The End of the 2nd Amendment? Florida Confiscates Huge Number of Guns Under New “Red-Flag” Law

The End of the 2nd Amendment? Florida Confiscates Huge Number of Guns Under New “Red-Flag” Law

Ever since the red flag law was passed in Florida, there has been a lot of concern over how it would be applied. Surely, guns would not be taken from decent, law-abiding citizens. This is a worst-case scenario for these types of laws. No one should ever want to experience the loss of their rights when they are living in the United States.

Unfortunately, all of our worst fears about this asinine law have come to pass and we are beyond enraged by what is taking place. We hope that every red-blooded American who is reading this takes a long, hard look at what we are becoming. This is a nation that is rapidly losing its way and Florida is leading us all right into the abyss.

An Associated Press report shows just how bad things have become recently. The law is not being applied in any sort of consistent manner. Each Florida county is being treated differently. Of course, this is causing a sizable amount of confusion for those who reside here and are looking to remain on the right side of the law.

Gun owners are good and decent people. They are not looking to defy the government or break any laws. That’s what makes stories like these so heartbreaking. Honest American citizens are being treated as if they have broken the law when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. But hey, this is what the liberals want, right? It seems to us that they are always getting their way nowadays.

No matter how silly their requests are, they are fulfilled in a timely manner. To them, the government is like Burger King. They always get to have it their way and when they do not get their way? There is hell to pay. The good citizens of Florida are now paying the price. This is what happens when the nation is essentially sold off to liberal interests.

What is happening here could definitely happen anywhere and that is the most disconcerting part of all. While there are some Florida counties that are wisely choosing not to use this law at all, there are others that are going completely overboard with it. Can you believe that this law has been applied over 3,000 times since it was enacted back in 2008?

Call us crazy but that seems more than a bit excessive. This is not something that anyone should want to see. Those who advocate for the law seem to believe that it will have a profound effect when it comes to preventing mass shootings. These jolly do-gooder types fail to realize that criminals are not actually going to ask for permission to own a gun.

Instead, they will simply take what they want and the laws are not going to do much to stop them. All these laws do is take guns away from innocent people who are merely looking to defend themselves. The red flag law is not something that any other state should be looking to pass at the present time. There is zero proof that it will actually work.

Even the Associated Press is being more than a bit disingenuous here. Their headline claimed that hundreds of guns had been removed but in reality? A more accurate headline would have told the truth. Thousands of Americans are being disarmed under false pretenses. Most coverage of this law seems to focus on cases that are overly dramatic and not indicative of the true dangers.

That’s the leftist media for you. They will always report in a way that speaks to their personal biases, instead of telling the American people the real truth. No wonder no one seems to be able to trust the fake news media anymore. Even the Associated Press, a news outlet that is widely viewed as being one of the most trustworthy, is not safe from the typical political bias.

The more marginal cases are the ones that concern us. Sure, those who engage in reckless activity absolutely need to lose their guns, no question about it. In the meantime, we need to stop and think about the people who are not endangering anyone, though. Won’t anyone stop to consider their rights?

The system is clearly being abused and Americans are suffering the consequences. Hopefully, common sense will prevail eventually. We just hope that it does before any more good and decent Americans have their rights stripped away from them for no good reason. The wrongly accused deserve to have someone who is willing to stand up for them when no one else will.


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