arguing against it at every turn. These attorneys even gained victories in a series of lower courts.

By the time January rolled around, the White House believed that the matter was fully settled. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has started to have a profound effect on society at large, the bleeding hearts are urging the government to reconsider this policy. While this request received some support, it was not enough.

The justices responsible for considering this request have rejected it without much consideration. They are saying “no” and they refuse to offer any additional comment. The rule is designed to keep migrants from being able to make their way to the United States when they are sure to be in need of assistance.

The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to block the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule during the coronavirus health crisis.

A group of state attorneys general had asked the court to issue an injunction against the rule, which links a migrant’s eligibility for legal status with the likelihood that he or she will rely on public assistance.

The court had decided earlier this year to allow the rule to go into effect, but the group of state officials, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), had asked the justices to revisit the decision in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The court did not publish an opinion on its decision not to grant the request, nor did it publish a vote tally for the move.

It is easy to see why the rule has gained so much traction. Lots of hard-working Americans have gotten tired of spending their hard-earned tax dollars on migrant needs. At this point in time, there are tens of millions of Americans who are waiting for unemployment benefits. Why should these people be forced to starve while they wait for migrants to receive assistance first>?

New York Attorney General Letitia James (Democrat, of course) was among the state officials who were pushing for the rule for to be reconsidered. Her efforts were not successful and we hope that the left has learned a lesson about using a tragedy to push their own agendas through.

No vote tally was published by the courts when it comes to the move, which leads us to believe that no one was seriously considering a reversal to this rule. We have yet to see a court behave like this. Usually, some sort of explanation is offered in these instances but this is not something that the court was willing to provide.

The Southern District of New York is sure to continue their attempts, though. Plaintiffs are not going to rest until they have exhausted every single avenue. This is not about helping people. It is about doing everything in their power to make Donald Trump seem like the ultimate bad guy.

After all, we still remember the campaign that was launched by General Letitia James back in 2018. She was not looking to assist citizens who live in New York State. Instead, the entire campaign was geared towards the idea of resisting the current president at every turn. She and her contemporaries could not care less about the issues that their constituents are facing.

James has remained true to her word, too. All she seems to do is file lawsuits against the White House. She’ll throw anything at the wall to see if it sticks. We would be remiss if we did not mention her efforts to “empty” the jails in New York, too. As you would have expected, these initiatives have worked out about as well as anyone could have hoped.

Elected officials are approaching the pandemic as if it were a card that they need to play. Since they have no ability to put a stop to this necessary rule changes without resorting to theatrics, they are utilizing the virus in a very unsavory manner. Instead of making their points in a public forum, they are relying on the pandemic to do all of the heavy lifting for them.

The arguments that they are trying to make would hold a lot more water if they were acknowledging the real facts. Hospitals are still providing the necessary medical care to all migrants, whether they are here legally or illegally. We are not sure why they are trying to trick gullible leftists into believing that they are not receiving help.

Officials in both parties have engaged in these types of behaviors as soon as the pandemic started to grow legs. Whether the right is arguing that businesses should reopen in service of the economy or the left is using the crisis to promote their latest agenda, both parties need to stop. General Letitia James’ attempts at using the pandemic as a magic lever that she can use to pull the courts in her direction are particularly shameful, though.


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