The Left is Triggered About the Establishment of the Space Force

The Left is Triggered About the Establishment of the Space Force

Thanks to a vote of a Defense authorization bill in the House, the United States military is going to establish its sixth service branch, the United States Space Force, according to the Associated Press. The Space Force, which would operate under the Air Force in the same manner as the Marine Corps does under the Navy, would consolidate space warfighting capabilities under a single command. Its initial mandate will be to protect American space assets, primarily satellites, and to attack the space infrastructure of an enemy in event of war. The funding and personal for the new service branch will be initially modest but will likely grow according to experts as the United States becomes more of a space-faring power.

The fact that the vote was so overwhelming, 377 to 48, and was bi-partisan, has engaged some liberals on social media.

Bernie Sanders, the “democratic socialist” senator from Vermont who is running for president, made his ire brief and to the point. ”Before we create a Space Force we should make sure everyone has health care.”

Sanders is a warm supporter for something called Medicare for All, which he proposes to replace all private health care, with doctors and hospitals working for the government. He is a fervent admirer of the government-run health care systems in Canada and the UK. Bernie is not so much a fan of government spending on space for any purpose, including peaceful exploration run by NASA.

Peter Daou, who advised both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, was even angrier that the Space Force is going to exist. He tweeted, “ENOUGH MONEY FOR A SPACE FORCE BUT NOT TO FEED THE HUNGRY, HEAL THE SICK, AND HOUSE THE HOMELESS.”

The implication behind the rant is that because the United States is standing up the Space Force, people will starve, have diseases, and will become homeless.

Walter Bragman, a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Intercept, among other publications, was particularly irate at the House Democrats.

“So we’re clear: For this limited parental leave, Pelosi handed Trump more money than Paul Ryan gave him for 2018 and victories on Space Force and Yemen. Honestly, what is the point of Democrats?”

In other words, according to Bragman, House Democrats should have held firm against Trump’s priorities such as the Space Force. On the other hand, federal workers will get 12 weeks of parental leave.

Robert Reich, a Berkley professor who had been Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, also had higher priorities than the establishment of a Space Force.

“How about instead of a Space Force we keep 700,000 hungry families on food stamps and provide health care for all?”

Professor Reich is referring to a new Trump administration policy that would tighten work requirements for the recipients of food stamps or, as they are officially called, the Supplemental Nutrition Program. According to Fox News, a proposed new rule would limit the ability of able-bodied people to be exempt from the requirement to work to receive benefits. The Trump administration maintains that the new rule will encourage employment and self-sufficiency. Liberals such as Professor Reich claim that the rule will encourage starvation.

Tulsi Gabbard, a representative from Hawaii and, like Bernie, a candidate for president, made pains to mention that she voted against the defense bill that included the Space Force.

While the left expressed their ire, the Trump administration was not shy in showing its exuberance in what many have termed a major policy victory. According to Politico, Vice President Mike Pence, who is also chair of the Space Council, hailed the creation of the Space Force.

“One administration after another have observed the lack of a coherent and unified command, and President Trump’s direction from early on was to establish the Space Force to bring together all those disparate interests.”

Pence noted that the Space Force will consolidate space assets that hitherto have been in sixty different areas of the United States government. As its mission grows, the Space Force is likely to be split apart from the United States Air Force and become on par with the Army and the Navy as a space-faring warfighting branch of the military.


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