The Iowa Disaster Was In The Hands Of Obama Era Democratic Heavyweights

The Iowa Disaster Was In The Hands Of Obama Era Democratic Heavyweights

Tara McGowan is a Democratic operative and she is looking to put a stop to any rumors about the involvement of her firm in the Iowa caucus debacle. ACRONYM is accused of fueling the madness. She is looking to put a stop to that narrative, once and for all. In her estimation, the firm was merely an investor and should not have to shoulder any blame.

Shadow Inc. is the company that is actually responsible for developing the app that caused the controversy to take place. Of course, the internal documents that have been uncovered say otherwise. McGowan’s claims are being called into question and rightfully so.

From the looks of it, Shadow Inc. and ACRONYM are closely intertwined. Why would McGowan try to lie like this when the evidence is readily available? Shadow Inc. also experienced internal dissension before the caucus even took place. There was a great deal of doubt within the company as to whether they would be able to deliver a high quality product.

One staff member was also highly concerned about the political affiliations of high ranking leaders at both companies. From the looks of it, both companies had senior leaders that cannot exactly be considered partial. Democratic officials have experienced no shortage of struggles with the app. The app cannot be easily downloaded and the results are not being counted with the necessary speed and efficiency.

This has caused the party to delay the release of the results. The Iowa Democratic Party had wanted to keep the name of the app under wraps before the caucus. Meanwhile, the creators of the app wondered why such a bold step was necessary. They did not believe that they had anything to hide.

An ACRONYM spokesman has already tried to perform damage control, minimizing the connection that the company had with Shadow Inc. Kyle Tharp says that this is just one of the company’s many investments. ACRONYM has been aggressively searching for various for-profit companies that can provide the returns that they seek within the progressive media and technology sectors.

Shadow Inc. also has other private investors besides ACRONYM, a fact that Kyle Tharp is relying to refute the claims that are being made against the company. David Plouffe worked with Barack Obama as a campaign manager during his bid for the 2008 presidency and he is also working to distance himself from the company in the wake of the newest revelations.

“I have no knowledge of Shadow,” he said. He also went on to say that the allegations were “news to him”. However, these statements seem rather convenient after the documents have been released, showing the close relationship that the two companies share. In fact, they even share office space in the same exact city: Denver, Colorado.

McGowan’s past tweets and podcast appearances have been examined and there are definitely some inconsistencies when it comes to her story. She has past tweets that refer to a proud connection with Shadow Inc. and her podcast appearances are no different. She claimed that Shadow Inc. had no other investors at the time. ACRONYM was the sole investor when she was tweeting about the companies before and talking about them on podcasts.

Now, the tune has changed. The internal documents do not lie but McGowan is trying her absolute best to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. ACRONYM staff members are said to have attended a retreat that was provided by Shadow Inc. All-staff e-mails also paint a fairly clear picture as far as this connection is concerned.

The only ones that are in denial here are McGowan and her Democratic cronies. Top officials at the company are said to have been harsh towards Bernie Sanders and his supporters as well. This information was offered on a confidential basis because of the employee’s fear of reprisal.

This would seem to have Obama and company written all over it, wouldn’t it? The Nevada Democratic Party and Iowa Democratic Party both retained Shadow’s services, making it hard to deny the connection in question. Hillary Clinton’s staffers are responsible for its initial launch and this is all too convenient for anyone to ignore.

Now, the party has been left scrambling, as they promise to discontinue usage of the app in future caucuses. This is all well and good but it does little to assuage the fears of those who do not believe that this election is going to be on the up and up. Only time will tell just how far this latest batch of Democratic corruption extends.


5 thoughts on “The Iowa Disaster Was In The Hands Of Obama Era Democratic Heavyweights

  1. I wouldn’t believe a word said by the Democrats, even if their lives depended upon it! I also believe that the Democrats will do anything to win in the upcoming election. That would include wholesale voter fraud. I strongly suspect that will be the case in any states run by the Democrats! I would be happy to see stiffer penalties for anyone convicted of voter fraud….

  2. Amen. When some Democrats try to destroy their own, then you can imagine what they would do to destroy their competition in the election. They will try any corrupt maneuver or action to try to derail Trump since they continue to believe that he isn’t really President; he just sits in the Oval Office because a bunch of hicks elected him, so it wasn’t a legitimate election. Of course, Hillary was so assured that she would become President that she didn’t bother to go to some states or acknowledge that the world existed outside of the beltway. After all, she was “the most qualified person to ever run” for President. Their delusions live on in the characters of Nadley, Schiff, Schumer, OAC, Pelosi, Romney, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and MANY more.

  3. Yeah, that’s right; it’s all Obama’s fault. The only thing that is not his fault is todays ecconomic boom. Our hero President Trump is the only one responsible for the boom. How dare the rotten Dem’s claim the boom began on Obama’s watch, after all he’s a black man; what the hell does he know about the economy, on top of that he was born in Kenya and look at their economy. No, it’s Trump that has put this country back on track to prosperity; he’s my man! Whoops I gotta go my mamma after me to wash my mouth our with acetone for lying and makin shit up. Fact is Trump promised to Make America Great Again when he hasn’t even made it OK again; no he’s actually divided us right down the middle, destroyed what used to be the Republican Party, is close to initiating another Civil War; has denigrated, insulted, ridiculed, the Democratic Party and lied abour nearly everything that’s happened since he annouced he was running for our Presidency. Over half of us saw what was comming down the pike when he announced but we never imagined that so many of us could have been so profoundlt stupid

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