The Leader of ICE Doesn’t Even Like ICE

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency operates because it is capable of getting the job done. ICE agents have no problem swooping in and saving the day when an illegal alien commits a crime. The paperwork is filed and they’re deported.

Yet, President Biden is looking to change the way that ICE operates. As such, he has named Texas Sheriff Ed Gonzalez to lead ICE.

Alright, a Texan should get the job done, right?

Not so fast. It’s important to take a good look at what Ed Gonzalez has done throughout his career. He has actively worked against ICE.

In 2017, Gonzalez opposed training his deputies on the ICE database to screen inmates for their immigration status. He also reassigned deputies who were going through the training to address overcrowding in the Harris County Jail.

Essentially, the Texas sheriff believed that the screening measures could result in racial profiling. He didn’t care if it also meant that it helped to eliminate illegal aliens.

It’s become clear that Gonzalez was not a fan of anything that ICE was doing. The only thing that he did follow in regard to Trump-era immigration policies was to hold inmates at the agency’s request. Failure to cooperate with ICE detainers could result in Class A misdemeanors.

Given Gonzalez’s background, it’s clear that he’s not interested in promoting ICE in the way that it was built. He wants to buck the system because he believes that it is about racial profiling instead of eliminating illegal aliens from the country.

And this is who President Biden has chosen to lead ICE. This should say everything about the Democrats’ approach to immigration.

Gonzalez once said that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office did not participate in ICE raids “that threaten to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.” Why? Because the majority of them aren’t a threat.

Oh, but they are. First of all, undocumented immigrants are just a fancy liberal term for illegal aliens. If you’re inside of the United States without documentation, you are here illegally. Anyone who enters legally is given proper documentation.

So, they are a threat. They’re a threat to every American who wants a fair wage at a job. They’re a threat to the U.S. economy as they often turn to Welfare for support. And, they’re a threat to drivers on the road as many have no driver’s licenses and no insurance.

Gonzalez once said that illegal immigrants won’t report crimes because they don’t trust law enforcement to turn them into ICE and have them removed from the country.

The Biden administration actually decided that it was a good idea for Gonzalez to be the one to run ICE. Now, why is that? Oh, because Democrats are going to stick together. Biden wouldn’t have dared choose a Republican who actually supports all that ICE does.

Instead, this is a way for the Democrats to slowly remove the notion of deportation from immigration law. Perhaps Biden will choose to redefine the word as he has with so many other words. That seems to be the Biden administration M.O. – if a word doesn’t work, they just attach a new definition to it.

When former President Donald Trump established certain immigration policies, it subjected 11 million illegal immigrations to deportation. It would allow illegal immigrants to be arrested for minor crimes.

It all made sense. Those in the country illegally should be removed – regardless of whether they’re committing crimes or not. If you commit any crime, you’ve officially lost your opportunity to become an American.

These are not hard laws to follow. The United States provides plenty of opportunities to enter the country legally. Follow those steps and you’re in – with documentation and everything. If you choose to enter illegally, you have to be prepared for deportation.

The appointment of Gonzalez to head ICE has proven that Biden has no interest in fighting immigration. He’ll simply open the borders and let nature take its course.


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