Ted Cruz Warns Snapchat Is Actively Censoring Trump

Ted Cruz Warns Snapchat Is Actively Censoring Trump

Social media companies are looking to make an imprint on the upcoming election. This is common practice at this point. However, there is something very wrong with what we are seeing. For example, Snapchat is looking to censor Trump and they are actively working to do so. There’s always a social media hub that tries to put their thumb on the scale during an election season.

Snapchat has decided to join the party, along with Reddit. The latter company needs a whole new algorithm to suppress Trump-related content. One of the subreddits about the president became so popular, Reddit knew that they had to act quickly. Silicon Valley allows their liberal politics to guide their decision making at times like these and it shows.

Senator Ted Cruz has had enough of these actions and he is finally speaking out. Snapchat users may not believe that US Senators are paying attention to what is going on but Cruz is on the case. For those who are unfamiliar with Snapchat, it is a multimedia messaging app. So what sets Snapchat apart from all of the others?

The messages that are sent through Snapchat vanish after a certain period of time. This is a great app for anyone who is worried about sensitive messages. Snapchat is closing in on its 10 year anniversary and its popularity is only continuing to grow. The company is now in hot water with Cruz because they are no longer willing to promote the account that the president has made on the platform.

The company has made the decision because of the perceived threats that the president has made against protesters. That’s all it takes for social media mavens to turn against the president. What else is he supposed to say at the moment? The leftists are not looking to be challenged in any way and they do not want a dialogue about their current actions. If you’re not with them, you are a racist and that’s all there is to it.

Violent protesters have seized control over the nation’s streets and all social media outlets can do is cheer them on. Since that is not enough for them, they are also working overtime to suppress anything that Donald Trump has to say about the matter. We have seen this playbook over and over again. The older folks out there are definitely having flashbacks to the sixties as we speak.

Snapchat was probably not looking to join the war against political speech but that’s exactly what they have done. Biden supporters are offering up their praise for the move and of course, Trump supporters are not pleased. We would like to take this time to make one key distinction: Snapchat is not actually punishing Trump himself for what is being said on their platform. They are just reacting to the moves that have been made by other platforms, namely Twitter.

These companies are exposing themselves to being against free speech. They have no problem with censoring anyone who does not agree with them but even by those standards, this is ridiculous. Snapchat is now being accused of trying to rig the election and while this is probably a bit of a stretch, there is something to be said for the importance of free speech.

Moves like these only serve to make the leftists appear to be even more thin-skinned than ever before. They may want to amplify certain voices but this should never come at the expense of speech that is not objectionable in the least. Snapchat may want to blame the president for all societal injustices but nothing could be further from the truth.

Joe Biden tried his best to poke fun at Trump’s Snapchat issues but it did not take long for him to screw it up. He thinks that the president is banned completely. All they are doing at the moment is carrying Twitter’s water for them. Biden might be hoping for a full removal but that is a long way off.


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