The Fauci Deposition Fact the Media Seems to Have Missed (or Blatantly Ignored)


If you haven’t heard, last week held a several hours-long deposition in which NAIAD director Dr. Anthony Fauci was grilled by Republicans seeking answers about why, how, and who was involved in the possible censoring of opinions about COVID-19 by big tech companies believed to be in collaboration with Fauci and other government officials.

I know. We are all pretty excited about where this could be headed. After all, there have been serious doubts from the get-go about COVID-19, where it came from, and just how dangerous it supposedly is/was.

Of course, much of that skepticism came from the fact that one man in particular (Fauci) seemed to be given free rein to do, say, and order whatever he wanted about a disease that no one, including himself, knew very little about.

He and other so-called experts led the nation into month-long lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, nationwide unrest, and near panic – and all for a virus that is known to have a death rate of less than one percent.

Now, to be sure, epidemiologists do supposedly know a bit more than the average bear about diseases and how they spread; hence we were so apt to follow his instructions when he first began giving them out.

However, when it comes the things like public policy, human nature, economics, psychology, etc., you know, all the things that should probably be discussed before issuing a countrywide lockdown and shutdown of businesses, schools, and even parks and playgrounds, he’s about as dimwitted as the rest of us.

And yet, the White House still gave him a card of authority the likes of which few leaders have ever seen, let alone one who has no business leading to begin with. Then, when people began to even slightly question those mandates, rules, and suggestions (whatever you want to call them), those opinions were silenced both by social media and mainstream media companies who all seemed to be in league with Fauci and the White House.

Now, however, with the pandemic and its ridiculousness pretty much behind us, and two years of a Republican-led House of Representatives ahead, some of those questions are finally being answered.

First up is where Fauci actually got his ideas on shutting down the nation and why.

According to a lawsuit filed in May against the Biden administration, which includes Fauci, GOP attorneys general Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry allege that the whole reason for lockdowns and masking mandates came from the Chinese, and more specifically, Chinese communist propaganda.

The two AGs brought in Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD, who fully explained this theory on Thursday. As the doctor noted, Fauci sent NAIAD deputy Clifford Lane to China at the onset of the COVID pandemic to represent the United States for the WHO.

There, Chinese communist officials met and discussed their methods of keeping the virus at bay with Lane and others. But, of course, the information they gave Lane, unbeknownst to him, was completely false. According to the Chinese, the only way to control the virus was to shut down the people, and their ways of life, to restrict them, and, of course, to mandate that they wear masks and never see one another. Ah, the communist way of life…

And so that’s what Lane advised Fauci to do as well.

As Kheriaty wrote, “From the very beginning, the evidential basis for this global policy catastrophe was always paper-thin. We are now living in the aftermath.”
Another partner in the lawsuit, Jenin Younes of the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), described it like this: Fauci was “apparently willing to base his lockdown advocacy on the observations of a single guy relying on reports from a dictator.”

To be clear, that’s exactly what he did. And as Kheriaty correctly assessed, we are all now paying for it.

What’s even more interesting about this whole thing is that those same social media tycoons and media outlets who helped Fauci implement and keep his narrative in working order are still helping him out. As of yet, they’ve all become strangely silent on this whole revelation and entire deposition of Fauci.

I know, you’re shocked, aren’t you?