Teen Arrested for Making Handgun Gestures

Teen Arrested for Making Handgun Gestures

In Overland Park, Kansas, at a 13-year-old girl, was arrested for allegedly making handgun gestures with her hands while pointing at students at Westridge Middle School.  The incident was made aware through the Shawnee Mission School District’s online reporting portal.

A resource officer at Overland Park School questioned the teenager with another student who witnessed the actions of the girl.  After questioning, the officer in charge arrested and booked the teen into a juvenile facility where the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office filed the charges of criminal threats.

Overland Police Department released a statement in “Newsweek,” saying, “The school district has a policy regarding intimidation, bullying, and actions that may be a threat.  Too often, there are reports of violence in schools and inevitably questions about what could or done to prevent the tragedy.  Threats in schools are taken very seriously and treated appropriately.  Ensuring the safety of everyone in a school or community is a top priority and requires constant vigilance, parents reminding their children of proper behavior in school, and an understanding by the public that each case is thoroughly investigated before any arrest is made, and a charge filed.”

A spokesman for the Shawnee Mission School District, Dave Smith, told KSHB, “I want to be very clear: The arrest of this student was wholly unrelated to any district policy.  It was a municipal police department decision, and our policies don’t impact police department decisions.”

Back when times and schools seemed safer, there were many games and gestures made by students.  None of those would ever be tolerated today.  The famous game of “Cowboys and Indians” would be outlawed today and turned into real-life “Cops and Criminals” where the students would be arrested and booked.  “Cowboys and Indians” would most likely be turned into a mass school shooting threat or even surpass that and turn into something racial.

The old saying, “Kids will be Kids” does not apply to today’s society anymore, and it is a shame.  It is unknown if the girl was just playing a game or if it was an initial threat, but in the world we live in today, we can never be too sure.  The innocence of kids today have been robbed by an outside force known as hate.  Hate plagues a person and causes them to do massive things people back in the older generations would never think of.  The older generation would remember when we had our differences, a fistfight would break out, and then the next day, the same two who fought are best friends.  Now the one who defends themselves in a fight also receives the same punishment as those who start the scuffle.

Are the school and the police being too harsh, or are they doing the right thing?  It is hard to say because kids now days have so much anger and hatred built up inside themselves; it is like an animal which one never knows what to expect anymore.  This is what our world of today has become.

Recently, another girl, 14 years old from Ohio, was arrested for allegedly posting “a kill list.”  The list included other students and the President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Who in their right minds would think of such things?  Our generation didn’t.

This girl was a freshman at Watkins Memorial High School in Pataskala, Ohio.  The Licking County Sherriff’s Department would not release the name due to she is a juvenile.  Police received the information on the alleged threats which showed up in a chat room, which was school owned.  She was then arrested and charged with making terrorist threats, booked, and placed in a juvenile detention facility.

Sheriff Randy Thorp of Licking County put out this statement, “The Licking County Sheriff’s Office has, and shall continue to have, a zero-tolerance policy on threats to our schools.  It is our hope, as always, that children who make these threats can receive necessary assistance at the guidance of the court and learn from the experience.”

We all are guilty in some form or fashion for making stupid decisions as kids and teenagers.  It is a difficult time growing up, and it must be ten times harder growing up in the world we live in today with more bad influences than anyone could ever dream of in a nightmare.  These kids are damaging their future in which they do not even realize.  The young ones are just going to have to learn the hard way.


559 thoughts on “Teen Arrested for Making Handgun Gestures

  1. Today we have a bunch of SNOWFLAKES, when I was a kid none of this would have happened we are heading in the wrong direction, bring back the good old days where you could say and do what you want and nobody got their panties in a bunch unlike today.

  2. Communists infiltrated the teacher colleges, back in the 1960’s and afterwards, as well as the rest of academe, but teaching is soo important. Now you see where your carelessness has brought us. Stop watching TV, the mind control box!

  3. So let’s say nothing happened. I can imagine the outrage if this student retrieved a real gun and shot fellow students. Everyone would be screaming, “Why didn’t anyone do something?” Nowadays we want everything both ways…..stay out of my business BUT make sure I stay safe.

  4. We can thank our public schools, colleges and universities and the idiots who “indoctrinate” in these brain washing institutions.

    We can also thank Hollywood and bozos who run that industry.

    And let’s not forget the parents who pay no attention to what their kids are being subjected to. Plus the “parents” who don’t even know who the kids belong to and haven’t seen a father figure since birth.

    Common sense is dead in this country.

  5. Mean while, groups like Antifa roam our streets wearing masks and wielding weapons with impunity. Innocent people, generally those they believe won’t or are incapable of fighting back are attacked, beaten and intimidated.

  6. I have a problem with your article, the child not only pointed her finger at a number of children but verbally said she would kill them. From the other article I read that reported the WHOLE incident, this child needs some mental help. This is not that far away from some of the things reported after other actual school shootings where it was not addressed and nothing was done to help the child with the mental issue that was going on. If you are going to do an article you need to do a better job of reporting the WHOLE story, not just the part that makes the point you wish to put across. It paints a false picture and opinions are formed off your incomplete reporting. I am saddened by the state our journalism is in, with selective information to generate certain reactions, omissions and misleading information. Years ago I was going to be a journalist. The state of current journalism I am so glad I chose a different path in life.

  7. Talk about STUPIDITY!!! This folks takes the cake.
    Wake up … please apply some common sense. I know this is not possible for schools .. they are overrun by the PC idiocy …. but I would expect much more from any … I DO MEAN ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE/ORG.

  8. I’mm 66 and this is government indoctrination at it’s worst. So what if the girl made a gesture like she was holding a gun. They charge her with a terrorist threat. Meanwhile that Congress woman Maxine Waters can stand before a microphone and state that she’ll take out Trump tonight and nothing is done. So the hypocrisy is beyond all sensibility. She’s an adult. This is a 13 year old girl.
    My what a double standard we have. If I were the parents I’d sue the police department for all they can get. This is a minor and by law the parents have to be there before they do anything or charge her with anything.
    Big Government is out of control. There is a remedy for that.

  9. Maybe it was a finger gun, but that will lead to a real gun! This teen has criminal tendencies and he should be watched very carefully!

  10. Things have certainly changed. Living in a small town, when I was young, any misunderstanding would be settled one on one, and after the fight, both winner and loser became friends. But in Jr. High, we moved to a big city, and the first thing that was visible were the ‘gangs’. Cowardly punk thugs that needed a gang to be able to do anything. In this town, the PRINFCIPAL was a gang instigator. they knew he would side with them. Thank goodness he finally died, and the good kids were now safer from his cowardly and criminal behavior.
    I believe that much of the problem is with the bigger towns/cities, as having too many students sometimes overwhelmed the faculty,and like in the case with the principal, it gives some ‘wanna-bees the feeling that they are young. and a thug.

  11. Just a Liberal BS Dumb Ass that sent cops to arrest a child ! What crime did she commit ? NONE !

    I hope the parents sue the hell out of that school, city, and police department !

    Bet they won’t do it again to any child !

  12. “It is our hope, as always, that children who make these threats can receive necessary assistance at the guidance of the court and learn from the experience.”
    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!! This what the A-hole, Sheriff Randy Thorp of Licking County had to say!!!!
    You let Muslim ragheads, Antifa, etc., run around and make threats an you don’t arrest them!!! But you take a jester as a terrorist threat!!! These so called local yo-call need to have their IQ checked! It’s one thing to post a hit list and another to make a hand jester!! What if I gave you the FINGER?! Are you going to arrest me for alleged threat of rape? You are completely lost you mines, if you had one to begin with!! God help us all!!!!!

  13. Ridiculous! We are now “straining at gnats & swallowing the camel”. Schools & the police are now in the position where they have now become “thought” police. Have we completely lost all sense of what is “common sense”?

  14. but when blacks in Chicago kill each other in the hundreds =–no big deal
    WHY????????????????? maybe because they are black
    when MS13 kills and tortures, the left does not care????WHY????
    Yolanda Martinez

  15. In today’s private equity corporation court legal system which is contrary to the law of the land under the Common Law this abuse, harassment continues day in, day out. This is a case of human trafficking b/c NOTHING HAPPEN other than a hand gesture, which may have intent but UNLESS acted upon it was ONLY a hand gesture, as NO DAMAGE or HARM was DONE. BUMS aka BAR UNION MEMBERS & COPS aka
    Criminals on Patrol are BOTH unconstitutional & a blight on society, a cancer that 1 day will be expunged, eliminated as more & more people WTFU. Until then, we are suffering tyrannical rule by BULLY THUGS & EVILDOERS, WRONGDOERS that hid the law from We the People which is why G-d said, “Woe to the ATTORNEY. G-d also said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” which is why I wrote my book,
    A Call to Arms Vol 1.4, which is usable from coast to coast. My book et al are NOT for everyone.
    Be prepared, you will be vetted. G-d also said, “Come out the beasts system of enslavement.”
    Contact me, as I am the real deal NOT the real thing. Contact me IFF you can handle the truth at [email protected].

  16. Yes it is getting to be a sick world out there , but it is not the fault of the young, it is the fault of the adults who have gone off the edge of sanity and created an environment of hate along with absolutely ignorant rules to try to correct for their lack of parenting .
    What are we teaching a 14 year old by arresting them for making a finger gun ? Or locking them up for playing cowboys and Indians ?

    Welcome to the world where media dictates sensationalism is the reality, and rules how we act. And media in all its forms is more important than good parenting .

  17. It would certainly be preferable for the adults involved here to sit down and rationally discuss exctly what is going on here, regarding what seems to be alleged adults and authority figures going off half cocked. Possibly, I take an overly dim view of the situation, which leads me to the following conclusion. Rational discussion amongst sensible adults will not take place, which unfortunately leads to the following conclusion. Officaldom, might Officialdumb be more accurate, will have to be dragged into court, to face damage claims, said damage claims expressed in dollars, many, many dollars. Unfortunately, it seems that none of the allegedly responsible adults, aka officials seem to care much about how this foolishness will effect the kid or kids involved. Isn’t that a sad fact.

  18. By the way, regarding the “sit down” I suggested in an earlier post, including the kids therein might be a splendid idea, if for no other reason than the fact that things and reactions could be thoughtfully explainedto them. By the way, while kids might be lacking in experience, that does not say that they are lacking in common sense. Additionally, regarding adults, the passage of years and or the presence of grey hair is not an indicator of either good judgement or common sense.

  19. this 13 year old girl should be sent to prison for a minimum of 80 years of hard labor++ or not. it is too bad that the kids have no moral guide posts to live their life with. maybe she should be sentenced to 80 days of attendence in a church and learn a little about a christian life. in all of the schools and most of the towns our youth never set foot in a church. our laws in this country promote that philosophy which is encouraged in the communist manifesto. all of our youth will pay a heavy price for these things, it is too bad.

  20. Really? The Democrats want to open our borders and let the whole world come in “illegally” but there is grave concern that is actually acted upon because a little missy pointed her finger at somebody. Really?

  21. What a joke that is, I guess they just want people today to not talk to each other, no hand or face jesters, just walk around like zombies, what is this world coming to, Holy shit. Glad she is not my child i would be sueing the school for harassment.

  22. What do they expect, they have taken almost everything we did as kids away. What are the kids to do as kids? The only thing left for them to do is sit on the couch and play video games, then you yell about the kids doing nothing! Doesn’t make any sense!

  23. Why did the girl point her finger like a gun or was she just pointing? Was she being bullied, heckled, or provoked? The Principal, School Board, and Police Department should be reprimanded or fired. That is no way to treat someone that young.

  24. I am for arresting all the law enforcemen, the Mayor and Governor and anyone else who arrested that little girl, She is just a kid! Thinbgs are getting way too far out of hand in America, we are not a third world country.

  25. Your rules of punishing these kids for making a gun symbol is the worst thing. You are giving them the kind of abuse that leads us to where we are today. You are growing the problem. You are not fixing it. These two kids now might do violent things because of the way they got treated. You don’t give a kid a jouvy hall record for pointing a finger in the shape of a gun at another student. Sometimes not giving something attention is the best thing that can be done. This is one of those situations. If I was the parent. The school and the police department would both be sued. The first thing on the list of charges would be for undo stress and suffering. So much is wrong here. Both kids need counseling now. Who should rightfully pay for that. Your rules are creating these problems. Up till now I didn’t have a clue about this. Now. You are creating little demons. You are creating the hate for authority in our society. The worst thing. Is you are starting it so young. Today’s violence makes sense now. I never thought our kids got treated so badly by adults that should know better. Shame on you.

  26. “Gravity Arrested for Potential Energy,” “Death Penalty Encouraged for Rock-Paper-Scissors,” “Leftists say it will make schools safer.”

  27. Kids need to be allowed to be kids. No matter what a person does someone gets offended and someone is in trouble. The left needs to stop this ridiculous nonsense. If schools went back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic our kids would be much better off. Get the sex and high tech stuff out of grad school and into 10th grade at the earliest and teach the younger kids the important stuff. And I bet they still sing Frere Jaque.

  28. They where correct to arrest, you cannot have it both ways. If the officer let it go and something bad happens, then he’s on the hook for missing the warning sign. If administration chooses to not charge and only issue a warning, then all concerned are notified and have the opportunity for input.

  29. First grade, mid-50s: the teacher was out of the room for some reason and some class member taught us a ‘song’ which we sang to the teacher as she came in.
    Glory, glory, Hallelujah.
    Teacher hit me with a ruler.
    I met her at the door
    with a Colt 44;
    now we ‘ain’t got a teacher anymore.

    We absolutely loved our teacher. She’s one of the few who’s name I remember. We were just kids singing a silly rhyme which poked back at authority. And Yes, they did use rulers on kids (never doing damage and I never actually saw it done) and Yes, we knew what a Colt 44 was, how it worked and what it did (TV westerns, ya know). In retrospect, it might have hurt her feelings, but she never showed it As I recall she just said to knock it off and get back to work. We all laughed and went back to work.

    On the positive side, it was probably our first successful effort to work as a team – quickly conceiving, plotting, learning, and executing a plan – and all on our own. Today, that happy memory would have landed an entire class of first graders in JUVE,

    So the question seems to be, what changed and went rotten? the kids or the system?

  30. Now we arrest those who point a finger like a gun? Was anyone hit with the loaded finger-nail, did it have a bugger on the end of the nail. This is serious, perhaps “The Supreme Court” should have a ruling?
    You people really need to get a life!!!!!

  31. At the possible risk of repeating myself, what is needed seems farthest from anyone’s mind, that being a calm discussion between the so-called adults involved. Probably even be a great idea to include the active participants, they being the kids, in said rational discussion, as the foregoing might well avoid the mess of law suits, which might well already be underway. I expect that same are already contemplated. Will the suggested sit downactually be held, I doubt it, but then common sense does sometimes win out.

  32. Tell me, if this decision was that of the Police Department and NOT that of the School, how is it the the Police e3ver heard of this incident. Also, sounds like a he said, she said issue to me, if the whole deal was based upon the statements of one other student!

  33. so, children get arrested for making gestures while the REAL killers are investigated by the police and FBI-and then allowed to go on their merry way and commit mass murder? Interesting, what is the AGENDA?

  34. A felony for pointing your finger at some other kids?? WTF!! Seems like a good way to teach young kids that the cops are not your friends.

  35. The all or nothing policies really need to reexamination.
    This type of incident, even if totally benign will follow these children throughout school and into college.
    The opposing side of this is the the Parkland shooter who was a known and well documented danger and was left to do evil.

  36. Such absurd reactions to a simple little gesture is beyond belief. Our “politically correct” culture has invaded every aspect of life, making such inconsequential actions a crime. Kids have been playing “cops and robbers”, “cowboys and Indians” for hundreds of years in a perfectly innocent manner, yet now a kid can get into trouble by making a hand movement. Our schools have become “social engineering” places instead of learning facilities. Let’s get back to the ABCs and forget about sex education, transgender, two mommies or two daddies, same sex marriage, speech curtailment, and other stupid subjects that the Left dreams up. Let’s let kids be kids and stop scaring them with arrest if they make a little mistake.

  37. I think that people have gone overboard, trying to stop things that probably wouldn’t happen. Before her arrest there should have been a examination by trained people in child psychology. This would determine if the 14 year old was a true threat to society. I remember when I was a child, doing all the above and I turned out to be a law abiding citizen. The problem today is that no one is teaching the difference between real and fictional. This is the parents and school teachers and officers to do. They have lost perspective of what they should be teaching, by the government sticking their noses, into things they know nothing about. The government and courts of today have taken steps well beyond their constitutional rights, this has to stop. Our forefathers were a heck of a lot wiser and more mature, than even the oldest politician living today. The Conservatives allowed the leftist, their time to try and do what they thought was right, they were wrong and now we have to bring back conservatism, to our great country. Ronald Reagan told us this when he was president and we didn’t listen, now we are paying a steep price of the leftist not doing what is good for our country. I know there are good conservative Democrats, they should be shouting from the rooftops, to stop the Democrat party from destroying itself. Nancy, A.O.C. and shifty have to return to the rocks they climbed out from under.

  38. What a wonderful “education” system we are bringing our children and grandchildren into.

    George Orwell would be laughing his socks off at the antics of the 20 hundreds’ Thought Police.

    Maybe the time has come to “arrest” every damned career politician and locally appointed “do-Gooder” just in case they might communicate without the Thought-Polices’ permission or even worse – speak to “The Media” without being “Authorised” ?

    I grant a teenager is quite capable of pulling a trigger – but to do that it requires possession of a Shhhhhh – I’m about to write a BAAAAD WORD – Yesssssir – it has to be one of those highly animate and malicious-minded GUNS known to the federal nutcase department to cause so many SHOOTINGS – grow up Dems & Nutters – get a life !

    Do away with GUNS and you’ll see a tenfold increase in KNIFE crime – ask the UK – it’s happening there right now. Don’t let FEAR rule your life – or contribute to your death !

  39. One.of.the reasons that there is so much hate in today’s youth is that they are not allowed to be kids, and they are not actually punished while young when they do wrong. Instead they are indoctrinated to hate anyone that does not think the way their taught to think.

  40. PARENTS AND GRAND-PARENTS … JOIN THE PTA TODAY! … WE Need To Know “WHO” Is Teaching Our CHILDREN? … And More Importantly? “WHAT” They Are TEACHING Our CHILDREN? ….THIS INCIDENT HERE IS PURE CRAP! …. This School Is Way Out Of Touch With Reality! …( THE BEST WAY TO TAKE OVER A COUNTRY? … IS TO BRAINWASH THE CHILDREN!) …. We the Parents and Grand-Parents have the Ability to Remove ANY of these Teachers, Principal and Superintendents we are not comfortable with! …. BUT, WE MUST JOIN THE PTA TODAY! …. GET IN THERE AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON FOR YOURSELVES!

  41. political correctness and the liberals who make up the rules for political correctness need to be arrested for stupidity along with law enforcement officers who make these ridiculous arrests. It is a repression of free speech and the democratic communist party need to be thoroughly ousted from office. America wake up , stand up for your rights, use um or loose um.

  42. This political correctness is a stupid idea that is a repression of free speech. The ones who need to be arrested are the one headed officers who made these arrests and the democrats who are all a bunch of communists need to be ousted from office for making up the rules of political correctness. It is not politically correct if it does not fit their narrative. If the democratic communist get into office in the majority get ready for your neck to on the curb and a jack boot on the back of your neck.

    Arm yourself now just in case these communist dressed in Democratic cloth take over. It may be your last chance to protect yourself against a totalitarian regime led by Polosi and the other communists of the Democratic Party.

  43. Watch your back when talking to the new Democratic communist Party members. It seems you can get arrested for anything that they deem un communistic. Like taking a crap anywhere you please in public on the streets of New York City. That will be good for the tourist trade amd Broadway.

  44. Sheriff Randy Thorp of Licking County put out this statement, “The Licking County Sheriff’s Office has, and shall continue to have, a zero-tolerance policy on threats to our schools. It is our hope, as always, that children who make these threats can receive necessary assistance at the guidance of the court and learn from the experience.”
    Sheriff Randy you got nothing better to do . I suggest you go after Illegal Aliens , Criminals , Rapists , Murderers , Drug Dealers . Serve and Protect .???????????????????????????? ARE YOU .????????????????
    Do your job Sheriff . LEAVE the KIDS ALONE .

  45. What a shame education has been going down hill for at least 30 years, No REAL HISTORY, NO Real World History, No “education in the differences between Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Dictatorships, ” real Elected Officials” how to balance a check book, how to read and write our language, how to spell, and the meanings of a Democracy and a Republic. These wannabe socialists can not see what is happening in Russia (Communist) China (Communist) North Korea (Communist) England an version of Socialism, Venezuela Communist dictatorship. and they want to tear down reminders of our history, we should learn from past mistakes not try to hide it by destroying monuments. Reparations for something which happened generations ago and not to any of the people who have their hands out.

  46. Parents, if you send your kids to a public government school, you are committing child abuse. The schools have become jungles and the teachers are not teaching the right things such as how and why this country was formed. And – you parents are letting iPhones raise your kids.

  47. When you analyze how adults and politicians are acting in our society now, what do you expect when the children observe our grown-up adult examples are acting ?? They learn by observation of their adult leadership’s actions. If adults are going to act in an irresponsible manner then their children will act the same way.

  48. What you are witnessing based upon official Government response is………Pre-Crime. Charges of Alleged criminal acts assumed to be inevitable. Unless in the first case it was a legitimate act of misdemeanor assault. Also where is the consideration that either girls mentioned had the ability to carry out the acts they are charged with threatening. 14yo going to kill the POTUS?

  49. I don’t think that arresting a thirteen year old for making hand gestures is the right thing to do if you don’t like it expell her for three days let her know it’s not in her best interest to do this if she continues then send her to a different school if that doesn’t work spank her ass!!!

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