Sweden’s Herd Immunity Experiment Is Failing Tragically

Sweden’s Herd Immunity Experiment Is Failing Tragically

Sweden took an interesting approach to the coronavirus and this approach has been the topic of discussion over the past few weeks. Boris Johnson had originally planned to implement this strategy in the UK. Johnson’s mind was changed once the Imperial College offered up their own model of the contagion.

Johnson was told to expect half a million casualties if he did not pivot from his original plan. He had initially hoped to isolate older citizens, while allowing the younger British population to continue their normal daily routine. The idea was a simple one: allow the virus to run its course and give the nation a chance to acquire herd immunity.

Thankfully, he swayed from this idea before it was too late. The Imperial College’s studies played a key role in this decision but Sweden has decided to go ahead with this plan. The results have been predictably disastrous. Swedish scientists are not pleased with the decision and are obviously mortified.

This is not the time to experiment with herd immunity. It is a time to remain prudent and follow the guidelines that are being put into place by public health officials. These officials have done the necessary studying and they are able to provide the proper guidance. Why would anyone choose to willfully ignore what they have to say at a time like this?

Europeans have been confined to their homes and most businesses have ground to a halt. Sweden has decided that they are not going to participate, though. For this country, it is business as usual. They are not even closing their borders, so they are now risking infecting the rest of the world with this bizarre plan.

The movie theaters are still open, trains and buses are still in session and you would think that they are not actually in the midst of a global pandemic. By all outside appearances, Sweden appears to be running as normal. On the other hand, the medical community and concerned citizens are starting to panic.

Thousands of doctors and scientists have signed a petition. They are calling on the government to stop the madness and start implementing stricter social distancing guidelines. The country is not testing or tracking enough. The virus has been allowed to run rampant. Now, the country is on the brink of catastrophe.

The government has yet to take more serious precautions when it comes to limiting the spread of the virus. People have been encouraged to work from home and larger gatherings have been prohibited. Universities and high schools are not in session. Elementary schools still remain operational and no lock downs have been put into place.

Sweden is playing with fire and they are on the verge of being burned. Their silly approach has left them in dire straits. At a time when countries need to be taking a proactive approach to the spread of coronavirus, Sweden is being reactive. The numbers that are starting to pile up look very grim.

If you need some added context, Sweden’s death toll per capita far exceeds that of the United States. Since the United States has also come under fire for our handling of the coronavirus, these numbers should frighten anyone who resides in Sweden. This is what happens when you decide that you are not even going to try to flatten the curve.

Since they are trying to make the virus run its course quickly, they are going to be overwhelming their hospitals. The country is also expected to see a major spike in unemployment. The costs that are associated with an epidemic that spirals out of control are going to be much higher than the costs of closing everything down in the first place.

The country is also putting their Somali population at risk. These people are far more likely to reside in close quarters than the average Swede. Many Swedish households consist of only one person, which reduces the risk of the virus being passed on to elder family members. We wish this country the best of luck going forward. They are certainly going to need it.

This is a true test of what happens when you decide that you would rather get things over with, as opposed to making even the slightest attempt at flattening the curve. Sweden is staring at a death toll that would have been unimaginable a few months ago. They have placed their citizens in grave danger and they are also creating a crisis for all of their hospitals and medical facilities. The months ahead are going to be a trying time.


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