The Deception of Democratic Immigration Revealed

The Deception of Democratic Immigration Revealed

How did the Democrat Party go from protecting our southern border to trying to abolish it, in just four short years? Even NPR has called them out on this issue. So what gives?

Democrats haven’t always been pro-open borders. In fact, most of them voted to spend money on fencing and other border protection, as recently as 2015. Here’s a quick roundup of how the Democrats have changed their tune–and why.

Democrats Spent Plenty of Money On Border Barriers–Before The President Was Elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost no time in putting down the President’s plans for a wall in 2019: On January 2, she called the wall “an immorality. It’s the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly. I can’t think of any reason anyone would think it’s a good idea.”

But the truth is, she *did* think it was a good idea–when it wasn’t the President’s idea. And she’s not the only one.

Between 2007 and 2015, Democrats overwhelmingly supported legislation that contributed $2.3 billion dollars to 654 miles of fencing on our border with Mexico.

But apparently it’s only wrong when the acting Republican President wants it.

As you might guess, Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat politician who’s done some backpedaling. There are a lot of Democrats who’ve done an about-face on immigration since Donald Trump became President.

Which Republican Said It?

“As a prosecutor, it frustrates me that individuals who I have prosecuted that have committed serious and violent crimes–and are here without documentation–are released back into our communities after serving his or her sentence. I support removing violent, convicted criminals who are in our country without documentation.”

What Republican said that?

From the current Democrat take on immigration, you might think that that quote would come from some like Attorney General William Barr, or perhaps from acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan. Or even Mr. Evil himself, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

But it was none of those.

Instead, the person who said it is none other than California’s own Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell.

He’s one of almost 20 Democrats seeking the DNC presidential nomination. But you won’t find this quote anywhere on his official website at

The closest you’ll get is a link to a similar issue, tucked away at the very bottom of the third-level “Issues: Immigration” page on his site. And you still have to wonder if the link was left up there by accident!

Why Democrats Are Pulling an About-Face on Immigration–And Why it Matters
One simple answer is that President Trump is an outsider who came in to clean up D.C.–and the Democrats want to show him who’s boss now that they have the House again.

If that sounds petty, that’s because it is.

And while it’s not the only answer, it’s an embarrassingly large piece of the puzzle.

Hey, maybe if we spent our entire lives wheeling and dealing, always with an eye on the White House, we’d be a little annoyed when a savvy political outsider came out of nowhere and flat-out got voted into the Oval Office.

But since the President was voted there by the people, and not by some other means, we’d like to remind the Democrats that, “The people decide the President, and it appears you’re giving the people the finger.”

Of course it’s not *just* about flipping President Trump the bird. After all, the Democrats have a base to pander to! And it’s not the solid blue-collar base they once had.

First you have the “orange man bad” crowd.
It’s not entirely bad crowd.

A little weird at times, maybe. Misguided, for sure. And angry–have you ever seen anyone get angrier than a Trump-hater who just heard literally anything about our President on the news?

Or for that matter, anyone more intolerant than a Trump-hater who found out how you voted?

If you fail to have much sympathy for these people, we can understand. But they are currently the biggest part of the Democrat’s voting base, and shrewd politicians know this very well.

So they oppose anything President Trump does on principal–if you can call that principled!

That’s not the only political maneuvering the DNC does when it comes to immigration policy, though. The more “non-documented”–i.e. illegal–immigrants we have in this nation, the more votes the Democrat party is likely to get.

If that sounds a little shrewd and calculating…that’s because it is. Don’t blame us for noticing it. Blame the Dems for pulling it off.


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