Texas Democrat Files for Impeachment

Texas Democrat Files for Impeachment

On Tuesday, Democratic US Representative Al Green filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. This will potentially force a vote to happen within the week on the matter.

This comes after his extreme distaste for the president’s recent Twitter comments against “the squad,” in which he said they need to “go back” to where they came from. There was immediate backlash from Congress about the remarks and a vote taken on Tuesday to condemn them.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the condemnation, claiming that the president was racist. And while her comments on the matter have crossed the line as well, they were allowed to stand. The condemning of his remarks was passed with a 240 to 187 vote. Every Democrat voted in favor, as well as four Republicans and one Independent. The four Republicans were Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Will Hurd from Texas, Susan Brooks from Indiana, and Fred Upton of Michigan. All those who voted against the measure were Republicans.

Representative Green introduced the articles for impeachment immediately after the vote was held. In the hopes that the anger stirred by the comments would lead a quick vote on impeachment as well. He said that Mr. Trump was unfit for office, and “enough was enough.”

“It just seemed to me that we should bring these articles before the House of Representatives, so that we could not only condemn him, but impeach him, so that he will understand that there are some boundaries because, as we speak now, there don’t appear to be boundaries, or at least it appears that the president doesn’t perceive any boundaries,” said Green.

While several Democrats have taken a stand against the president and discussed the possibility of impeachment, it is believed that such a vote would not prove favorable to them at this time. The majority of the Democratic caucus is at this time against impeachment, as is Pelosi. However, as Green states, she did not dissuade him from filing the measure for impeachment.

He says, “The speaker and I respect each other. I believe she’s doing what she thinks is right. And I’m doing what I think is right.” He added, “If you did wat the president has done, you will be punished. What we have done so far does not find him.”

House Democratic leaders are considering to hold a vote on implementing the articles or not. However, they can also choose to table the issue or send it to a committee for review. House Democratic Caucus Chairman, Representative Hakeem Jeffries said on Wednesday that he would like it first to be sent to the Judiciary Committee.

The New Yorker says, “I don’t know whether we’re going to vote on it.” And that “in my view, this is going to have to be resolved in the first instance by, the Judiciary Committee.”

Others are not sure that impeachment should be something to be considered at this time either, such as Washington Democrat Pramilla Jayapal. She says that while she did agree with Green the last time he tried to implement impeachment articles for Trump, she is “really focused on making sure we get Robert Mueller in (to testify).” She added that she doesn’t want to “do anything that affects that.”

It is noted that Green used a procedure that is known as privileged resolution to file the articles, which means that it must be considered within two days. Also, only certain types of bills can use this type of procedure.

A decision on the matter is “likely” to be addressed this evening in a vote, as they have a limited amount of time to do so, according to a Democratic aide. However, nothing is certain at this point. As it has been mentioned, Jeffries wants to send it to a committed, and the entire issue could be let go if there aren’t enough votes for it.

Any member of the House can file such articles and try to force a vote for impeachment. This is the third time Green has done so against President Trump. Both times before, the bill was unsuccessful and tabled as the majorities of both parties did not agree with Green. This time will likely be no different.


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