The End of Prosperity! the Left’s War on Police

The End of Prosperity! the Left’s War on Police

The Senate GOP is in the process of deciding on their own bill that will tackle the police reform issues that are dominating the headlines. Of course, our readers already know that it won’t be long before the partisan debates have their chance to take over. This is something that the left and right are destined to disagree about.

The right is looking to make some minor adjustments while the left believes that it is time to burn the entire house down. One of the most important points of contention when it comes to the bill is a simple one: some are worried that the police officers will no longer feel compelled to use choke holds during tense standoffs with unruly citizens.

As you would expect, its a provision that is not winning any points with the Democrats. They want the police abolished entirely and they are not going to settle for any less. It’s only a matter of time before Pelosi and her cronies start to try and use this situation to gain more power for themselves. We all know it’s coming.

If the Democrats have their way, the maneuver is going to be banned completely. Any cops who are found to have used a choke hold will be punished. This seems to remove all context from citizens’ encounters with police but that’s what the Democrats do. They fish for the symbolic victories that they can sell to their base and they worry about the rest later.

The Senate Republican proposal, expected to be endorsed by a vast majority of the GOP conference, veers away from mandating certain policing practices from the federal level and does not include an explicit ban on chokeholds or certain no-knock warrants — all facets of the Democratic plan.

Instead, it encourages the thousands of local police and law enforcement agencies to curtail those practices by withholding federal funding to departments that allow the tactics or do not submit reports related to them.

The legislation also requires local law enforcement agencies to report all officer-involved deaths to the FBI — an effort pushed by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who is spearheading the GOP bill, since 2015 — and it encourages broader use of body-worn cameras for officers.

Meanwhile, the proposal that is being offered by the Republicans is a bit more modest. They do not want to make any of the same bans that the Democrats are looking for. If their policy is successful, police officers are not going to be able to use choke holds or execute no knock warrants any more. The police departments are also being leaned on from a funding standpoint.

Let’s say that a police department is found to have executed one of the banned maneuvers. Federal funding will be cut off faster than they can blink. Any death that involves an officer would also have to be reported to the FBI immediately. This aspect of the reform bill is actually being pushed by Tim Scott, a Republican.

The involvement of the Republicans flies in the face of the idea that they do not care about race. The Republicans are also encouraging the usage of body cams by the police officers. The leftist retort is a simple one: they will just turn the cameras off anyway. There may be some truth to that but waffling around with a bill that is this important is not something that either party can afford to do.

The longer they wait, the more it looks like they are both going easy on the police. This stance would be political suicide at this point, whether you are on the left or right. The right may not have the same sort of hatred for the police as their leftist counterparts but the Republicans’ willingness to come to the table on this one means that there is a real problem.

The parties simply cannot agree on how widespread it is or how they are going to address it, though. That’s the problem that they are struggling to get past. Things need to be handled with care, at every level of government. No one can draw up their own idea of a police encounter on a piece of paper and expect that to hold up in the real world.

Expecting Congress to come up with the best rules about a tense encounter that unfolds within the course of a few minutes is probably a fool’s errand. That is not going to stop the Democrats from trying. They are never going to pass up a chance to engage in the sort of empty virtue signaling that they know and love. Kente cloth, anyone?


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