Supreme Court Makes Huge Decision

Supreme Court Makes Huge Decision

The Supreme Court is in the process of making decisions that are beginning to improve the United States of America. The Court recently ruled in a 5-4 vote that declared “federal judges have no role in policing partisan redistricting, effectively removing the courts from the process and leaving controversial congressional maps in North Carolina and Maryland in place.”

This ruling has taken the power that the Democrats want to have over the people and put it back into the hands of the states where it belongs.

No person in their right mind likes to have the government controlling everything they do. If the government controlled everything, then there are no freedoms. This issue goes beyond having the government dictate a person’s actions.

The Democrats want to have the power to redraw congressional lines, so they can effectively change the outcome of elections to be in their favor.

The Court mentioned that federal courts do not have the authority to answer political questions. The lawmakers of the Senate and Congress are supposed to deal with these issues.

But of course when the Democrats do not get their way the first they do is cry to the court to make the other party do what they want them to do. The Democrats never got the tax returns from the president, so they took him to court.

They never got certain people to testify to Congress, so they took them to court.

Justice Roberts said that “No one can accuse this Court of having a crabbed view of the reach of its competence. But we have no commission to allocate political power and influence in the absence of a constitutional directive or legal standards to guide us in the exercise of such authority.”

This powerful statement is one that the Democrats should learn and adopt. They have no power over certain things, and they are trying to find power where it does not exist by design.

Roberts is a judge that rules in line with the constitution. Unlike many of the liberal federal judges that rule along party lines. The Supreme Court made the right decision when they ruled that no court can make the decisions that lawmakers should be making.

The federal courts actually order the lower courts to adopt new plans and order them to rule in favor of redesigning congressional lines when it comes to voting in certain states.

The lower courts no longer have to obey the federal courts on this matter. The Supreme Court has once again set the record straight. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court of course disagreed.
Elena Kagan has alternative opinions that would disagree with the final decision. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court prove the point that the loony Democrats are seeking to rig elections by redesigning voting lines.

Most of the time all the Congressional districts are normally redrawn after every census year. This is done to so the lines are current with the distribution of the population of the country.

Attempts to rig these lines outside of the census is just an attempt by the Democrats to rig the election in their favor. The Democratic Party needs to stop cheating during elections and allow the people of this nation to speak as to what they want for their country.

The Supreme Court saw right through the challenges that the Democrats were trying to do before the next election cycle. The states alone have the power to make such decisions regarding congressional lines.

Roberts stated it best “The court was asked to consider when politicians go too far in drawing lines for partisan gain in a set of cases arising from North Carolina and Maryland.”

In the Maryland case, the Republicans were challenging the lines drawn up by the Democrats. One can only wonder if the Republicans caught the Democrats in the shady move to influence future elections.

The president is set to win the next election. He has delivered on just about every promise he has made, and he tells the truth.

He does not fake outcomes or invents stories. He tells things the way they are, and he even comes up with a plan of action to solve the issue.

America is great again because of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.


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