Susan Rice Calls GOP Senators “Trash Heap of History” Copy

Susan Rice Calls GOP Senators “Trash Heap of History” Copy

Susan Rice is all over the news these days and we can’t understand why. She’s doing everything in her power to stand out from the crowd of contenders who are all looking to be chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate. She was the National Security Adviser to the Obama administration, so you know that she can definitely talk some smack about Donald Trump if you give her half a chance.

It’s not the sort of behavior that one would expect from a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is it? This is just how the Democrats operate, though. They never tell Americans what they can do for them. All they do is jump up and down, stamp their feet and tell everyone how they would never do any of the things that Trump does.

In addition to bashing on Trump every chance that she gets, she is also doing her best to kiss up to Biden in the meantime. She’s probably telling him that his incoherent speeches aren’t even that bad, actually. Susan Rice is also gaining traction because Joe Biden has done everything short of promising his voter base an African-American female candidate.

“I’d say better late than never. You know, to serve an administration which has been racist to its core for the last three and a half years, from comparing the peaceful protesters at Charlottesville to white supremacists, calling white supremacists very fine people, all the way through to the recent weeks where the administration has disparaged the Black Lives Matter movement, disparaged the peaceful protesters, and basically made plain that they prefer to stand by a Confederate legacy than a modern America, it’s been an administration whose record on race is just disgraceful,” Rice said on MSNBC regarding the resignation of Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the Trump administration’s highest ranking female African American official.

This is a political party that is forever caught up on identity politics and they are not going to be making any decisions that do not allow them to look more progressive. They clearly believe that choosing a black woman will provide them with the human shield that keeps people from discussing Biden’s checked history when it comes to race.

The black community did not forget about Biden’s support of the 1994 crime bill and people are losing patience with Obama’s involvement in the race. The man had eight years to do whatever needed to be done in this country. Now, he keeps parachuting into the media cycle to speak up about things that no one asked to hear about.

The Trump team is already in the process of collecting all of the nasty Biden clips that he is going to be using to discredit him during the upcoming debates. He may try to make himself seem like the ‘progressive’ candidate but those who know better are not going to fall for it. Mary Elizabeth Taylor’s recent resignation from the Trump administration has also provided a lot of fodder.

Rice is using this as her opportunity to speak out about Trump and paint him as a racist. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell brought her in for a sit down. According to these two, the administration is racist to the core. Did they take the time to examine the Biden racism as well? You already know the answer to that one.

“We have a choice. Either Donald Trump remains in office, who has governed in a blatantly divisive way” or Joe Biden, “who understands it’s time to invest in health and education and so many of the underlying issues that have contributed to the systemic racism in this country” she said. “I know him. There is nobody who brings to this challenge a greater sense of the humanity we all share. I would urge people to be very mindful of the choice. It couldn’t be more stark.”

The orange man is bad and the senile man is good. In their minds, the only issue that they have to deal with is getting Biden into the White House. Once he is there, all of the problems are going to end. That’s what the Democrats want us to think but in reality? The problems would only get worse. Biden is not a president who is going to inspire confidence in the rest of the population.

Rice could not even complete the diatribe without a major gaffe. No wonder she’s such a big Biden fan. Perhaps these two have started to view each other as kindred spirits? She wants to remove Donald Trump from the White House and condemn him to the “trash heap” of history. As misguided as this goal may be, it would have made more sense if she had said those words. Instead, she said “ash heap”.

When other political commentators have questioned Biden’s abilities, she defaults to the same old Democratic explanation. You’ve seen it before. They shrug their shoulders and say that he isn’t Trump. If “he’s not Trump” is the only defense that they have here, we are not sure how much of a chance they have to unseat him. Rice and her cronies need to head back to the drawing board.


52 thoughts on “Susan Rice Calls GOP Senators “Trash Heap of History” Copy

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. So true Brenda, God be with us all. How sad and embarrassing for Susan Rice to truly know that she as a black woman or let’s face it, any other person of color that will be picked by Pelosi and her cronies to run as VP for the only reason to try to beat Trump. Not because they value a person of color but because they only value the vote. Once the the vote is given, catch you later. If that doesn’t work lets try and steal the vote by mail. These Dems have been in Congress all these years and now they come out pretending to care about people of color. As we know, Trump had created new jobs for all specially blacks and browns. Unemployment was at an all time low. The eeconomy was at an all time high. As for the coronavirus, China unleashed that one on the whole world but the Dems keep trying to pull one over our eyes into get us to think that it’s Trumps fault. Go sell that bag of goods elsewhere. As for the coronavirus, I actually think most of already have it, some of us just get sick and most of us don’t. That is why so much is showing up with all this testing. Dems want to keep us inside and full of fear. To vote by mail and steal our vote. Also, I know being picked VP is such an honor, but not when you are chosen to take second place to a former VP who now in LA LA land and a half wit. VP would feel more like a consultation price to me. The next thing you’ll know is that Pelosi and her cronies will probably have the new black VP changing Bidens diapers.

        1. FACT CHECK ON TRUMP AND JOB CREATION: (below the gains made by Obama_)

          Yet Trump is far behind the pace needed to fulfill his campaign boast that he will be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” At this rate he will not even come up to the gains made during Obama’s final term. The average monthly gain under Trump so far is 191,000 — compared with an average monthly gain of 217,000 during the four years before he took office.

          Unemployment — The unemployment rate, which was well below the historical norm when Trump took office, has continued to fall to the lowest rate in half a century.

          The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the rate was 4.7% when he was sworn in. The most recent rate, for December, was 3.5%. It was also at that level in September and November. Before then it had not been so low since December 1969 — 50 years ago — when it was also 3.5%.

          The jobl

      2. dear Brenda,
        please let me know, besides your use of perjorative adjectives, a single fact and your source, for misconduct by democrats.
        And… how is your health insurance doing in the coronavirus season? Yes the virus is real, and 20 states have taken off again with increased rates, and this is likely due to opening up without protective guidelines and the presence of superspreaders. A superspreader may not realize they have the disease, so have not tested or quarantined. New thinking is that they are causing up to 80% of new cases. Bad for YOU if you get it, because it will not kill the superspreader, but may kill you.
        For instance, are you wearing a mask when you go out? Are you wearing it on your chin, or does it cover your nose and mouth? Just wondering. If you get sick and lose your job, or don’t have health insurance anyway, be advised that the Republicans do not have a health plan for you.

        1. Hey Nellie, I don’t really know what is your background, but when you are talking about wearing a mask outside, you are not making much sense. You were talking about finances, but you are a complete illiterate in that field, now you are talking about medical issues and you are making less sense that Biden saying that we had 120 million dead by coronavirus. I love debates, but when some idiots get in the arena and start to make “professional presentations” of supossedly settled facts, the debate lose interest. You have a better place in a Democratic rally (if Biden ever is able to make one), than in this discussion. Have a bad day.

      3. She is even more corrupt than Obama, because he was trying to prevent “sleepy Joe” to run, knowing that the guy is terminated. Don’t get me wrong, Obama is a disgrace, but at least was making more sense. This lady is so false, that a Cobra is very pale in front of her. She is trying to get on board with “the gaffe machine”, that’s all.

      4. We have too! BLM is a terrorist group and the Liberals are playing games with them, until they really start killing citizens along with liberals. They are getting what they want. This BLM is dangerous!!

    2. The lead in for this blog is ignorant, and as an example, confining trump to “ashheap” of history is correct usage, (ie not necessarily trash heap_). And what is the supposed treason on Glenda’s long list of democrats?

      Ash heap of history – Simple English Wikipedia, the free … › wiki › Ash_heap_of_history
      The “ash heap of history”, also called “dustbin of history” or “garbage heap of history” or “landfill of history”, is a figurative speech about people, events, artifacts, and ideologies. It is used abo

    3. The federal debt went up more than $2 trillion under Trump, as trillion-dollar annual federal deficits returned. And there’s no end in sight.

      The federal debt held by the public stood at $17.2 trillion at the last count on Jan. 16 — an increase of nearly $2.8 trillion since he took office. That’s a 19.3% increase under Trump. And that figure will go up even more quickly in coming years unless Trump and Congress impose massive spending cuts, or reverse course and increase taxes.

      1. Did you really take a look at Obama and Biden’s record?, because if you are talking about numbers, you have to begin in their records. Trump corrected the finances of this country in 42 % in general in less than 4 years (I mean he corrected the disastrous management of disgrace Obama and corrupt sleepy Joe), and could do much more if the Chinese goverment did not send its virus to wreck the economy (do you really believe it was an accident?). You have to educate yourself about finances; next time you talk about that, you have to consider manufacturing jobs and unemployment first, and leave the rekoning democratic partidism aside…..well…..if you pursue some credibility. Have some education and then speak out.

  1. Rice is being protected by the Nancy Pig-Losi Corrupt Democrats, who will shut down Barr’s Investigation against Obama and Biden, if Corrupt and Senile Biden is elected!

    Rice belongs in jail on Treason Charges along with Obama,Biden, Comey, Loretta Lynch and the rest of Obama’s Corrupt Administration!

    1. This, published on a government site: Republican investigations failed to find impropriaty on Obama, Clinton and Rice:
      Despite persistent accusations against President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice, ten investigations—six by Republican-controlled congressional committees—did not find that they or any other high-ranking Obama administration officials had acted improperly.[17][18][19][20] Four career State Department officials were criticized for denying requests for additional security at the facility prior to the attack. Eric J. Boswell, the Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, resigned under pressure, while three others were suspended.[21] In her role as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton subsequently took responsibility for the security lapses.[22]

      1. Again, you fall short…..Hillary Clinton lost the EMAILS FIGHT in court, and has to answer in Congress in a near future, and your hero Barack will be there too, sooner or later. Only a naive like you, think that Comey and his gang did something without the approval of the Godfather. Fortunately with have Durham on their trails. We don’t need more criminals in FBI than is the streets, De Blassio already contributed to release enough criminals in the streets of NYC, so lets eliminate all this trash!!!!. What do you think?

  2. I would expect nothing less from Democrats and certainly nothing less from the walking pile of leftist garbage named Susan Rice ! Hmm , rice , rhymes with vice and or lice which is what she is .

    1. dear wyatt, would you be able to define left wing in terms of actions, position, and party affiliation. Most of you are chrowing out terms that you do not understand.
      accordingly, right wing has the following:
      According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics, in liberal democracies, the political right opposes socialism and social democracy. Right-wing parties include conservatives, Christian democrats, classical liberals, nationalists; and on the far-right, fascists.

  3. Susan Rice, a two-faced, low-life, despicable, disgusting ,disgraceful, PIG of a woman………just like NUMB NUTS NANCY…..

  4. It’s funny and sad to see a proven serial liar act self righteously and falsely accuse others of what she does.
    Remember how she lied about Benghazi?, the unmasking of Trump’s transition team? As Rep Goetz said
    “If lies were music, she would be Mozart”. It all boils down to the unescapable truth: the democrats are
    the party of righteous whores.

  5. For someone who has, I presume a superior education, has held very high office, though not so honorably, as it turned out – she looks so nice and is soft spoken and utters the ugliest lies with impunity. Looks ‘whoever’ straight in the eye and lies. Everyone, for instance, KNOWS that when Trump said some of the ‘demonstrators were good people, he was talking about the original group who went from all over to protect historical monuments and NOT the White Supremacists who crashed the party and then “got” into it with, I presume a leftist group. Surely, no one with any credibility would repeat that lie over and over. BUT, Susan Rice does.

    1. As a clarification of what Trump means when addressing violence: he commented, at the time of occurrence, what a wonderful thing it was for the Chinese government to kill all of those students at Tianaman Square, and has recently praised the Chinese president for building concentration camps for chinese citizens.

      On June 4, 1989, exactly 31 years ago, China’s military shot, killed, and arrested thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

      Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters came out with candles on Thursday in memory of the massacre, despite a Beijing-backed ban on their rally.

      1. » READ MORE: U.S. must stand with Hong Kong against Beijing | Trudy Rubin

        Yet, in 1990, Donald Trump, then a 43-year-old real estate magnate, praised the Chinese massacre. “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it,” Trump told Playboy magazine. “Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength.”

        1. Nellie no one is paying you any mind. Just because you write these big paragraphs you think you know something. Truthfully you wouldn’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Everything you have said on here is only half truths. That is what people like you do. But, no more, we are tired of your lies and pretty much tired of people like you. Trump 2020 all the way.

          1. Nellie, you are not preaching to the choir, please go to CNN, MSNBC etc. and do your rants there because you would at least have an audience that would appreciate your rants, even if they are falsify wrong. Here, we are true Americans that appreciate living free! Granted you are entitled to voice your opinion because of the 1st Amendment, but the democrats want to get rid of our rights beginning with the first and especially the second.


    1. She should be living in a mud hut in Africa. We were paying her nigger ass with our taxpayers money. Obama’s nigger bunch! They are making the US like South Africa with BLM beating everybody up and then who knows they will take our land kills us. That’s exactly what they did and still doing in So. Africa, after Mnadella was made leader.

  7. Maybe they should legalize dueling again. It would make the loser liberals more mindful of what sewage spews out of their sniveling cowardly mouths. No wonder they are pushing so hard for gun control. Just think, a sniveling cowardly democrat with no honor dragged out to the field of honor to be slaughtered like a hog. If more people carried we would be a much more polite society.

  8. This coming from the BENGHAZI TRASH HEAP called Susan Rice who went on every TV/Radio Station, some more than once, to LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE AND LIE AGAIN about what caused the ATTACK ON OUR EMBASSY IN BENGHAZI THAT MURDERED FOUR AMERICANS!!!!!

  9. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC Traitor in FEDERAL PRISON yet? . . . Isn’t it about TIME?!? One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Nellie, I agree with you concerning the pejoratives being tossed around at Susan Rice. I don’t care much for the threats of violence either. I like to think that Trump supporters are far above characters like the graduate assistant at the U of Georgia and the NY “leader” of BLM, who specifically threaten death to white people and the destruction of our government if they don’t get their way. There are many issues that cause me to distrust and refrain from voting for Democrats. The number one issue is their vociferous support of abortion (black people should be very aware and afraid of that, and you, as a Democrat know why!) Another important one is their support and acceptance of support for/from George Soros. The insurrections in the streets, including lethal attacks on police and innocent black and white people and their businesses are another. For the sake of brevity, those will do for now. You Democrats fear and loathe Donald Trump because he has done more for this country in his first term than any president in memory, and the regular folks (fly-over and silent majority folks) approve of his standing up to the Democrats, who have oppressed the Republicans even when they held the power. He will not be oppressed by the Shumers and Pelosis who have a strict obsession for power, not for looking out for this country. The statistics that you would like to see are shown on TV everyday and are in the newspapers everyday. I refer you to those. And one last thing: Please keep looking up incidents regarding Trump’s attitudes and actions from when he was a 43-year-old playboy. Even John Donne went from Elizabethan Rake to a holy and decent man. The Republicans, like them or not, are the only hope to save this country from the terror that ALL its citizens will suffer if Democrats are allowed to take charge ever again. Based on the behavior of the majority of Democrats, I think anyone who would consider voting for ANY of them would be in need of a history lesson and a psychological examination.

    1. You are absolutely right Jerry, who is consider the father of the KKK? ROBERT BIRD!!, probably Nellie does not know the guy, and probably she does not know that segregation was always pushed by Democrats. She probably does not know either that Pellosis’ father was the brain and muscle behind the placement of one of the most notorious statues of a confederate in Maryland in 1948, which was the Robert E. Lee statue. And the list is so long, that I would need a whole week to complete it just partially. This person (Nellie), needs a Psychiatric evaluation (I could help with that, given my background……).


  12. Golly Susan.. Guess before the Repubs would get close to your trash heap… they would have to wait for the Dems to get off it.

  13. susan rice shouldn’t be throwing stones. she is nothing more than a low life hypocritical ignorant dumbocrat. she is just looking for publicity in the hopes that biden will pick her as his running mate. just once, i would love to hear what a dumbocrat can offer that will add value to the American way of life. their only platform is to finger point, blame and criticize. she needs to get out of politics

    1. Only in an administration like the corrupt mafia commanded by Obama and Biden, she has a place. People like this lady, should never have place in the direction of any country, much less the direction of the best country in the world.

  14. You are absolutely right Jerry, who is consider the father of the KKK? ROBERT BIRD!!, probably Nellie does not know the guy, and probably she does not know that segregation was always pushed by Democrats. She probably does not know either that Pellosis’ father was the brain and muscle behind the placement of one of the most notorious statues of a confederate in Maryland in 1948, which was the Robert E. Lee statue. And the list is so long, that I would need a whole week to complete it just partially. This person (Nellie), needs a Psychiatric evaluation (I could help with that, given my background……).

  15. Rice is a proven complete failure, most likely as a night time street walker! Like blacks of her low character they are systemically setting up there own demise because whites are getting sick of all their bulls**t among us! Animals have better characteristics and if that’s racist or ‘politically incorrect’ tough s**t! They don’t want police [naturally] so there will be no one to call when the expected exterminations start, and it’s getting close to that point now and that goes for the trailer-trash ‘whites’ among them! Trump should have an executive order to provide a ‘one-way deportation fund’ to send these low-life worthless brainless lazy blacks back to where they actually belong in Africa, taking the white trailer-trash with them, so they can live in cardboard boxes and drink their water from sewer-infested ponds while hunting down and admitting the truth that their own black tribal chiefs sold their descendants into slavery!

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