The Left Screams Impeachment Again, Trump Scoffs

The Left Screams Impeachment Again, Trump Scoffs

The word “impeachment” used to be hushed, spoken only in whispers among most political circles. It seemed to be a massive scandal when Richard Nixon was faced with impeachment trials during his term as our president in 1974. And yet, today the word is thrown about at just about every little bit of action or news about our current president Donald Trump.

So what has changed or why is the idea found around every corner?

To understand that we first have to look at the very definition of impeachment what our founding fathers had to say about it.

Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist No. 65 that the idea of impeachment could be considered for any “offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.” This means that anything the president has done that “abuse(s) or violate(s)… some public trust” can be considered as criteria for possible impeachment.

However, the keyword here is “considered.” It is not so much a question of whether the actions are unlawful or criminal so much as they are deemed as unacceptable for a person in that position. It, at its core, is a political remedy. In other words, Congress is tasked with “considering” and being prudent about such actions and the effect they have on our nation.

The question is whether or not any considering is actually being done. It seems that at every turn, every executive decision made, and every Twitter post made the leftist driven media and politicians cry “impeachment” without so much as a bat of the eye, let alone consideration.

They don’t like him plain and simple, and apparently, they will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

The latest calls for the president and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment are living proof of this. Only moments after word of the latest scandal involving a Ukrainian phone conversation, those on the left screaming impeachment. An investigation has barely begun. The facts and evidence haven’t been fully collected, and yet already the word has been thrown out. Does that sound like consideration to you?

As you well know, this is by far not the first time impeachment has been brought up concerning our president. According to Ethics and Public Policy Center scholar Henry Olsen, every mention has been an ongoing attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election.

“Since (the early 1800s), our unwritten code has prevented impeachment from being used as a means to undo a lost election.”

“It is difficult to avoid the impression that this is what really drives Democratic desire to impeach Kavanaugh and President Trump. Polls show that 65% of Clinton voters backed impeaching Trump only days after his inauguration. That figure rose to 83% in early February 2017. Similarly, polls form 2018 show that Democrats deeply opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination well before any allegation of sexual impropriety was levied. Polls also show that support of opposition for Kavanaugh completely colored how one viewed the subsequent allegations, with opponents believing them and supporters rejecting them. It’s clear what’s going on: Differences in political opinion are causing Democratic voters to support any means necessary to defeat their opponents.”

Olsen’s remarks further prove to us that little if any consideration is being done at all. And they also show that as Alexander Hamilton said, impeachment is political if anything. However, it was not meant to be something taken lightly and used for partisan purposes, even if that sounds contradictory.

Yes, politics involve partisan ideas and intentions, but our founding fathers expected our political leaders to also act with prudence, no matter what party they belonged to. To consider the consequences of both sides. To work justly for the good of our entire nation and not just to put their partisan agenda above all else.

It used to be that party nominees would run against each other for office. One would win and one lost. It’s the natural way of things. The results, while not always pleasing to every citizen, were accepted. We were still, after all, one nation under God, and we stood united.

Apparently, Democrats don’t see it that way anymore. There is no consideration, no prudence, no forethought. And every time impeachment is yelled, the nation slides further and further from our heritage, from the values we used to stand for, instead, calling for individualism and a divided republic.


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