The Lies Continue: Hunter Biden Is Still Sitting On The Chinese Equity Firm’s Board

The Lies Continue: Hunter Biden Is Still Sitting On The Chinese Equity Firm’s Board

Joe and Hunter Biden are getting pretty good at the lying game, but they’re not very good at making sure that the lies stick. No one has believed for a moment that the former VP never spoke about China or Ukraine with his son. However, when Hunter Biden told everyone that he no longer sat on the board of the Chinese equity firm, most were inclined to believe him.

There’s only one problem: It turns out that Hunter Biden has been lying.

Business records that were accessed as late as Friday shows that Hunter Biden is still listed as a member of the board at the Chinese private equity firm. The former VP’s son told everyone that this position was relinquished at the end of October.

According to Hunter Biden’s lawyer, the seat was resigned on the board of BHR Partners. However, no evidence of this departure was provided.

According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System in China, Biden is still identified as an active director with BHR Partners. The last change made to the firm took place on September 18.

George Mesires, the lawyer for Hunter Biden, still claims that a resignation has already taken place. He hasn’t chosen to go into any more detail, which leaves many, including the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) wondering what they are trying to hide.

The reality is that Chinese business records may not reflect the resignation due to processing times. However, Mesires isn’t providing any kind of evidence of the departure, regardless of DCNF asking for a copy of the resignation letter or even a departure date. Instead, Mesires has chosen to say as little as possible. The only statement issued by the lawyer was in October, stating that Biden “would resign” from the board no later than October 31, 2019.

Hunter Biden sat on the BHR board as of 2013 when the firm was founded. This was during the same time that his father was already vice president of the United States. Additionally, Hunter Biden traveled to China via Air Force Two in December 2013, arranging for his father to shake hands with the CEO of BHR.

For two individuals who state that they never talked about business together, the fact that Hunter wanted his father, the VP of the United States, to shake hands with his boss, raises questions. Hunter Biden has identified on multiple occasions that he did not receive compensation for serving on the Board of Directors for BHR. However, during the time of 2014 and 2015, Hunter Biden received over $700,000 from Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a capital management company that had a 20% equity stake in BHR.

Although BHR has been contacted on multiple occasions to inquire about Hunter Biden and his decision to relinquish his board position, they have chosen not to respond.

Additionally, Hunter Biden has a business partner by the name of Eric Schwerin. The business records for BHR shows that Schwerin is the supervisor of the firm, granting him the authority to oversee financial affairs for the firm as well as oversee the Board of Directors.

The DCF also shows that Hunter Biden was able to obtain a 10% equity stake in BHR in 2017 via a Washington DC company known as Skaneateles LLC, where he and Schwerin alike are identified as directors. As of October 22, a report shows Hunter Biden being made the sole director of Skaneateles.

With all of this out in the open, there’s a lot to question. Joe Biden’s campaign has not returned any requests for comment, which is not surprising. The first issue that needs to be clarified is whether Hunter Biden has actually done as he said he was going to do and relinquish his board position. The next issue is to identify why he received over $700,000 since he is stating that he was not given any kind of compensation for the position of being on the board for the BHR group.

There’s a lot going on that doesn’t paint either of the Biden’s in the best light. Shady activities are taking place and investigations will continue to happen. Although Trump won’t be the one to investigate, it will happen – and there’s nothing that Biden or the rest of the Democratic Party can do to stop it. It’s no surprise that Biden’s popularity has dropped in the polls. People are wondering just what they can trust out of his mouth and what kind of business deals his son has made with China.


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