Texas Voters Loudly Reject Democrats Insane Power Grab in Special Election

In Texas this past Saturday, there was a special election for the 6th Congressional District. The death of Representative Ron Wright had left a vacant seat and the Democrats were hoping that they would be able to swipe it. However, the hopes of this party were soon vanquished.

From the looks of it, their power grab did not go as planned. Susan Wright, Rep. Wright’s widow, appears to have won the seat. A Democrat nearly finished second, though. Jana Sanchez only finished percentage points behind Jake Ellzey. National Democrats were also loudly supportive of Sanchez, including the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The race had a number of interesting elements to it. Rick Perry, former Texas governor, and Trump cabinet member, endorsed Ellzey. Meanwhile, Trump decided to place his support with Susan Wright. He even participated in a town hall event for her soon after the announcement was made.

The 6th Congressional District covers southeastern Tarrant County and all of Ellis and Navarro Counties. Most of the district is described as rural. It covers three Northern Texas counties and none of the major metropolitan areas in the state. None of the regions around Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington are included.

This district went to Trump in the last election but only by three points. As a bit of history, we feel compelled to mention that the district was once Democrat. They voted blue until 1983, when the shift took place. That’s why the Democrats felt like a win was in their future here. Pelosi had hoped to grab one more seat and give the Democrats another vote in the House of Representatives.

There was a large field of candidates this time around, with over 20 for voters to choose from. As is the case with most special elections, the voter turnout was not nearly as high as either party would have hoped. No one received the number of votes that they would need to steer clear of a runoff.

At least the runoff will now be taking place between Wright and Ellzey, despite the Democrats’ best efforts. This seems like the best resolution after Wright’s husband has become the first sitting Congress member to pass away from complications that are related to COVID-19.

The Dallas Morning News has more about this race:

“Wright, a member of the Texas Republican Party’s executive committee and a former district director for two state representatives, emerged as the frontrunner in the contest. But the race seemed to tighten in the final weeks as Ellzey gained momentum, partly because he represents a Texas House district within the congressional district that includes parts of Tarrant and all of Ellis and Navarro counties. He also has name recognition from his 2018 run against Ron Wright for the District 6 seat.

Ellzey was constantly attacked by the leadership of the anti-tax group called Club for Growth. They ran media ads casting Ellzey as being anti-Trump. Perry, the former governor, came to Ellzey’s defense and campaigned with him on the eve of the election.

“I weathered the storm and I did so successfully,” Ellzey said of the attacks against him.

Wright, backed by most of the Texas Republican establishment, was boosted by the endorsement of Trump, who touted her credentials in a tele-town hall meeting just days before the election.” The race also took a very dark turn, as opponents looked to attack Wright in increasingly bizarre ways:

“On the day before the election, Wright made public scurrilous attacks made against her on automatic telephone calls to voters. The anonymous phone messages claimed that Wright murdered her husband by intentionally giving him COVID-19 in order to collect on an insurance policy.

Wright called the telephone messages “illegal, immoral and wrong.” She referred the matter to law enforcement officials.”

The Democrats will stop at nothing! We will let you know more about the runoff race when we have more information.


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