The Apocalypse of California is Happening Very Soon

The Apocalypse of California is Happening Very Soon

On Facebook, about two years ago, people were protesting God in the streets by holding up signs saying, “Take God out of California.”  Anyone who believes in a higher power would most likely think these fools may have gotten their wish.  Since President Trump took office in 2017, Liberals have done all they can to fight Conservatives and the president every step of the way of trying to better their state.

Now, the whole world is witnessing what may have come out of the Apocolypse to California.  Wildfires have raged across the state, destroying everything in its path.  Blackouts have left hundreds of thousands of people without power in major cities and rural neighborhoods.  Now, desert communities are at risk of flooding due to a dam fixing to rupture.

Anyone familiar with the stories of old where cities and nations were destroyed by their own ignorance would leave people of good faith watching all these wonders wondering are the locust and pestilence coming next.  Mother Nature has released a fury upon the state like no other in the country.

Many described the wildfires as though it were the flames of hell.  The blackouts could possibly be the darkness upon the land unleashing the evil hearts of people who refuse to listen to reason and continue to live and promote their Liberalism.  No, there is not locust and pestilence on the horizon, although, with the foolishness, we cannot put it passed them.  Preventative measures are being taken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to keep the Mojave River Dam from bursting, but the danger remains.

For decades, it is said California’s biggest earthquake is imminent.  Still, no one expected all these events to happen before, at least, not as horrible as we are witnessing.  Many people living in California are not even aware of the danger they are facing with the dam, which is about to give way.  There are a few main topics Californians are concerned about, which are now being addressed.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have switched the Dam Safety Action Classification from low urgency to high urgency of the Mojave River Dam.  Communities closest to the river like Apple Valley, Hesperia, Barstow, and Victorville are in high alert as steps are being taken quickly to spare these areas from the floods.  Any extreme weather event could cause breaching, which would cause massive damage as far as 140 miles away.  The loss would be valued at $1.5 billion and affecting over 16,000 residents.

Measures are being taken with the first step of bringing awareness of the danger.  Phone alerts, emergency kits, and evacuation plans are some of the early stages being taken.  Kristen Bedolla, the dam safety program manager for the Corps’ Los Angeles District, stated, “We’re going to be enacting a lot of emergency-preparedness activities.  As we turn the corner toward winter, we’re definitely going to be more proactive in working with our downstream partners.”  The Corps’ are taking measures before the rainy season hits to give the dam its upgrades and maintenance and assess any damages and repair it immediately.

To show how bad the ignorance in California is, residents are asking, “Why bother?”  The Corps’ are using Hurricane Katrina and Harvey as a colossal awakening call.  All it would take is one of those category five storms to hit and wipe out everything.  It has already happened where the Oroville Dam in the northern part of California was damaged in 2017, where 190,000 people had a moment’s notice to pack up and leave.

The Corps’ are saying another round, and the dams will be useless.  Lillian Doherty, chief of the operations division for the L.A. District, stated, “That is our mission, to reduce the risk for the communities we serve.  With climate change, we are seeing more severe events on a more regular basis, so being prepared, ensuring that our communities are aware of these risks, and preparing themselves is critical.”

Many in California are even scoffing at the idea of the Mojave Desert flooding.  Doherty explained, “We have a very reactive system.  Just a little bit of rain can cause huge flash floods in any area, including the desert. We’ve seen events like that happen, and it’s one of the reasons we’re most concerned. Because we are dry year-round, there’s a lack of sensitivity to the fact that flooding is a true risk that we need to prepare for.”  It is these types of Liberal idiots who always get caught.


27 thoughts on “The Apocalypse of California is Happening Very Soon

  1. When God is removed, Satan rushes in to kill, steal, and destroy!! California you are well on your way to being totally destroyed!! REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND TURN TO GOD AND HE WILL HEAL YOUR STATE!!

    1. Now that is just plain silly. California, don’t listen to these liars. Climate change is what is happening and that is what is bringing forest fires and flooding to CA. Our idiot president wants you to sweep the forest floors instead of providing the proper support that the government can and has done in other states.

      1. Boy you really are retarded. Climate change occurs naturally appropriately every eleven thousand years or so and you retards can’t handle it. If you looney libs had a clue you would see President Trump is correct in the fact that your dumbass dim politicians have created the problem with the large fires by not properly keeping up on controlled burns to get rid of all the dead stuff that causes these fires to start and spread so quickly. If you had half a brain you would be able to see this instead of blaming the only person who actually cares. If you and your dumbass lib buddies had any true working brain cells you would be able to see that but you’re too blinded by hate and not smart enough to know the difference.

        1. Munge right on bro! Nancy is a leftist liberal idiot afflicted with what Dr. Michael Savage defined perfectly for decades now, “Liberalism, a mental disorder.” These morons with first Global Warming and now Climate Change have no clue they are being played for political and monetary purposes! Ice ages will come again and continental drift is a reality; so should we plan for the next half million years? Imbeciles! The human race will off itself long before any Sun caused major changes on earth occur due to the electromagnetic spectrum and solar winds manipulating energy and atmospheric conditions over time that will take us out!

      2. YOU are plain wrong! When Dimocrats kicked God out of the party, then California kicked him out of their state, y’all sealed your fate. Now, you’re fixing to reap what you’ve sown. And, President Trump is NOT an idiot. Climate change is just an excuse to take people’s money. Climate change has been happening for hundreds of years, so it’s not an alarm situation. What IS alarming, is the way you leftists think! But, as a Christian myself, I can tell you that you ARE fixing to reap what you’ve sown. Then all of y’all will be crying to President Trump to send millions of dollars to help fix YOUR mess.

        1. Sharon Jeanguenat spot on and all truth! They became the heathen new Sodom worshiping self and money along with sex and materialism, which I saw coming decades ago living out there in LA as well as many other towns up to San Fran. They have the most vile politicians and bureaucrats out there who have with the wicked mindset of the people allowed California to become a cesspool!
          Now they will get what they deserve and that is just reality! Go to wordpress and see what I wrote about that place and other related issues especially pertaining to Jesus Christ and the total lack of Him, out there!

      3. To Nancy. Alexander: So, all the destruction going on in Calif. is due to the federal government “not providing the proper support” ??? What about the Calif. STATE government ?? Oh, that’s right, they’ve been under the control of the leftist Dems for many, many years. The leftist Dem politicians are to blame for not fixing this becausecTHEY are the ones in control there. Apparently, this is what the Calif. voters deserve.

  2. The old saying is ” Man plans; God laughs ” the problem in California is seriously poor governance. It is decades of Liberal socialist policies, where the tax payer monies that could have been used to strengthen and support infrastructure improvements and modernization, went to liberal pie in the sky programs to provide, all manner of benefits to non citizens, on the hope that at some point they would vote for them and keep them in power and in office. Simply put they used their power to buy votes , and jeopardized the lives and safety of their Citizens.
    You have the Liberal guilt of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, who while they do nothing to help the poor, other than babble about doing “something” and expecting everybody else to do what they are moralizing, when in fact they are among the least moral in the country. California is certainly going down a destructive path…and that’s too bad, since there are a lot of good people there that will be hurt, by the corruption and incompetence of the elected officials. Yet, they keep re-electing these fools. They carry on about how Awful Trump is, as a way of deflecting just how very bad their own leadership is.

  3. Absolutely Amen to that !!!!! I have said to family , friends etc for a long time now that this state is in trouble because of the sin that runs so deep and rampant and for them to be prepared cause it’s coming !!!!! God is PISSED

  4. It is not President Trumps fault! It belongs to the liberal leaders in California. UnGodly leaders will destroy a state and a Nation as far as that goes. That is what the big fight in America is about. Are we going to be a Godly Nation as we were founded on or are the liberals/anti-God people going to run this USA?

  5. It isn’t climate change that is causing these catastrophies. The Bible states that these things would happen in an increasing amount soon before the second coming of Jesus. Wake up California.

    1. You’re so right but most of the fools out there in the heathen pagan land don’t even know what a Bible is let alone open one and study God’s Truth! It is coming and they will be caught unawares!

  6. So true GOD will no be mocked without reprimand he does it all the time to Christians
    because he love them and correctly guide them back to the flock. He is a very forgiving GOD if you repent from our sins. It’s never too late to never repent. He hears prayer from humble
    repented hearts. Reach out and call him now!

    1. Munge, Estelle, Lawrence and the others. Come on liberals are the smartest people on the ?. They give their money to greedy self serving socialists, who in turn import only the best from across the border to help keep them in power, but themselves mansions with armed guards while taking their second amendment rights, convince them they are gods so they give up hope and tell them the rest of the country is racist, homophobes and flat out haters.
      God is good and after all hell breaks loose I guarantee they will be begging him for help. How God answers only be knows but all we can do is pray they figure this out before it’s too late.

  7. The author states that there is brimstone and darkness in California, but as yet no pestilence. That isn’t the story I have heard-the cities are a waste heaps, filled with human feces, rats and the fleas that spread Bubonic plague and typhus. I’ve done a lot of Bible reading and it is hard to find an example of an area that was in more disfavor with God. I’m pretty certain that the bulk of Californians don’t give a shit about this kind of apocalyptic threat, because they are too smart to believe in God. So were the people who lived in Sodom, Gomorrah, Egypt and all of the places that accepted Baal as their god.

  8. God said that He abhored homosexuality and He destroyed two cities and their populations because they practiced it and would not listen. Dems have made Homosexuality in all it’s forms legal in the USA.
    God said you are not to murder. Jesus repeated it in explaining the 10 commandments to the People.
    The Dems have made murder of babies legal resulting in Multi-millions of deaths.
    It appears to me that the Democrat Party has become Satan’s Party.

    That’s MyNickelsworth

  9. A dysfunctional generation in the 1960s who were given free rein as to how the world should comport itself have allowed their, yet undereducated, minds to absorb the “Political Save All Solution” of Socialism espoused by the likes of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven Strategy, are the people that are now in charge of our political system. It was a long time coming, but the signs were transparent. However, the times were good and people were too busy with their lives to pull aside the curtain and expose the sorcerer.
    What we are now being sold by this group is a “magical Rock Candy Mountain, the place where the soda water flows, with lemonade springs, bluebirds sing, hens lay soft-boiled eggs, where there ain’t no snow, where the sleet don’t fall and the wind don’t blow.”

  10. Fantastic blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Appreciate it!

  11. When God is honoured and HIS Commandments respected and adhered to peace and prosperity follow. But California seems to be run by very incompetent people and a lot of them are too busy trying to pin their crimes on the President and shut him up before he releases any more damaging information on the DemonicRATS bribery and corruption. They are the most incompetent and dishonest people in Americas History! God is not mocked, they have made a mockery of every single Commandment

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