Ted Cruz is Going After the Mayor of Portland for Antifa Sympathies

Ted Cruz is Going After the Mayor of Portland for Antifa Sympathies

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas has started to regain his footing after being beaten out for the presidency by Donald Trump and almost toppled from his senate seat by Beto O’Rourke. The latter would have been a huge embarrassment for the brainy, fiercely conservative senator considering how much an empty suit Robert Francis O’Rourke is.

Among his many projects, Cruz has set out to go after the Antifa, the group of masked hoodlums that have been starting street brawls and beating passersby. He is particularly irate at Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, for giving the Antifa free rein to turn the streets of his city into a war zone. Cruz is also pushing for the FBI to open a RICO investigation.

Cruz tweeted, “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”

He pointed to a story in Breitbart that suggested that Portland Police were very slow to react when Antifa hoodlums rioted and in particular savagely beat a journalist named Andy Ngo, giving him a brain injury. Mayor Wheeler was having none of it. He tweeted back, “At least get your facts straight. I ordered no such thing. Could you divert some of those investigation dollars to something that would actually benefit American cities? Infrastructure, affordable housing, mental health services come to mind.”

Wheeler could be in big trouble if the FBI does investigate and can make a RICO charge stick. The RICO act was passed during the Nixon Administration as a tool to go after organized crime. The idea is that if a pattern of illegal acts can be proven, then they can be lumped together into a single trial, potentially taking down entire organizations.

Cruz is angling to tie Mayor Wheeler to the felonies being conduced by the Antifas with the idea of taking them all down together. The senator has also been demanding that the Antifa be designated a domestic terrorist organization. He has already compared the group to the Mafia and the Ku Klux Klan.

The Antifa, at least originally, elicited some sympathy from the mainstream media. After the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia in which Antifa brawled in the streets with Neo-Nazis, some in the media compared them to American soldiers hitting the beach at Normandy. Even today, CNN has provided a somewhat benign description:

“Antifa is short for anti-fascists. The term is used to define a broad group of people whose political beliefs lean toward the left — often the far left — but do not conform with the Democratic Party platform. The group doesn’t have an official leader or headquarters, although groups in certain states hold regular meetings.”

“Antifa positions can be hard to define, but many members support oppressed populations and protest the amassing of wealth by corporations and elites. Some employ radical or militant tactics to get their message across.”

By “radical or militant tactics” CNN means beating journalists half to death and tossing “milkshakes” fortified with concrete at random people. The cable news network even traced the origins of the Antifa back to the resistance against Nazi Germany.

The Anti Defamation League has a less glowing description of the Antifa.

“Antifa have expanded their definition of fascist/fascism to include not just white supremacists and other extremists, but also many conservatives and supporters of President Trump. In Berkeley, for example, some Antifa were captured on video harassing Trump supporters with no known extremist connections.

Antifa has also falsely characterized some recent right-wing rallies as ‘Nazi’ events, even though they were not actually white supremacist in nature.”

Senator Cruz’s view of the Antifa certainly adheres more to the ADL description than to that of the mainstream media. The ADL also suggests that by coddling the Antifa, the left runs into great danger of being identified with the group as well as their violent tactics and extremist views.

Cruz has also suggested that Wheeler’s denials ring just a bit hollow considering how the Portland PD has been lax in shutting down Antifa street violence. Wheeler is not only Portland’s mayor but also its police commissioner.

Someone has ordered the police to hold back while Antifa block traffic, harass drivers, and attack people. Cruz is very sure that an FBI RICO investigation will find out who that person is.


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