The Barr Hearings Turn Toward Clinton and Obama

The Barr Hearings Turn Toward Clinton and Obama

The whole Senate Judiciary Committee began when the Chairman and Senator Lindsey Graham opened up the meeting with the text message between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. “Trump is a f***ing idiot.”

He read the message as his opening statement.

The Senator added in reference to the foul language, “Sorry to the kids out there.”

The central focus was on Strzok and Page during the Mueller investigation, and the point of the opening statement was to dismember the FBI’s investigations.

The Democrats knew right away with the text messages, Republicans were going to turn things around at the hearing.

Their goal was to shift the attention toward Hillary Clinton and former President Barrack Obama.

The Republicans were going after the entire “deep state” which also include the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other federal agencies known to be corrupt.

The Strzok and Page conversations revealed a lot of what the media did not cover and which was hidden from the American public.

They contained Clinton using her private email server while she was the Secretary of State, which no charges came about.

Fox News has covered every night the transgressions “remain far graver than anything Trump ever did, either as candidate or president, and remain in desperate need of investigation.”

Senator Graham continued to slam the Clinton Campaign and the Obama administration, “When the Mueller report is put to bed, and it soon will be, this committee is gonna look long and hard at how this all started.”

He also said, “The so-called Steele dossier — which contained many allegations about Trump’s involvement with Russia — may have itself been Russian misinformation.”

A few days ago he called the Mueller investigations “it’s over” for him.

He has heard all he needed to hear, and one would believe the American people also have heard enough.

Graham pushed through more discussions concerning the emails, as other Republicans joined in.

Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa and former chairman of the committee, requested more information from Barr concerning the Strzok, Page, and anyone who was against the president inside the Department of Justice.

He also questioned about the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.

This was a direct attack on the Obama administration.

Barr said in response, “People in the department were looking into the matter, and that Congress would be apprised of his conclusions.”

Grassley continued to argue about the Steele dossier which was between the Democratic Party, and the Russian government was a form of collusion.

He put down Mueller because there was no further investigation to tell if it was a form of Russian misinformation.

The information came up, dating back to 2014.

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, spoke on the Obama administration for not investigating the Russians as they attempted to interfere with the elections.

Information was vague at the time, but by 2016, it was known but never sought out by the Obama administration.

They let it all fall on President Trump in a bipartisan manner and tried to release it publicly at the time.

Cornyn continued, “We now need to know what steps the Obama FBI, Department of Justice and intelligence community — what steps they took to undermine the political process and put a thumb on the scale in favor of one political candidate over the other — and that would be before and after the 2016 election.”

Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, was angry when he stated, “Republicans are going to work together and coordinate the so-called lock-her-up defense.”

As he referenced toward the Republican intentions, he stated, “This is really not supposed to be about the Mueller investigation, the Russian involvement in the election, the Trump campaign and so forth. It is really about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Finally, we get down to the bottom line. Hillary’s Clinton’s emails. Questions have to be asked about Benghazi along the way. What about Travelgate, Whitewater?”

Durbin continued, “Republican misdirection is totally unresponsive to the reality of what the American people want to know.”

The Mueller Report is now a best seller on Amazon, and it has been consumed by the public.

It is amazing the time wasted on everything the Democrats want when digging for evidence which does not exist.

The Republicans have more grounds than anyone to pursue legal action against Hillary and Obama, but one can only guess that maybe it was all just to have a “best selling book” on the shelf.


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