Surprise! The Whistleblower On Trump-Ukraine Issue Is Cited For Political Bias

Surprise! The Whistleblower On Trump-Ukraine Issue Is Cited For Political Bias

The Democrats have been chumming the water for the past three years to find a way to impeach President Trump. The man never stood a chance against the blood-thirsty House since he won the 2016 election. They have hated the man since day one.

First, they tried the Russian collusion myth, but that didn’t work. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get it to stick. Even the Robert Mueller report couldn’t provide enough evidence.

Finally, they had a whistleblower come forward to say that Trump was trying to force a corruption probe into Joe and Hunter Biden by threatening to hold back foreign aid from the Ukrainian president. Although transcripts didn’t show anything like that, the Democrats held onto what the whistleblower was saying.

The Democrats were ready to impeach the president because of the phone call, regardless of what may or may not have been said on it. Senators who visited Ukraine and met with President Zelensky tells tales of Trump pressuring him, though they didn’t say anything at the time. Even Zelensky has come forward to say that he felt zero pressure from the Trump administration.

What are the Democrats trying to pull, exactly?

Well, they have a whistleblower, so they’re going with that.

There’s only one problem. The CIA agent who is the reported whistleblower is a registered Democrat. This should come as no real shock. As a result of him being a Democrat, the whistleblower is being eliminated from testimony because of political bias.

What makes the whole situation an even bigger eye roll is that Adam Schiff (D-CA) knew this the entire time. He is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and knew all about the whistleblower details before things were formally filed. He allowed the House to move forward with the impeachment proceedings knowing that the whistleblower was a registered Democrat. Either he didn’t care about political bias or he is that arrogant to believe that it wouldn’t matter.

The whistleblower complaint is filled with inaccuracies because they weren’t in-the-know about what was happening. They didn’t listen in on the call. All they have knowledge of is from second-hand sources.

It’s like the game of telephone that you play as a game as a child. You line 10 people up. One person makes up a sentence and says it to the person next to them. Then, as it goes down the line, details are messed up because they understood wrong. By the time it gets to the last person in the line, the sentence in no way resembles the original sentence that was created.

That’s what the Democrats want to use. They want to use the testimony of the 10th person in line, which is inaccurate hearsay at this point, as the sole reason to impeach the President of the United States. They’re still moving forward on impeachment, too, because they are that self-righteous. They’re so filled with hate that they don’t care that they have a legal leg to stand on.

The transcript of the call between Trump and Zelensky was released. It’s available, unredacted, to the entire American people. There are no signs of quid pro quo. Trump released it immediately because he has nothing to hide.

Hate alone isn’t enough to get the president out of his position. With the impeachment in full swing, they have no choice but to march ahead and go forward with the shark attack. Republicans have to defend Trump and put an end to the political show. It’s a ridiculous waste of time that Representatives and Senators have to stop what they’re doing about gun control and all other legislation hanging in limbo in order to take care of an impeachment inquiry that should never have happened.

Someone needs to call for the resignation of Adam Schiff because he allowed the whistleblower to enter the equation knowing full well that he had a political bias.

Pelosi has yet to comment on the political bias of the whistleblower. She’s probably trying to save face because she was trying to avoid an impeachment inquiry in the first place. She knows that the Dems have played right into Trump’s hands – showing that the Dems are illogical and filled with hate. It will help Trump’s reelection campaign tremendously because even the Democratic voters are tired of hearing the word “Impeachment” come out of the mouths of the House Dems that they voted to represent their districts.

Enough is enough. Now it’s time to get back to business. The whistleblower is out and Trump is in.


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